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The Fallen: Halo 2 Ch5S2 Where Did They Come From?
Posted By: Hikaru-119<hikaru119@email.com>
Date: 8 October 2003, 12:54 PM

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Chapter 5 Section 2: Where Did They Come From?
2302 Hours November 21, 2553 (Military Calendar)
Onboard the Odin In Orbit of the Third Moon

      " Shiri-Gami give the report on the enemy fleet movement. " Captain Mortensen said leaning back in his chair. The AI complied and the TAC display showed the location of the 214 Covenant ships inside Halo's atmosphere. All were holding their positions. The Captain looked at the scattered dots on the ring and didn't make out their tactics at all. " Any ideas why they are staying still? "

      Shiri-Gami showed himself on the small holo-tank. His sword and wings had blood red lines of code running along them as he gave it some thought. " The only logic in their spreading out like this is to find something. I've gotten scattered reports of them desperately trying to find some ancient text of some sort. Then there is the information of them having a hard time on the surface right now in isolated areas. Primarily where the Spartans and General Kits are located. "

      That was good news. At least they were getting roughed up on the ground. Mortensen got up and walked up to the tactical display and continued thinking as to why they haven't launched a counter ground attack. He stood there for several minutes just staring at the display. He sighed, turned, and walked back to his seat. As he sat down the bridge lights suddenly snapped to red. A small alarm went off and the ship began to exit orbit.

      " Shiri-Gami what the hell are you doing! " Mortensen yelled griping his chair. The TAC display changed and an image of seven Covenant vessels coming from behind the moon began to appear. A destroyer and six frigates showed themselves to the human bridge crew. The Captain's stomach felt like it dropped to the deck below him. He whispered, " Oh shit..."

      " Requesting permission to engage the incoming Covenant fleet. " Shiri-Gami said. Mortensen nodded and with that the ship accelerated. The Captain's eyes could not be torn off from the Covenant ships. It was a full ten seconds before he came back to reality and pushed the communications switch on his chair.

      " All hands this is the Captain. We are reengaging the enemy. Report to battle stations immediately. " he ordered. " Taylor I want those MAC guns charged now! Arm Archer Missile Pods B1- B6! Shidou get Stanforth on the line we need all the help we can get! Zaurak get us the hell out of dodge! Evasive maneuvers! Nylund send the order to Omega Wing to get out in the black! " Mortensen barked. The bridge crew did as ordered as fast as they possibly could. Mortensen looked at the main view screen and watched as the Covenant formation fanned out.

      " Sir MAC guns at one hundred percent. Archer Missile Pods are armed. " Taylor said.

      " Engage the destroyer Lieutenant. Begin firing at will. " Mortensen said.

      " Yes sir. Engaging Covenant destroyer. " His hands quickly typed in commands resulting in two low booms that shook the ship. They watched as twin bolts of white hot tungsten heavy rounds flew towards the Covenant formation. Following close behind were the Archer missiles heading towards their target. " Thirty seconds till impact. "

      They watched as the MAC rounds closed in on the target. The Covenant ship began to turn to port to dodge the attack. The first shot was a clean miss. The second however hit. The Covenant shields shimmered and cooled. As the missiles came in nearly half were shot down by the point defense lasers. The balance of missiles hit the shields sending up tiny flares along the ship's super-structure.

      " Sir Admiral Stanforth is on the line. " Shidou said.

      " Put him through. " Mortensen ordered. On a side panel of the main view screen Admiral Stanforth appeared.

      " What is the situation Captain? " Stanforth asked.

      " Sir we are currently engaging the local Covenant fleet. They snuck up from behind the third moon. One destroyer, six frigates. " Mortensen said.

      " Understood. Hold off what you can. The Leviathan is enroute. ETA ten minutes. Stanforth out. "

      " Okay then. Nylund what is the status of Omega Wing? " Mortensen asked. Lieutenant Nylund turned.

