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Urban Warfare Ch.3: To the Belly of the Beast
Posted By: hunter_that_dances<poop@poop.org>
Date: 4 July 2004, 8:08 PM

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Urban Warfare
Ch.3: To the Brain of the Beast
1945 hours, September 15, 2552 (revised date, Military Calendar)In Covenant/UNSC controlled New Mombassa, inside unknown Covenant cruiser

       "Fire in the hole!" Chang yelled as he tossed a frag grenade into a group of Elites that were holding up their advance to the bridge of the cruiser. Pierce quickly fired off 3 rounds, which impacted into the head of the forward Elite, and ducked. A boom was heard, and a helmet of a red Elite flew over the crates 7th Platoon was using for cover. "A souvenir." Pierce remarked as he picked it up and put it into his pack. Santiago peered over the crates, saw a Grunt trying to toss a plasma grenade over, and hit his methane breather with his pistol. The methane leaked out and burned an Elite who fired his Carbine. The plasma ignited the methane, and cleared the passageway.
       'Martha, can you access the ship's schematics?" Chang whispered to the AI in his modified helmet.
       "Yep, I have the schematics"
       "Good. Then where's the bridge?"
       "Take a left in the next corridor, and then a right. The lift after that will take you directly to the bridge. I'll secure the COM channels and black out the cameras to cover our tracks. I've also intercepted communiqués that there is a Prophet on board. I recommend capturing him and bringing him back to headquarters for interrogation, or for forcing the Covenant into peace negotiations"
       "Good. 'Punks, haul ass!"
As they took a left, they ran into a large patrol of 8 Jackals. The Jackals were taken in surprise, so Chang, Pierce, and the twins Marcus managed to whack 5, while the others landed head shots. The 3 surviving Jackals immediately activated their shields and raised them, and fired. Williams charged forward, dodged a couple of pot shots, leapt over their shields, and used his pistol to finish them off.
       "Nice moves, Will." Pierce observed as they entered the lift
       "Thanks, I used to take karate when I was younger"

Ship Master Anka 'Yourmomzee was furious. First he lost contact with the bulk of his ground troops, then he heard that there were infidels on his Purifier-class cruiser, the Prevailing Truth. He was worried that if the infidels reached the bridge, they would kill, or worse, capture and foul the holy Prophet with their unclean hands.
       "Is there something wrong, Ship Master?" The Prophet of Glory asked.
       "Of course not, Your Excellency"
       "Then how come there are Infidels reaching the bridge?"
       Anka was horrified at these words. He immediately contacted security to send a SpecOps team down at once to supplement the current guard of 5 Elites, 7 Jackals, and 10 Grunts. Just as the command left his mandibles, the lift doors opened, revealing the ODSTs.

       The Marines immediately took cover behind the gigantic pillars that circled the central platform. Pierce, Chang and Antonio managed to drop 2 Grunts and an Elite before ducking behind some crates. The rest of the guard opened fire, blowing big holes into the pillars in the process. Williams managed to circle strafe the preoccupied Covies, and bushwhacked 4 Grunts and 3 Jackals silently and without a trace. Unfortunately, one of the Grunts saw him as he took cover and squealed excitedly. That was his final act before getting his head blown to pieces by Will. By this time, the Gold Elite noticed Will also, and charged with his plasma sword activated and shields up.
       Will immediately sidestepped and grabbed the Elite's sword's handle, and managed to deactivate it, wretch it out of his hand by punching the Ship Master in the face, and tuck it into his belt. Then he kicked him in the cheek, and used his pistol to knock him unconscious. At this time, the rest of the Covenant saw him, and opened fire. Will managed to dodge 5 blasts, but a 6th one hit him squarely in the chest. The armor crackled and boiled slightly, but held. Because they were distracted, the rest of the team fired off headshots, ending the battle.
       "Damn, is this ugly son of a bitch in a coma?" Pierce whispered while looking straight into the face of the Prophet.
       "Shut your hole Marine, he's just afraid were going to kill him. In fact, I'd like to strangle him right now if he weren't so valuable." Chang replied as he slid Martha into the cruiser's mainframe.
       "Much better." Martha observed as she popped up on one of the screens "Sergeant, there's an incoming SpecOps team. I'll lock the doors and vent the atmosphere on the corridors leading to the bridge."
       "Than how the hell are we going to get out"
       "The Covenant are experimenting with some teleportation grid. This cruiser, the Prevailing Truth was on an archaeological dig before Slipspacing here. I've copied down the info and erased it from the ship's database. I've also copied down all of the technology schematics and am setting up the Self-Destruct sequence now. There, that's done, now yank me."
       Chang yanked Martha out and addressed the ODSTs. "Men, were about to leave this ship and head on back to base. I was assigned an AI before we left, and had to keep it secret. This AI-Martha-will teleport us and the Prophet over to headquarters. Thumb on the safeties and get ready to head on home."
       As the team teleported, Will heave a sigh. Looks like we've been to the brain of the beast he thought, as he was whisked away to Sydney.

To be continued...

Next time:
7th platoon will have to infiltrate Earth City to rescue important captives.