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The Fallen: Chapter 1 Part 5
Posted By: Hikaru-119<hikaru119@email.com>
Date: 7 June 2003, 4:17 PM

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The doors shut and he felt himself going down. He waited until the lift slowed and the doors opened. When he stepped out he realized how big a Covenant armory really was. There were at least eight Wraith mortar tanks parked along one of the walls, about twenty Ghost LRVs, and a line of ten Shade turrets guarding the armory from the deck above him. Beside this there were crates loaded to the brim with weapons and supplies scattered everywhere. The Chief stepped forward when he heard an alarm go off in his sector. He looked around with his MA8A at ready. No targets, just flashing red lights above him. He looked up and saw four Covenant dropships , all Phantom Assault Class. A moment later two massive doors meant for transporting the armor to the nearby launch bay opened up exposing at thirty Covenant troops.

The Covenant rushed forward thirsty for blood. The Chief simply crouched, zoomed his rifle in, and began firing at the higher ranking red-armored Grunts. Each fell within a few shots and more seemed to take their place. Plasma weapons fire came towards him hitting his shields and dropping them to dangerously low levels. He ducked back allowing the shields to regenerate as the crate he was hiding behind began to melt away. Eventually the armored plating on the weapons crate melted away allowing for some plasma rifles to fall out. The Chief saw this and switched to his plasma rifle.

He fired into the Covenant line as they kept advancing. When his plasma rifle was over-heated he quickly switched back to his assault rifle and fired until its clip went dry and switched back to the plasma rifle. Amazingly he was holding his own quite well until the Covenant began to retreat. The Chief reloaded his rifle and ditched the old plasma rifle for a new and moved to a new position. He watched the doors carefully and walked forward with his plasma rifle at ready. The doors slid open once more and ten Elites came out. Among them was one golden armored field commander, six red armored units, and three lesser blue armored Elites. Their armament was just as varied. The Chief knew he hadn't a chance and ran back for cover after he tossed a plasma grenade. The Elites rolled away in time and suffered no damage. The Chief simply ran backwards firing his plasma rifle blindly. The Elites returned the favor and had the Chief pinned down under heavy crossfire. The Chief then heard a noise even among all the firing behind him.

It was the lift opening. He hadn't the time to turn back, but to glance at his radar. A massed spot of yellow moved and spread out quickly. Machine guns fired from behind the Chief giving him adequate covering fire. He then targeted the main threat, the field commander. The golden armored beast ran straight for one of the marines that had just came in to help save the Chief and swung at the soldier. The energy blade sliced right through the marine splitting the side of his abdomen and causing enough shock to kill him in one blow.

The nearby marines opened fire on the Elite in a desperate attempt to take it down. They back stepped and fired, but the Elite kept swinging away killing two others. It even began to hum a battle hymn as it did so. Finally the shields failed and the Elite met up with several bullets. After it had fallen dead the others still attacked wounding three other marines. A grenade was thrown and detonated next to two of the blue armored Elites. Their shields dropped and they were badly wounded. The Chief fired two rounds at each finishing his magazine and killing the Covenant warriors.

" Fan out and get them in cross fire damn it!" a sergeant yelled from the group of marines. The human soldiers quickly fanned out and began firing at the same target at the same time taking the Elites down one by one. After the enemy forces had been eliminated the Chief re-supplied his ammo and grenades. A sudden loud clang was then heard from above him. He looked up and saw the Phantom dropships were being moved. He looked over to the large doors that the last wave had come from and looked above. Two more doors opened and the dropships flew towards them slowly.

" Chief the Covenant are trying to load up and launch another wave! Quickly get to the launch bay and stop them!" Cortana screamed in the Chief's helmet. He ran for the twin open doors and the marines followed him. When he made it to the door the Covenant were already on their way to load up and head down to the surface. There were at least thirty enemy units clustered together if not more. The Chief without hesitation threw two plasma grenades followed by his last frag. They detonated taking out the first few lines of Covenant infantry. The enemy returned fire and a wall of plasma shot towards the Chief and the marines. Those that could, including the Chief ducked back around the doorway to avoid being shot. A few however were not so fortunate.

Plasma hit them boiling away at their armor. With the amount of fire coming in their deaths were relatively quick. The Chief stayed next to the edge of the door and fired at what he could hit until his shields dropped low and took cover for his shields to regenerate. He repeated this process three times until their numbers were low. He looked over to the other side and saw the remainder of the combat capable marines. They still took cover waiting for the plasma fire to decrease. The Chief turned his attention back to the Covenant who had now nearly loaded up two of the Phantoms. He quickly rushed in throwing his final plasma grenade in front of the two ranking yellow shielded Jackals.

They dived out of the way to have their backs exposed to the explosion. The two officers were taken down and the remaining low ranked Grunts panicked. The hole in the enemy line was good enough for the marines to open fire once more. With rifles going at full auto the marines rushed in and took out the confused Covenant infantry. The Phantoms were fully loaded when the infantry was taken down.

Cortana suddenly piped into the COM channel sounding distressed, " Chief we need to leave RIGHT NOW! They're opening the launch bay shields and I CAN NOT stop them! " The marines heard what the Chief had heard and looked at each other with terror in their eyes. The Chief would survive the sudden lack of a breathable atmosphere, but the marines would pop like balloons on the inside. They quickly ran for the bay doors from which they had came and saw them beginning to slowly close. The Chief made it through along with all but one marine. The doors nearly shut when the marine tried to leap through the door. There wasn't enough room for him to successfully make in time. Before the doors shut to the point where the marine couldn't get through the Chief tossed away his rifle, snagged the marine by his armored chest plate, and yanked the man in. The doors then shut tight and the shields dropped to let out the dropships.

The marine was set down and he panted. He looked up to the Chief and saluted him and fell over on his back. It was considered thanks enough to the Chief. The Master Chief looked around making sure no enemy units were set up to ambush them. When he was done Cortana again spoke to him directly.

" Chief I have an incoming distress signal. Here I'll pipe them through." She said.

" God General we need reinforcement down here! The Covenant have one of their ships locked above the city and we can't hold off this many! I need more men down here now!" The Chief knew what kind of hell was happening out on the streets and only wanted to end it. He then heard the roar of engines from the launch bay he had just exited. He readied his rifle and waited for more Covenant to come through. The doors opened and a single Pelican drop ship was there. There was a metallic clang as the rear hatch opened up. A single man, a sergeant, stepped off the back end after the door dropped and approached the Chief. He saluted and slung his rifle.

" Sir, Sergeant Johnson of the 180th Drop Jet Division Company B." The sergeant said. " Master Chief I have direct orders to take you off this ship. You are needed elsewhere. " The Chief returned the salute and continued listening. " Sir come with me. I'll explain everything on our way down." Johnson then went back into the drop ship followed by the Chief.

The Chief moved past the tail gunner and past the five other marines inside the Pelican. When he gotten to the cockpit the rear hatch shut and the drop ship left the Covenant vessel. On the trip down Sergeant Johnson began to explain the newly assigned mission that the Chief had been given on such short notice. It would be the first of many that he would have too do too save Earth.

The end of chapter 1.