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The Fallen: Chapter 1Part 2
Posted By: Hikaru-119<hikaru119@email.com>
Date: 7 June 2003, 4:02 PM

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" Chief go to it! RUN!" Cortana cried. It was the best thing he could hear. He did as told and ran backwards into a doorway firing his plasma rifle at the open targets. As he entered it he threw a frag grenade and the door shut. " I don't know how long I can hold them off from here Chief, but we should get moving." The Chief was grateful and looked to see how much ammo was left in his plasma rifle. His counter read twenty seven, but this was deceiving considering the plasma rifle could fire two shots for the price of one. So technically about fifty four shots actually remained.

He put the weapon to his side and took out the MA8A. He headed upward through a series of passages and came to a dead halt when a hall was filled with Grunts. He ducked back before they had noticed him. He then carefully looked around the corner. All of them had combat experience either that or they were trained very well considering they were red backs armed with needlers. This was not good for anyone.

Slowly he grabbed a plasma grenade and tossed it into the center of the pack and ducked back out. The flickering blue grenade latched onto one of the Grunts and it tried to run, but was too clogged up around the others. He exploded taking seven with him. By time the grenade went off the Chief was down the other end of the hall watching for stragglers. He zoomed his battle rifle in at 5x magnification and took a single shot at a panicked Grunt.

That was all that was needed to bring several more his way. He took them down within a few shots each to the upper body and skull. Several shots came his way of which he side stepped avoiding most of the rounds and continued his firing. He was then force to reload as another wave was preparing to come in. They came and were quickly put down. He then ran for his objective with weapon at the ready.

The Chief went an entire level without running into a single enemy. It was then he realized something was not right. It was too quiet for a ship that was both in battle above a planet and one being boarded. He then stopped and turned on the flashlight on his armor's right shoulder. The light interacted with something in front of him causing a shimmer that could be seen. He fired without hesitation at the shimmer and took out an Elite that planned on ambushing him. It screamed in shock and fell dead with its intestinal track spilling out. The Chief swapped his old plasma rifle with a new one and redrew his MA8A. He then heard a clack behind him and saw a meter long beam of glowing blue energy hovering midair. Next to it was a similar shimmer just as with the previous opponent.

He then opened fire and was charged by the energy blade. It went side to side and kept coming right at him. It went up into the sky and came down at him while the assault rifle was firing. The weapon clicked signifying the need for a clip change.

The Spartan rushed forward as the blade came down and slipped past his opponent. He quickly turned and hit solidly where the blur was standing. He heard the cracking of armor and bones and the scream of pain from his target. The blade then deactivated and fused to the arm of the now visible Elite. The Chief searched the body and found three plasma grenades and saw he was only a hundred meters from the NAV point. He rushed to the nearest door and went for the objective.

The Chief glanced at his motion tracker and that the bridge was crawling with Covenant activity. On top of that only one of the doors was unlocked for him to enter. An obvious trap that in his case would prove effective for the Covenant. He then saw another point show up on his HUD as the other disappeared.

" Its unlocked Chief. They aren't expecting you to come from here." Cortana said. The Chief went over to the door and made sure his weapons were loaded. He also checked how many magazines were left for his battle rifle. He had the one in it, an extra full one, and the one that he changed from the beginning of his boarding. Not very good for what he was going to attempt. Due to his situation he took out his plasma rifle and readied it.

The door opened as he approached it. There was a central platform held up by several hover units and holographic projections on the wall and in the air. Then there were the sounds of his enemies' breathing. The recognizable anxious sounds of the Grunts and the raspy voices of the Jackals.

The Spartan ran in and unloaded his rifle until it over heated. The shots took out three Grunts. Barely enough to scratch the numbers. There were at least twelve Jackals and ten Grunts left. He then tossed the last of his frags and knocked four more out of the Grunts. Only one of the problems at hand. The Jackals suddenly opened the flood gates of plasma fire on him. The Chief was lucky and found a position behind a support pillar to take cover. Shots boiled away at the pillar's armored section.

He stayed there taking cover and crouched there with his MA8A zoomed in. He took shots at the divots in the sides of the Jackals' yellow transparent energy shields and wounded as many as he could. They got smart quickly though and began locking their shields together and forced him to improvise. He tossed a plasma grenade in front of them knocking out a few of the shields and killing two others.