      " Sir Omega Wing is launched. Currently engaging the Covenant Seraphs. " Nylund responded. Another two thumps were heard from the Odin's under belly. The twin MAC rounds headed for the destroyer.

      " Sir Covenant vessels' energy levels are rising. " Shidou said. Panic struck into her voice. " All craft charging plasma weapons. " They watched as red lights grew along the lateral lines of the Covenant ships. They also watched as the MAC rounds grew closer to the destroyer.

      Both shots were direct hits. The first shot hit and sent the ship into a port spin. Its shields flickered and failed. The second shot hit near the engine. The Covenant destroyer shuddered for a moment and was destroyed in a series of smaller explosions throughout the craft.

      " Covenant plasma inbound! " Shidou yelled. " Twenty seconds until impact! " The bridge crew watched as six blue-white bolts of fire raced across space to meet them. It was almost as beautiful as it was deadly.

      " Zaurak push the reactors to one hundred and thirty percent. Get us as far away from those plasma bolts as you can. " Mortensen ordered. Zaurak immediately did as such. The Odin suddenly jolted forward as he pushed the reactors above recommended safety levels.

      The continued to watch as the plasma accelerated and came for the Odin. Zaurak had did as ordered and missed three of the bolts. The others however hit the massive cruiser. The fiery projectiles burned their way into the ship tearing apart the outer layers of hull. Pockets of atmosphere ignited and made their way through out the unsecured decks. As the fire made its way through the missed shots had arced and came back at the Odin impacting and doing similar damage.

      " Sir fires on port decks 12 and 13 in sections A-D! And on starboard decks 24 and 5 sections L-N! " Nylund reported. " Armor in those sections are gone! "

      " Seal those sections off Nylund. Shut down all atmosphere to those areas. " Mortensen ordered. A long hiss could be heard from the bridge as those sections were vented and shut down. Shortly there after two more thrums were heard as the MAC guns fired once more. The twin shells flew and hit their target. The first frigate was hit. Its shields however still held.

      The Covenant frigates began to charge up their weapons again. Two of them were quickly stopped as four MAC rounds and over three hundred missiles took them out. The Leviathan had showed up as promised. With it the Michigan as additional support. Still those Covenant ships remaining fired. Four bolts were launched impacting both the Michigan and the Leviathan. Armor boiled away and was stripped from the two ships.

      " Excellent. Some reinforcement. " Taylor said typing in commands. They watched as the Covenant line split and went in four different directions. Their weapons however still began to recharge.

      " Sir we've got outbound signals from three of the Covenant vessels. " Shidou said. " Dropships heading for the ring and the fourth moon. I have sixty three confirmed transports. Correction one hundred and thirteen. Fifty drop pods have also been launched. "

      " Range? " Mortensen inquired.

      " At ten thousand kilometers sir. Several of which have already broken through. Pods are now out of range. " Shidou replied. Mortensen silently swore to himself. Every pod meant God only knew how many human deaths.

      " Nylund send a message to Omega Wing. Have them give those dropships hell. " Mortensen ordered.

      " Yes sir. " Nylund said. The message was sent and they watched as Omega wing immediately broke from their targets and attacked what they could of the dropships. Several tiny orange fireballs appeared on the view screen fighters and dropships alike were destroyed. The fighting went on like this for several minutes. " Sir Omega Wing is retreating for rearmament and refueling. "

      " Understood. Inform all launch bays that they are coming back. " Mortensen replied. He looked at the tactical display and watched as the Covenant fleet was whittled down by the surprise attack from Admiral Stanforth and Captain Griffes. TheOdin fired once more sending the last Covenant frigate to Hell.

      " Covenant fleet in this sector has been eliminated. No escape pods found from any Covenant vessel. " Shiri-Gami said over the Odin's loud speakers. A cheer resonated throughout the ship. The Captain however just sighed and fell back in his chair. He had gotten lucky and damn well knew it.

To be Continued in Chapter 5 Section 3: Innocent Flame

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