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Urban Warfare: Ch. 5: John
Posted By: hunter_that_dances<poop@poop.com>
Date: 19 July 2004, 4:43 AM

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Urban Warfare
Ch. 5: John
b]1000 hours, September 18, 2552 (revised date, Military Calendar)in Covenant controlled Earth City, near the Cole Street Subway Stop

       7th Platoon-along with it's allies-waded through the subway tunnel. Apparently, the excavators accidentally cut through a sewage pipe, causing the tunnel to flood up to Pierce's knees. Some drowned Grunts and an Engineer were also seen, showing that the pipe was under extreme pressure.
      "God, these people better be worth it," Pierce observed "cause they are going to pay for my dry cleaning"
      "Shhhhhh!" Chang stopped and crawled forward to a large cavern, with a huge pile of boulders at the end, full of worker Grunts and Engineers, but with a huge guard of fifteen blue Elites, twenty Jackals, forty-one Grunts, and eight Hunters!!
      "Damn, these Covies really want whoever is stuck behind that wall." Santiago whispered to the Marcus twins.
      "Okay guys, I want the Martins to take out the Hunters first, and Williams to take out as many Jak-" Chang's orders were cut off when the 2nd Platoon private opened fire on some sleeping Grunts. He managed to take out 5, but he was already dead. The Hunters, Jackals and Elites all opened fire on the charging Private, vaporizing him, and glassing the ground nearby him.
      "Fuck!" Chang swore as the Covenant troops immediately became alert, and three Elites, five Jackals, and eight Grunts started to come toward them.
      "Screw this" Chang muttered to himself, "Open Fire!!"
      As the fight began, the patrol sent out was immediately targeted first. Chang managed to send a three-round burst into the lead Elite's elongated helmet. The first pair of rounds busted his shields, and the last one sent bits of brain flying into the Grunts' faces. This caused them to go into a panic and shot their own teammates. 2 Jackals fell to friendly fire, but by then the pair of Elites managed to organize the diminutive soldiers. As a Grunt primed a plasma grenade, Will sent a shot straight into its methane breather, as the plasma grenade detonated. The entire patrol was engulfed in the brilliant blue-orange flames, burning them all.
      Now the entire enemy was alert. The digging Grunts immediately grabbed weapons, boosting the Grunt strength to fifty as the Jackals formed a protective circle around the Elites, who were ordering the Grunts into position. The Elites must have been very focused on giving orders, or else they would have managed to dodge the incoming rockets.
       "Haha, thirty-two kills with four rockets! Nice!" The Marcus twins shouted in unison. The quad of rockets managed to kill a Hunter, four Elites, nine Jackals, and eighteen Grunts. Now the enemy force was very confused and wounded, but the Hunters managed to catch a glimpse of the Marcuses. They roared and bombarded 7th Platoon's cover with sizzling bolts of energy. The boulders shuddered under the pressure, but miraculously held.
      "Concentrate fire on the Hunters!" Chang clicked on the COM. The rounds of the group's battle rifles just pinged off the Hunter's armor and shields, but the Hunters were obliterated by the incoming barrage of six rockets, two from each platoon. The hail of bullets that came next was so powerful, it knocked the enemy force down to sixteen Grunts, two Jackals, and four Elites. But by now, the enemy was organized. They returned fire just as the ODSTs were ducking. A PFC and two Privates were killed by the barrage of plasma fire. An incoming grenade stuck to a 9th Platoon soldier, and he had just enough time to scream his head off when it blew, wounding a nearby Sergeant.
      "Medic on the front!" Pierce yelled as LC Grady rushed to the Sergeant. He gave him a shot of morphine and some biofoam, and then told him that he was good to go.
      The group was mopping up the rest of the covenant when Martha spoke to Chang.
      "I've been monitoring Covenant communications-they were going crazy when they lost contact with the excavators. They are sending in a strike team to find out what happened!"
      "Then we better hurry." Chang replied. "Marcus and Marcus, get that C-7 over here and blow this rock wall!"
      "Sir, Yes Sir!"
      The Marcus twins set the explosives in a flash. They sprayed the essential parts of the wall, and inserted the detonators, which were on 10 seconds.
      "Fire in the hole!"
       the explosion rattled Chang's teeth. As the boulders finally rolled away, and the dust and smoke cleared, he saw the admirals and the general, along with most of the staff, come out with their guns at the ready.
      "Admiral Windsley, Admiral Chavez, and General Hoffmann, we're here to rescue you. We better leave now." Chang informed the confused brass and their staff as they stepped out.
      "Hell, son, I gotta thank you. This was pretty good work, Admiral Windsley commented on the dead Covenant "but there's one more person behind."
[indent}As the Admiral spoke these words, a figure moved in the haze, quick as a cat.
       It was SPARTAN-117, John.

To be continued...