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Battle for Tectron: Chapter 1- A Helljumpers story part 1
Posted By: Helljumper<PittKlipse@aol.com>
Date: 15 December 2003, 5:53 AM

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This is my first Halo fanfic. I haven't played much of Halo, but what I did play caught my attention and my interest. My friend gave me the book Halo: First Strike. I read it and learned more about the plot. I searched the web for Halo fanfics and found this site. I read several and decided to write my own. I wanted to write about the realistic people of the UNSC instead of the superhuman Spartans. If my info isn't actuate please email me and let me know. Thank you.~ Helljumper~
1703 Hours (Military time). September 13th, 2553 (Military Calendar)/ The New Era bank in the town of Kingston on the planet Tectron in the Aureas star system.

Private Marcus Whitman leaned into the doorway and fired his MA5B assault rifle at the Covenant Grunt walking down the hallway. The little creature screamed as the bullets ripped through its flesh. It dropped dead. The Hell jumper unclipped a grenade from his belt, pulled the pin, and threw it down the hall. He leaned against the wall and listened at the explosion and the sound of screaming Grunts dieing in pain. He turned around and faced the rest of his team. Everyone in the room was dead except for his commanding officer Lt. Williams. The Lt. sat against the back of the room holding the plasma wound in his chest. Blood pour through his hands as the Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST) officer tried to fight death. Marcus slid across the room to his CO while keeping his rifle pointed at the doorway.
Lt. Williams started to gasp for air. It was clear that the plasma blast had probably punctured one or both of his lungs. He struggled for oxygen that his lungs could no longer hold. He stopped gasping and slipped into death's arms. The private looked around the room at the fourteen dead members of his platoon. He had served with these men for almost two years and it was a shame to see so many good men dead. Marcus looked at his dead CO as the Lt.'s hands relaxed from his chest and fell into his lap. The Hell jumper's officer ranks caught Marcus's eye. He reached forward and pulled the rank off and slid the gold bars into his pocket.
Before he had the luxury of grieving for his fallen comrades he heard the voices of Covenant Elites in the stairway down the hall. The ODST crouched his way over to the door and looked down the hall. It was empty except for dead bodies of Grunts. He thought to himself that it was not a good idea to stay in this room. The private stood up and put the butt of his M95A assault rifle to his shoulder, pointing it down the hallway. He stepped forward slowly and as quietly as he could. He reached a T intersection with a door on his left and one on his right. He stopped for a moment to listen.
The arm of blue colored Elite tossed a green glowing ball at the private from the end of the hallway. The ball arced and landed less than a meter away from the marine. Marcus's instincts took over as he relised that this as a plasma grenade. He broke through the door on his left into a room that was an office. In the center of the small room was a desk probably of an executive. The marine ran towards the desk and jumped. He slide across its smooth surface knocking off stacks of paper and landed on the other side as the grenade exploded turning the room a shade of green light that disappeared as quickly as it appeared.
Marcus sat up against the wall facing the desk. The space was tight, less than a meter. He pulled his rifle into his lap and took out the magazine. He put the half empty magazine into the ammo pouch on his equipment belt and replaced it with a full one. The ammo counter on his rifle now read 60. He knelt behind the desk with his rifle on top of the desk pointing at the doorway leading into the hallway. His pulse was racing and the adrenaline in his blood caused him to be ready for anything. The blue armored Elite walked down the hallway with its plasma pistol pointed down the hall towards the room of dead marines. It walked into Marcus's view and stopped. The young marine kept quiet hoping that it would just pass by him. If it didn't he was ready to end the alien's life.
The Elite motioned with its free arm for the rest of his unit to proceed forward. It turned to the open door on its right just to receive twenty bullets. The first twelve rounds impacted his shields and overloaded them. The last eight tore into the creature's body and penetrated vital organs. The force from the bullets knocked the alien into the wall and it slide down to the floor leaving green blood on the walls.
A grenade landed next to the dead Elite's body. Marcus slinged his rifle over his shoulder and ran towards the window on the right of the room. He knew he was on the first floor and that the window led to a driveway. He broke through the window shoulder first and landed on his side and round twice before stopping. The grenade he threw exploded followed by the moans and screams of the several Elites and Grunts he had just killed.
