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Urban Warfare Ch.1: 7th Platoon
Posted By: hunter_that_dances<poop@poop.org>
Date: 28 June 2004, 3:41 PM

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Urban Warfare
Ch.1: 7th Platoon
1900 hours, September 15, 2552 (revised date, Military Calendar)In low orbit around Earth, in dropship Alpha-5
       "Damn it Sarge, when the hell are we going to drop!?" Corporal Pierce screamed over the roar of the Pelican's afterburners" "In a moment, Piece, so just shut your hole and do your job" Sergeant Chang replied. "Were coming over the drop zone in 15!" the pilot clicked over the COM "Give em hell, boys." "You heard the lady, let's drop!" As he said this, a stray plasma torpedo hit.....

      The alarm sounded as the first Covenant ship entered the system. All of the ODSTs' were scrambled to their modified drop pod Pelicans. These new Pelicans released small pods of ODSTs, but the best one- Alpha-5-was reserved for the 101st Urban Corps' 7th platoon, a.k.a. "Street Punks". The 'Punks were the most hardcore and well trained group in the ODSTs, passed only by the SPARTANs. As its name suggests these guys are the best in street fighting, ranking 1st in all of the UNSC's ODSTs.
      Corporal Pierce, the platoon's main morale booster was 6' 2'', had black hair and laser dyed green eyes and 195 pounds of pure muscle. Sergeant Chang was 7', and at 214 pounds, had Black hair also with black eyes. Lance Corporal Williams was 5' 9'', and at 157 lb., was the runt of the team. Both of the Gunnery Sergeants Marcus were twins, at 6' and 236 lb., each with red hair, which only strengthened the belief that they liked to blow shit up, and blue eyes. Everyone else was between 18-21 lb. each, and at 6'-6' 9''.

      Fortunately, the pod's EMP hardened shell protected the 'Punks, but the Pelican burst into flames. As the pod sped down toward its destination-New Mombassa-the ODSTs checked, readied, and loaded their weapons. Sergeant Chang got his SMGs readied, while LC Williams readied his S-5 Sniper Rifle. This new rifle had a 15x zoom capability, and it had 8 rounds in a clip instead of 4. Everyone else readied their sidearm, Battle Rifles and Shotguns.
      The pod landed right on top of a Covenant SpecOps team-literally. "Poor bastards," Chang remarked "But damn good we got the fuel rod guns!" Sure enough, 2 fuel rod guns were salvaged from the wreck of Grunts, and the Gunnery Sergeants hefted 1 each along with their M-19 SSM Rocket Launchers. "Okay boys, here's the plan," Sarge told the ODSTs "There's a Covie cruiser up there that's just waiting to be blown to hell. We have to take the grav lift up, go to the bridge, and blow this hunk of shit up, Got it?" "Yes sir!" the 'Punks shouted in unison.
      As the 'Punks moved through the streets noisily, they encountered little resistance. "Man, where the hell are the Covie bastard," Pierce screamed after knifing a Grunt with his combat knife "I want to kill them ALL!" Just then, a bolt of plasma hit the ground next to him. "Carbines!" Chang shouted "Take cover!" "Williams, get to the top of that building and take out the Jackals," Chang ordered "Pierce, you're with me, everybody else, move when I give the signal. Now MOVE!"
       As Williams hurried up the building, Pierce and Chang ran into one of the buildings where the Jackals sniped. They snuck up on 2 Jackals, and butt whacked them with their BRs. "Pierce, grab a Carbine and start to snipe" Chang ordered as 4 cracks from Williams's sniper rifle filled the air. Pierce peered through the scope, sighted a Jackal, and fired. Pieces of burnt brain flew on the neighboring Jackal's Carbine, causing him to flinch. Will saw the movement, and another Jackal was KIA. In a matter of seconds the area was secure.
       "Nice job, Will," Pierce congratulated as he handed him a Carbine "thought you might like a gift." "Thanks." Will replied. "Okay, were about 1 klick away from the cruiser," Chang notified the men "it looks like there are a couple of Ghosts over there. Let's jack some."

      Naraz' Whezumee was getting impatient. "Where the Underworld are those stinking humans!" he screamed as the engineers repaired his Ghost at the outpost. Around him, Grunts in Maintenance or orange armor jittered around him, while 3 Brutes, 5 blue elites and 10 Jackals stood guard. Just as he spoke, a Brute fell before his feet, minus its head. The next thing Naraz saw was his own brains, before he fell to the ground, dead.

       "2 head shots!" Will yelled as Naraz fell" "Take out the Brutes and Elites before they get into the Ghosts!" Chang clicked over the COM. Unfortunately, A lucky Brute got onto a Ghost and started trying to ram the ODSTs. It made a fatal mistake when it tried to hit one of the Marcuses. Marcus jumped up, kicked the Brute off, and turned the Ghost around, which sent its previous owner crashing into the Jackals that were bunched up. The mass of Covenant hit some plasma tanks, which ruptured and burned them all to hell. "11 kills in one swing, new record!" Marcus yelled as Pierce took out 2 elites with 4 three-round bursts from his BR. The other Marcus ran up to the rest of the Elites, took out his rocket launcher, and batted them all into a building. "Home Run!" he cheered as the Grunts finally had some courage and fired at him. That killed them all, as the rest of the ODSTs killed them each with a headshot.
       Okay, we took out the resistance, now we head on over the ship," Chang told his men "switch to your shotguns, and get ready for boarding action." "Man, if Lock Lear were here I know the one thing he would definitely say right now." Pierce mentioned. "What's that?" Marcus-1 asked. "Easy," Pierce replied "Penetrate and Annihilate!"
To be continued...

Oh, and I hope I got the code right. Next one may have some SPARTANs.