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ODST Lead the Way Chapter 1
Posted By: Helljumper<PittKlipse@aol.com>
Date: 28 February 2004, 2:52 AM

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I'm taking a break from my series Battle for Tectron. Sorry to all of you guys that wanted to see where it is going. This college thing is taking up a lot of my time so I haven't been able to write like I would want to. I'm bringing the same kinda flavor as with my last series, character insight and development. This one is gonna be short, only a few chapters, but should be good, I hope. I'm just winging it, I don't really have a plan for how its gonna go. Comments are appreciated as you know.

0230 Hours (Military time). January 25th (Military Calendar)/ UNSC Destroyer Pittsburgh in orbit of the planet Venix in the Nubus star system.

      Lieutenant Kris Davis woke to the sound of his alarm clock. His eyes strained to adjust to the darkness. They landed on the small clock emitting three red numbers on the metal wall opposite his bed. He read the numbers. 2:30 am. His brain clicked in and rushed the memory of why he was waking up so damn early. "Lights on," moments later the ceiling lights flickered on. The Lt. ran his hand over his face, twisted his torso and threw his legs over the side of his bunk. He leaned forward and made contact with the floor. It was cold to his naked feet but he put the feeling aside.

      Davis took the moment to reflect on the mission at hand. He had ten minutes to get dressed, meet his platoon sergeant, and awaken his men. It seemed simple enough, for now. His head turned to face his combat gear and battle fatigues laid out inside his wall locker. He stood up, but his body pleaded for him to go back to sleep. Davis completed a series of stretches before walking over to the mirror hanging from his locker. He stared at himself, but couldn't recognize his face. This new face was hard, with several winkles. "I'm only twenty-five, I shouldn't look like this. He thought to himself before taking a step back.

      Gathering his thoughts he set to the task of dressing himself. The color of the uniform confused him. It didn't contain camouflage patterns, and it wasn't a solid military green. Instead it was more of a grayish green with the brown M62 battle armor. He laughed at the title, battle armor. It did little to stop a plasma bolt, but the Corp still required every marine to wear it. Davis clipped on the various parts of the armor. Last, he put on his matching grayish green cap. On the front contained his Lieutenant ranks in black.

      After his black ODST jump boots, Davis stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. Seeing everything was up to expectation he reached into the locker and produced the M71 tactical helmet-mounted display (HMD). The small, transparent green glass was connected to his cap. He folded it down so that it was aligned completely with his right eye. Blinking a few times, the marine's right eye adjusted to seeing everything as green.

      Davis equipped his M6D pistol to his right thigh, the way that only Helljumpers are allowed to the wear the weapon. He pulled the pistol from its holster and pulled back the bolt loading a round into the chamber and released. The top of the gun slammed forward covering the once exposed barrel. It found itself back into its holster. The Helljumper pulled his MA5B assault rifle from the wall locker. Pressing a small button on the weapon activated his HMD. A self check list scrolled across the green glass and quickly disappeared. A crosshair appeared on the HMD. Davis moved the rifle in a circle and watched as the crosshair moved in unison with the rifle. It amazed him how the two pieces of equipment worked well together. The HMD eliminated the need for sights on the rifle and gave the view from a small camera mounted below the barrel. The AR was slung over Davis's shoulder.

      Last but not least, the Lt. pulled out a plasma pistol from the locker. He examined it remembering that he had collected the alien weapon from the body of a dead Grunt he'd killed on his last mission. Davis stuffed the weapon in his left cargo pocket.

      The elevator door closed and shook slightly before it began its decent. Lt. Davis shrugged his shoulders trying to adjust to the weight of his full combat gear. The elevator came to a halt on floor B-17. The large doors opened revealing a long hallway with doors embedded every twenty meters or so. Down the hall, Davis could make out the silhouette of a body. He knew who it was by the way the person was standing. The Lt. walked the distance between the elevator and Sergeant First Class Moreland quickly. The platoon sergeant gave Davis a quick, informal salute which the Lt. returned. "You ready to do this sir?" David nodded. "I guess, I'll wake first squad and you can do second squad." Moreland replied.