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Urban Warfare: Ch. 9: Maybe the End, Maybe it Ain't
Posted By: hunter_that_dances
Date: 27 April 2005, 4:47 AM

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Urban Warfare
Ch. 9: Maybe the End, Maybe it Ain't
1530 hours, October 2, 2552 (revised date, Military Calendar)onboard Unidentified Covenant cruiser

Thanks for all the comments guys, I've taken my time on this one, 'cause I have some breathing space now. Hope you like it!

      Pierce winced as another bolt of red plasma lanced over his head, and splattered molten metal as it connected with the wall. He prayed to God that Will could take out the Brutes that were laying down the suppressive fire. Antonio was already down with a burn on his leg, and Santiago had taken one to the shoulder. He turned his head to see the Marcus twins. Using their Rocket Launcher's scope to aim their rockets, and not putting themselves in harms way, they were able to take out quite a few of those Brutes.

      Suddenly, a steady stream of eight cracks echoed through the heated air, resulting in wet, dull thuds, as the apes fell, headless. Pierce peered over the crate he was using for cover, and saw a mass of dead Brutes, their helmets each punctured with a .95 caliber hole.

      I owe you a beer, Will Pierce thought.

      Pierce peered at his motion tracker. It was green across the border. He pointed toward the control center, and motioned for Marcus to cover him. Crouching silently, he crawled over to the gore splattered panel, and booted up the backup generators.

      "Ika, you have power up now."

      Ika was standing on the gore-splattered command island.

      "Ika, you have power up now."

      Ika grinned, and tapped his foot. The situation was far from ideal, as the Prophet of Victory had found this ship, and as with the rest of their foul brethren, was coming to eliminate him. For Ika had a close secret-one that could end the revolution if revealed. Ika tapped the COM system.

      "Good job brother, but we have a problem. A Dreadnought is coming."

      "What the hell is a Dreadnought?" Pierce screamed through his COM

      "A ship of rarity in the fleet. Only the Prophets can command one. And they have a reputation for destroying many ships."

      "Master, Slipspace exit off the bow!"

      Ika clicked his mandibles, and sighed. The image of the Dreadnought came up on his screen. It's twenty plasma turrets bristled, and Seraph fighters streamed out of its port bays. Plasma missile hard points glowed an eerie blue.
      "Pierce, we could fight this dreadnought, but we can't win. I have an idea, though."

      "Something tells me I won't like this."

      "We will collide into them, and, as you say, blow them all to hell."

       Pierce grinned, and pulled a little crucifix from his pocket out. He nodded towards his comrades, his brothers in arms, who also heard the message. They nodded gravely.

      "Ika, let our ship's divine wind blow them away, to the darkest depths of Hades."

      Ika clicked his mandibles, and recited a line of the Scriptures etched into his mind

      For thou shalt die with honour, and live in the Hall of Avatars...

      Ika took out a small data pad, and listed the names of all the crew under his command, as well as a roster from Pierce that his had viewed. He tossed it into a escape pod, and programmed it for a burn to the Arbiter's coordinates.

      Goodbye, brother

      Ika sighed, and turned to his subordinates.

      "We have come this far, only to meet an untimely end. I have admired your bravery, and your prowess in fighting and all of your talents. If there is any crew that could pilot the ships of the Gods, it is you. It has been a pleasure, but I will see you all in paradise!"

      And with that the remnants of the crew let out a hearty roar.

On the other side of the ship, things were less poetic...

      "Boys, when we left, we thought we could get this ship, take it, and end this war. Well, it ain't to be. Lemme jut tell you that you've been the best damned group of raggedy-ass Marines I have ever had the pleasure of being with. Now we're only missing a pack o' beers, but you'll all get that when we meet again in hell!"

       And so, the remnants of 7th platoon celebrated the end of their life, with a hearty laugh.

      Ika grinned as he saw the humans laugh.

      Humans...humorous, to the last.

      "Full power to the engines. Fire all weapons at their shield generators, and then ram the dreadnought."

The End...or is it?

Thanks for all your help guys. After a half-year, I decided that it was time to wrap it all up. I'm working on something else now, but you'll see it sometime in the near future. Oh, and I'M BAAAACCCKKK!!!