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Urban Warfare Ch. 4: Briefing and Departure
Posted By: hunter_that_dances<poop@poop.org>
Date: 15 July 2004, 3:55 AM

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Urban Warfare
Ch. 4: Briefing and Departure
Author's Note: Sorry this took so long-I've been preoccupied lately. Hope u like this. (My Russian accenting is very bad, I admit it myself). And I am clueless as to naming Jackals.

0600 hours, September 18, 2552 (revised date, Military Calendar)at Marine base Tango, in UNSC controlled San Francisco

       "So what you're telling me is that Admirals Windsley, Chavez, and General Hoffmann are captured and are being held in Earth City?! But that place is the most heavily guarded area of the entire world!!" the newly field-commissioned Lieutenant Chang bawled.
      "Vit's true Lieutenant, I couldn't believe it myself. But vacts are vacts. Apparently the Covenant targeted Earth City first. Ve need you to assemble 7th Platoon ASAP. 2nd Platoon and 9th Platoon are also gonna tag along, and ve've scrounged up some of these babies for you to play with."
      Just as the words exited General Yuri's mouth, a rack of strange black suits with some visible armor plating seen on it were reeled in.
      "Vhese are new MJOLNIR Vark VI Beta Stealth Suits. Vhecc-sighed to vithstand half ze pounding a normal can, but with our active chameflaughe. Ve techs vill show you how to activate zem. Vood luck Lieutenant, ve are counting on it"

0630 hours, September 18, 2552 (revised date, Military Calendar)at Marine base Tango, in UNSC controlled San Francisco

      "Okay men, saddle up. These new suits are pretty good, based on what the techs have shown me. The suits have camouflage" Chang flipped a switch on the belt of his suit "and have shielding, " Pierce fired a round of pistol fire into Chang's leg, and the slug was caught by the shield "but they can only take half the punch a normal MJOLNIR Mark VI Suit can, which should work, considering that's 3 times how much our old suits could."
      "Now, remember that were going into a huge Covenant base. We have to do this as quietly as possible, and that means very little kills. 2nd and 9th are going to tag along, giving us backup. Keep your mouths shut, camo on, and your buddy in check. Now gear up and get ready." Chang left the briefing room, followed closely by 7th Platoon, as they readied for their next mission, one which was sure to casualties.
      The team geared up for stealth. Everyone took a pistol with a silencer as primary, with the exception of Will, and a BR with a silencer as secondary, in case things went wrong. They were dropping down via HEV pods, while the cruiser San Francisco barraged the area with missile fire, thus making the Covenant unaware of the HEV pods.

0945 hours, September 18, 2552 (revised date, Military Calendar)onboard UNSC cruiser San Francisco, in Pod Bay 12
       Chang and Pierce got into their pods just after the barrage began. They would be dropping after the bombardment, to eliminate the risk of friendly fire. Intel had reported that the Covenant had not destroyed most of the buildings, but merely used the huge plaza as a camping ground. The bombardment was carefully planned-a hundred UNSC ships engaged a small fleet of Covenant ships around Jupiter to provide a diversion while the San Franciscodestroyed the docked carrier above Earth City and the ground troops around the plaza. The brass's last known coordinates were located and identified as an old subway tunnel. The Helljumpers would land approximately a klick away from the Admirals and General, but the route would have to take them underground.
      As the pods screamed down toward Earth City, the team went through the normal procedures for a mission. All equipment was checked and rechecked, as well as every weapon. As they neared the destination, Chang clicked the COM.
      "Alright men, this is a clean operation. I don't want to see any of you getting cocky and try to knife a Brute. Get ready-we're coming in hard!"
"Sir, yes sir!"

Rawk the Jackal was tired and grumpy. He hadn't been able to take off his helmet in a tak unit. Also, he missed his hatchlings and his Mate. He grunted in discontent as he kept on his patrol. Suddenly a wisp of infidel entered his beak. He turned around to a pistol barrel slamming into his helmet, knocking him out. The last thing he thought of was his Death Ritual.

      "Ugh, I hate not killing Covies." Pierce grunted "Especially the Jackals. Man, one of them killed Alex."
      "Suck it up, Pierce" Chang replied "it's not like they wanted to fight. Hell, they might have started a rebellion if they had the right stuff, but those damn Grunts are like chicken. And the Jackals are loners."
      "Yeah, whatever"
      As the party moved on, they encountered more and more resistance. Finally, they clawed their way to the subway entrance closest to the brass. The guard was easily removed, but unfortunately, their active camo generators had overheated and had to cool down.
      "Aww, man" Will groaned as his camo fizzled and died "those things were like angels from heaven."
      "Squad, we got to move on-they could be getting closer to the brass by the second."
      "Damn it, were never going to get through this shit" a 2nd platoon private mumbled. Little did he know that he would not live to see the next day.

To be continued......