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Sergeant Vick: Part 3
Posted By: Helljumper<Pittklipse@aol.com>
Date: 26 April 2004, 4:56 PM

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      Warrant Officers Michael Jones and Carly Harrison sat on a purple cargo crate between their Pelican dropships. Jones held his M6D pistol his hands and turned it over examining it. He knew ever part of the pistol and was a good shot with it. All UNSC Pelican pilots were required to be qualified with the weapon. He had never had to fire the weapon in combat but felt confident that he could. Harrison's pistol was still in its holster on her pistol belt. Both carried three extra 12 round clips for their pistols.
      The two pilots were unaware of the situation that the Helljumpers were facing. They had heard the shotgun fire and the grenade that exploded. From their position behind a wall of Covenant cargo crates, they couldn't see much, but they were safe.
      Sergeant Vick appeared around the left side of the crate "wall" followed by Private Chisman. Both had their weapons pointing down at the deck and their fingers on the trigger. The Marine platoon sergeant walked up to the Warrant Officers and interrupted their conversation.
      Jones listened attentively as the Sergeant explained the situation. Things had clearly gone from bad to worst quickly. Here they were aboard an enemy cruiser infested with these alien creatures. First squad, along with the platoon leader, is KIA and a friendly is stuck somewhere unknown. He thought for a second that Vick would suggest that they evacuate the Covenant cruiser, but he was wrong. The fucking Helljumper wants to play hero and save this trapped Corporal. That's all good with me, if they die, Harrison and I'll will just fly out of this death trap and report what happened.Jones was shocked when the Sergeant ordered him to join the search and rescue team. This damn Sergeant has just given a Warrant Officer and order.
"Listen to me Sergeant, I'm a Warrant Officer in the United Nations Space Command's Navy. I do not take orders from you! And another thing, when you address me, you will use the honorific of sir." That will set that damn Leatherneck straight.
      Jones sized up the Marine. Vick was easily five inches taller and 30 pounds heavier. That extra weight came from larger muscles and a larger build. The pilot was taken by surprise when the ODST Sergeant stepped right up to him and grabbed the collar of his flight suit. Jones was pulled closer to Vick to the point that the two men were staring each other in the eye.
"Now you listen to me, sir! This is a combat operation and with the KIA of my El-tee, I am in charge of this operation. Now I have a man stuck some where on his fucking ship and you will assist in his rescue."
      All Jones could do was nod. Vick released him and the pilot stumbled off the cargo crate unto the deck. He stood up quickly. Vick turned to the chuckling Warrant Officer Carly Harrison.
"Ma'am, could you stay here with your dropship and make sure you'll be ready for immediate dustoff. If things get hairy, we'll have to leave at a moments notice... Please send a communiqué back to the Pontiac and inform the Captain of our situation and intended course of action."
"Sorry Sergeant, we already tried sending a message. Something in this vessel is blocking our signal."
"Keep trying ma'am."

      Staff Sergeant Vick returned to his squad followed by a reluctant Warrant Officer Jones and Private Chisman. Once he arrived, he met up with Corporal Powell, leader of Fire Team Delta. The men knelt in a circle to plan out their next step. Vick's COM clicked twice getting his attention and he heard the voice of Lance Corporal Singer.
"Singer to second squad, over,"
"Roger Corporal, second squad here."
"Sarge, I got some intel from my prisoner..."
      The whole squad listened as the wounded Marine from first squad repeated what the Grunt had told him. These things were called the Flood. They came in three basic forms: infection, combat, and carrier. Vick concluded that Billy had been turned into a combat form and that the little squid like things that crawled around outside the docking bay doors were infection forms. They hadn't seen the carrier forms yet and hoped that they wouldn't. According to the Covie, the ship was infested when they picked up a dropship from some planet. The Ship Master lost contact with the soldiers in the docking bay and then other areas of the cruiser. He ordered a search and destroy unit to secure the docking bay and surround area. They too were no longer heard from. The Assistant Ship Master led another unit to the docking bay. After the initial contact with the enemy they retreated to a near by supply bay. The Grunt worked on the bridge and listened to the communications and believes that the rest of the Covenant are holding up in the supply bay. The bridge was taken by the Flood and the Ship Master was killed. The Grunt made it out the battle and hid in this small storage room.