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Urban Warfare Ch. 2: Out of the frying pan
Posted By: hunter_that_dances<poop@poop.org>
Date: 30 June 2004, 5:11 AM

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Urban Warfare
Ch. 2: Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire
Author Note: Thanks for all of the comments, guys. I hope this is an improvement over the last one. I've tried to make the ODSTs as real as possible, so I don't want any criticism about their personalities, especially you, Helljumper. Point out any mistakes, Piz, and Enjoy! And i know this is short, but i was tired, it was night, and i had school the other day.

1925 hours, September 15, 2552 (revised date, Military Calendar)In Covenant/UNSC controlled New Mombassa, near unknown Covenant cruiser

      "Goddamnit, there must be thousands of Covies down there!" Pierce whispered over to Sergeant Chang over the COM "and even if we had a Fury, we'd still have to deal with those bastards in the cruiser!"
      "Just deal with it Pierce!" Chang replied "Antonio, get that rappelling gear ready!" Pfc. Antonio hurried away and grabbed the ropes and magnetic pads from where the 'Punks had hidden their stolen Ghosts. At 176 lb. Pfc. Antonio was the best runner and climber this team had to offer. His height (6' 5") was also proof of his amazing rappelling abilities.
       "Sir, I have a suggestion"
      "What's that?"
      "We can use the Ghosts as a distraction. We can set them on a straight course through the ground troops stationed under the grav lift, and use the captured Fuel Rod Guns to blow big holes in where the Ghosts didn't run over, and toss them like frag grenades, while the rest of the team climbs up to a maintenance hatch on the cruiser's hull. The Marcuses can fire them directly at our position right now, because the guns are supposed to arc anyway"
      " Good idea, Private. Okay team, listen up. Were going to make it look like a nuke hit this spot fast and hard. Those Covenant sons-of-bitches are going to burn under our feet. Pierce, get those Ghosts set for plowing a straight line trough the Covies. Marcus and Marcus, get positioned on the ceiling with the fuel rod guns. Everybody else, get your rappelling gear on."
      Having received their orders, 7th platoon snapped into action. Everyone got their rappelling gear on, while Pierce got the Ghosts .positioned. The Marcus bros got ready, and the magnetic pads for the ropes landed quietly and silently on the ship's hull.

      Yawaz walked around the former plaza of Mombassa. Going about his patrol. As a red armored Grunt, he had superiority- even over some blue-clad Elites. As he was walking, he saw a glint in the distance. Before he could scream a loud grunty scream or shout that he had wet himself, he was run over by a Ghost. The last thing he ever thought was sucking at a food nipple in his frozen homeworld, Gruntoria.

      "Go, Go, Go!!" Chang yelled as all hell broke loose. The Marcus twins fires their fuel rod guns until they were depleted, activated the fail safes and tossed them into the horde of Covenant. The guns blew with the forces of frag grenades, with one landing near a grenade storehouse, causing a chain reaction. All of the plasma grenades blew, making a huge hole in the Covenant ranks. In the midst of all this confusion, Grunts panicked and shot anyone and everything, and a couple even stuck plasma grenades to Elites. It was total chaos for the Covies, but heaven for the ODSTs.
      As the 'Punks made their way up the hull, Chang noticed that the shields were not up in the first place. Maybe there is a Prophet onboard, or somebody important to them. Maybe it's time for Martha to show her face.
      "Sir, there's a hatch up ahead."
      "Good. Santiago, work your magic"
      "Yes sir"
      At 6'2" and 189lb., Santiago was the electronics genius surpassed only by the AI Cortana herself. He hacked into the hatch controls in a sec, and the seals opened in no time. All of them dropped down the hatch, only to come face to face with a pack of 5 Grunts. A few quick shots with Chang's Shotgun finished them. But it captured the attention of a nearby pack of Elites, who immediately charged and hit several of the Marines. As if they were jerked by God, the Marines were pulled to cover behind a pile of crates. "Okay men," Chang breathed "were out of the frying pan and in the fire."
To be continued...

Look, if u think this is bad, don't whine about it please. Just tell me how to improve and I will take it into consideration.
Hope u liked it.