When the grenade exploded he dashed forward in the confusion and ditched his battle rifle and grabbed two plasma pistols off the ground. He ran fired both of them in their charged mode and took out two more. He did this until the weapon was empty and he heard the shields down alarm again just a moment before he fired his last shot from the weapons. The Chief then felt the heat spike as a shot landed him on his right shoulder. The armor flared and took damage. He was slightly melted, but continuous fire would take away the armor and kill him rather quickly. The armor made him strong and capable of taking several of shots like that, but it wouldn't take very many shots to take even him out.

He ducked behind the same pillar he done once before and waited twenty seconds for his shields to recharge. He then saw one of the plasma pistols from another Jackal he had blown apart nearby. He dropped his two empty weapons and snagged it and let out a steady stream of fire as did two other Jackals that were advancing on his position. The Chief strafed left and flanked the enemy. He finished the first one off with several shots to the gut and his fist struck the other.

It recoiled and growled. He then back handed it, performed an upper cut, and a double punch which shattered bone. The Jackal crumpled down to the ground to which he then shot. The Chief looked up and rushed up the ramp to the heart of the bridge. Something was not right however. It was then that a single door opened and three gold armored Elites came in. Two had plasma rifles and the center was armed with an energy blade. They were the primary bridge crew.

The Chief without hesitation through a plasma grenade latching onto one of them as they ran towards him. The others rolled out of the way a considerable distance as the grenade exploded. The Chief turned to the one carrying the blade and fired a charged shot at it. The shot hit and the creature bowed down as the heated plasma burned right through the shields. There wasn't enough time to let the weapon recharge so he pulled out his plasma rifle.

As he did this the other Elite opened fire and the Chief concentrated on his target and unloaded on it. The weapon over heated and the enemy fell to its knees clutching its stomach as it died.. The Chief then rushed the remaining Elite and hit its shields. Although it did minimal damage it still scared the shit out of it. The plasma rifle now was cooled and the Chief ran around the Elite nimbly dodging most shots from his opponent as he gave answering fire. The shields dropped on the Elite and the Chief finished it off quickly.

After grabbing a new plasma rifle he went back up the ramp and several little icons appeared. He looked around the platform and to what the highlighted section on his HUD was showing him. Next to a panel highlighted by the HUD were the words Insert Here. It was Cortana giving him instructions as to where to put her. He pulled out the module, in which Cortana was contained, from his helmet and put it into place where AI had indicated. The module disappeared and the holo-panels flickered.

" Let's see here. Step one lock doors." Cortana said over the bridge's speakers. The doors in the bridge locked down and the lights around them turned red. " Step two deactivate shields and send the bugs on their way. " A loud sound of air rushing came from outside the nearest door. Screams of loose Covenant troops could be heard and then silence reigned. " That's most of the problem completed Chief. Now engaging the enemy in orbit."

The Chief knew full well what Cortana had done. Every deck had been decompressed and most of the crew would have been sent out into space to die. First their blood would boil and the water within in them would turn to vapor in an instant. At which point the weakest portion of flesh would open up and allow the vapor to escape causing a nearly instant painful death. Not a great way to go out, even for the Covenant.

Three sudden booms could be heard from the cruiser. Cortana was now engaging the other Covenant ships in orbit above Earth. Three blazing blue torpedoes streaked for the nearest two Covenant ships. Both were frigate class charging up their weapons to glass the planet. However when the first torpedo hit its target the frigate was sent spinning to port. It hit the second ship there just as another torpedo hit it and was torn in two. The shields on the ship it had hit flickered and failed in time for it to be knocked out by the remaining plasma torpedo.

" Two down and seven to go. That is of course seven to go in orbit." Cortana said. A screen was then visible as to what Cortana was seeing. She was targeting the cruiser beneath them. The lateral lines on their cruiser built up a charge and fired outward and bent straight down and hit the cruiser. Its shields were damaged, shined silver, and cooled. Cortana however did not let up. Again she fired and let loose a plasma torpedo along with it. The plasma hit and took out the shields and the torpedo followed drilling a hole through the top of the craft sending bits of molten metal everywhere. Its orbit destabilized and it began to fall into Earth's gravity well.

Cortana went on like this for another five minutes taking out ship after ship. It was spectacular as the orbiters were blast into bits. All the Chief could do was watch as the Covenant fleet went into a panic as they were being hit by plasma. That panic was the window of opportunity for the UNSC. The battle in orbit was changing drastically from desperate for the human forces to a scramble to sort out what was happening for the Covenant. During the conflict a single Covenant cruiser that had it's weapons disabled entered the atmosphere in a desperate attempt for escape. Unfortunately Cortana was unable to target the ship before it had slipped into the Earth's atmosphere.