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Posted By: Hikaru-119<hikaru119@email.com>
Date: 17 October 2003, 12:35 PM

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Points for the first person to guess where I got every name for this short story. Good luck.

Feburary 7, 2525 1410 Hours
Outer Colony of Harvest
Harvest Listening Station

      " Man I hate this job. " Ensign Kosaka said leaning back in his chair.

      " Ah deal with it. Command sent us out here for a reason. We're supposed to be watching for rebels and black market smugglers. Remember? " Lieutenant Lee responded. Kosaka repositioned himself in his seat and leaned on his desk staring at the monitors on the wall in front of him.

      " I know, but we are clear out here in such a nice colony. As matter of fact there hasn't been anything reported in eight years. " Kosaka let out a long sigh as he watched his scopes "On top of that this is my third position in a dead end job. There just isn't anything to worry about. Sometimes I think the government is just trying to screw me over sometimes. "

      " Look at it this way. You are close to home and near your family. " Lee said swiveling around to face the bored Kosaka. The Ensign just looked at his superior officer and spoke at the exact time he did.

      " I grew up on Earth. I left behind everything four hundred light years away. So you have nothing to complain about. " Lee scowled at the Ensign for dittoing him.

      " Yeah I know Lieutenant, but still..... " The Lieutenant shook his head. The men suddenly jumped as though they were shocked electrically. The room suddenly went dim and was filled with a dull red light. Alarms were going off and the two of them had no idea what was going on.

      " Damn it Kosaka shut that alarm off! " Lee yelled. The Ensign immediately did as such and the blaring stopped. " Bringing up main monitor. Let's see what the hell set the system off. " The Lieutenant switched to the main monitor and his jaw slowly widened. He couldn't say anything.

      " What's the matter sir? " Kosaka asked. He looked at the screen and his eyes bulged. " What the hell is that?! " he exclaimed. The Lieutenant shook his head not knowing.

      On the screen was a ship. Its center section was swollen and smaller pods dotted the edges of the craft. The twin golden suns reflected off the purplish armor giving off a large amount of shine.

      " Um sir. What are supposed to do? " Kosaka asked with a slight amount of tension in his voice. The Lieutenant snapped out of his state and desperately tried to think.

      " Let's see here...We, yeah we are supposed to try to engage in communications. " Kosaka nodded and immediately went to his station. He picked up his head phones and placed them on his head. Kosaka took a deep breath and swallowed his spit. He activated the radio and began speaking.

      " Attention unknown vessel. This is the UNSC Listening Station of Harvest. Please identify yourself. " He stopped and waited for a reply. None came. " I repeat unknown vessel please respond. This is the UNSC Listening Station of Harvest. Please identify yourselves. "

      " I don't think they are going to respond. " Lee said after Kosaka had finished. They waited a moment and were suddenly bombarded on every radio channel. They picked up several sqwaks and a low toned voice and suddenly there was silence. The two men looked at each other and then at the picture.

      The ship began to turn and it lateral lines glowed red. A curious, yet fearful look entered the men's eyes. Instinctively they edged closer to the screen. They watched as it became a solid band and then suddenly it shot out and went right for the camera. They jolted back and were shaken out of their seats.

      " What the hell just hit us! " Lee yelled. Kosaka couldn't respond. The man was on the floor with a small pool of blood seeping out of his head. He had hit his desk on the way down. Part of his scalp was torn off and he had a distant gaze. Lee struggled to get back up, but was engulfed in flames as another shot hit and tore the station apart.


      " You see that one? " Robin's father said pointed up to the night sky. The little seven year girl moved to see the star her father was pointing at. " That's where your brother Amon is right now. That is the colony Reach. " The star was giving off a slight twinkle as they looked at it. They gazed at the sky for a few minutes until Robin had a question.

      " Daddy where's-s Earth? " the little blond asked. Her father searched the sky until he found it.

      " Right over there. " he said pointing. The two of them continued looking until the noticed something along the edge of the sky.

      " What is that? " she said pointing. Her father cocked his head quizotically trying to figure out the dim moving object.

      " I think it is a ship. " Several more of the small lights appeared. They moved and then locked into orbit. Night was suddenly turned to day from the north. The man stood up slowly seeing four distant suns. He looked down at his watch and then at the rising day. " That isn't right. " he said.

      " Daddy what is going on? " Robin asked gripping her father's side.

      " I don't know. " he repsonded. Alarms suddenly went off and every street light snapped on. People awoke and went outside to see as multiple blue, red, and green streaks came streaming from the sky.

      They impacted giving off massive white flashes. Thousands were blind in an instant. Immediately following was a heat wave that began knocking several people down for hundreds of miles. Following this a shockwave came and knocked the rest to their knees. A sonic boom so powerful came and deafened all that had survived.

      Many began screaming and running every direction. The fireballs grew closer as they rained down from the sky. They continued killing some immediately and slowly cooking others. But they would eventually get their turn. Robin and her father were quickly turned to their base elements and were given a more merciful death than millions of others. Within four days Harvest, a once beautiful planet was turned into a large, glistening orb going through space. With its destruction humanity's future was forever changed.