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Wrong or Right Part 2:Insertion
Posted By: Harley<kud321@Rock.com>
Date: 5 February 2003, 6:11 pm

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The following day right before the sun was showing the marines got up from their bunkers and gathered their equipment and got dressed, they got into line for roll call.
"Private Derek Lewis."
"Private John Combs."
"And last death."
As the three waited for the Pelican to pick them up, Sergeant went over the briefing once more.
"If you encounter any covenant or any other thing eliminate them, don't screw around, understand me marines."
"SIR YES SIR." The marines yelled out.
"Just get in there and recover the documents and get out."
As sergeant said this the Pelican flew over a hill with the sun gleaming off the window intentionally blinding, the Pelican circled the area and landed a few yards away from the standing marines.
Sergeant yelled over the loud engines.
"Ok once more just in and out no questions."
"You will be carrying Pistols."
The marines picked up their pistols and loaded onto the Pelican.
"Now good luck marines." Said sergeant while saluting the others saluted back.
The Pelican lifted up, and while onboard the marines were talking amongst themselves, suddenly the Comm. came on.
"I'm going to insert you guys into a mountain range theirs a small field were I can set you down without being detected, I think you know where to go after that."
"Yes." Death said.
Derek lent over towards Death, while rubbing the back of his head.
"Sir, exactly what do the covenant want with these documents they have enough weapons for themselves."
"Yes I know, the Captain told me that he's very suspicious about this he thinks that the covenant didn't take the documents."
"Ah I see."
About 2 hours later the Pelican entered a mountain area. The Pilot had to stay low so he zipped in and out through the mountains so he wouldn't get detected, the Pelican was very maneuverable so it didn't have much trouble getting through, just ahead their was a Field right in the middle of this mountain range. The Comm. came back on.
"Sir this is where I'll drop you off, and I'll hide this warthog about 1 mile south of here."
Death and his men all knelt down in the tall grass.
"Ok let's go."
Him and his men jogged toward a mountain, there was a path going straight through the mountain so it looked like a canyon. The marines went and took the path, without Death even turning around he told his men.
"We don't have any cloaking devices so I'm hoping this place isn't filled with covenant or anything else, but you still need to watch yourselves they will call for reinforcements."
The three had been walking for well over 20 minutes, and was inturupted by a weird looking creature the men saw it looked like a half hog half lizard creature.
"What is that thing."? John whispered out, by this time the creature looked towards the kneeling marines.
"Well we know it has good hearing." Death said giggling.
The creature lowered its head and charged straight toward death.
"Ok don't fire your weapon just use your knife."
Derek about five feet behind Death took out his knife and got ready. Death jumped up into the air and the creature tried to turn around but was met with a knife in it's back the creature let out a great scream.
"Shut that thing up." Death said.
I'm on it." John jumped on the creatures back wrapping his arms around the creature's head and neck. Snap! The creature fell to the ground blood running into the dirt John pulled the knife out of the creatures back.
"That thing almost gave us away."
Death took the creature and hid it in some bushes, and covered the blood with dirt.
"What's that for?" Derek asked.
"So no one knew we were here."
The marines proceeded through the small canyon. John whispered out.
"It's quite."
"What did you expect? it's the mountains." Said Derek looking back seeing John shrug his shoulders, and a smirk on his face. Death interrupted.
"Alright shouldn't be too far from now."
"It should be over that hill."
The marines looked ahead and saw a hill reaching to the sky about 200 ft.
"Oh Great more hills to climb." Derek said.
"It shouldn't be that hard." Death said laughing.
"Easy for you too say."
The marines stopped for a second to get a drink and headed for the hill, minutes later they made it to the top.
"Get down." Whispered Death.
"See that building over there."
"That's where we need to go." Pointing to a building looking cave with hieroglyphics on the entrance.
"Alright were going in."
The marines all got up and headed for the cave.

(Part 3 coming soon)