The marine didn't waste anytime on the ground. He sprinted to his feet and ran down the driveway away from the main street. The driveway was five meters wide and could hold up to four hover cars parked back to back. Lucky for him there weren't any cars here. At the end of the driveway was a ninety degree bend to the right leading to an alley. The ally ran behind several buildings on the town's main street. It was only a meter wide with doors on the marine's right every twenty meters or so. He stopped at the second to last door before the alley led to side street. He unslung his rifle and aimed it at the door. With his right leg he kicked the door open. It swung to the left, hit the wall and bounced back. Marcus moved in its way stopping the door and cleared the room with his rifle.
The building was once a restaurant. The inside was burned and destroyed by several plasma grenades. The Covenant forces had probably marched through the small town tossing grenades into the buildings to kill anyone hiding inside. The restaurant was divided into two dining rooms separated by a small wall that was three meters long and two meters high. On the right was a door probably leading into the kitchen. Marcus eased the door closed and locked the bolt on the top so it wouldn't swing open with the wind. He took a good look around the charred interior. Most of the furniture was destroyed except for a table against the dividing wall. He crawled under it and sat so that his back was against the main wall and that his body was hidden behind the dividing wall. He held the rifle in his lap and took out the magazine. He reached into his ammo pouch and took out the almost empty magazine he had used back at the bank. The ODST began taking out the bullets, and then proceeded to put them in the magazine he had had in his weapon. He slapped the almost full magazine back into the rifle. The ammo counter now read 58. He also had only one full magazine left.
The lack of ammo didn't make Marcus feel very safe. If he had only grabbed some magazines from the dead members of his platoon he would be better off. The marine removed his helmet and ran his hand over his UNSC Marine Corps. regulation haircut. He relaxed his muscles and allowed his body to return to homeostasis. The adrenaline had kept him going for the last 3 hours as he and his platoon tried to hold the bank from the Covenant. He hated wearing the M83 tactical helmet. He laid it next to him. The weight of his armor began to hurt his shoulders, legs and chest. To ease the pain, the Helljumper started unclipping the connecting armor plating on his chest and back. The armor was a light weight version of Titanium A. Incorporated in the armor was the battery and communication equipment that every marine carried. From personal experience, Marcus knew that the heavy armor did little to protect the marines from plasma fire. His platoon was a good example.
He unclipped all of his armor and laid it next to him. Sweat started to pour down his face from the high heat of the planet. Marcus unbuttoned his green combat blouse and took it off. Underneath it, he wore a matching green t-shirt with the letters ODST on it in black letters. He figured that if he was going to die, he would die comfortable. He rolled up the sleeves of his T-shirt revealing the tattoo on his right arm. It depicted a marine standing over the dead body of an Elite.
The lost of the twenty pounds of armor allowed Marcus to flex his muscles. When he had joined the UNSC Marine Corps he was kind of chubby but boot camp quickly changed that. His drill sergeants must have been impressed by his performance because they recommended him for ODST training. Another three months of training included urban warfare, parachuting from a Pelican, and how to repel Covenant boarding parties from UNSC ships.
Marcus reached into his right cargo pocket and pulled out his ODST black beret. He held it in his hand and massaged out all the creases in it. The beret contained the ODST emblem. It was a circle with two crossing swords and a parachute in the middle. He pulled the Lt ranks out of his pocket and held them in his hand. He wasn't sure why he had taken the gold bars from Lt. Williams. The marine pinned the ranks onto his beret the way that ODST officers do when they wear their dress uniforms and berets. The beret found itself on Marcus's head.
The room started to grow dark as night started to engulf the town. If he was going to get out of this town alive, he would wait until it was darker and then try and sneak through town. During his platoons combat briefing, he had noticed that there was a UNSC airfield about ten klicks north of the town. There was no way that he could make it to the airfield on foot before dawn. Because the planet Tectron was smaller than Earth, the days and nights were shorter.
He let out a sigh as he relaxed his body even more. He was tired and wished he was back aboard the UNSC carrier Twilight in orbit over the planet, sleeping in his bunk. His daydream was broken by the sound of gunfire raging in the main street. The marine emerged from under the table and looked out the front of the restaurant. Three marines ran pass the building that Marcus was hiding in. They stopped, knelt and fired several rounds down the street. Plasma fired was returned. The plasma landed around the marines melting the stone street with flashes of green light.