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Wrong or Right
Posted By: Harley<kud321@Rock.com>
Date: 28 January 2003, 2:58 am

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"You stole my money you SOB" as the marine threw down his plate and got up.
"So what are you going to do about It."?
"I'm going to kick your ass."
"Bring it" as another marine walked up to the other, the marine threw a punch but missed, the other knelt down and upper cutted him in the chin the marine fell back. Some of the other marines were trying to break up the fight but wasn't successful. As the fight progressed Captain James Peterson walked in with two other men. John West and George Farley. Everyone in the cafeteria stood up and saluted.
"Officer on deck" one of the marines said.
The two fighting marines stopped and saluted along with the others, The Captain walked up to the two marines.
"What's going on here."
"Nothing sir just a minor problem nothing serious sir."
"Well don't let that small problem get out of hand."
"Yes sir." The two marines saluted again and sat back down.
The Captain and the two other officers walked out.
"Sir that's the fifth time this week those two have fought."
"Yes I know."
The Captain walked the opposite way and headed towards his office, when he opened the door to his surprise the documents he left on the table were gone.
"Damn it" he thought.
He searched through his desk but found nothing; he ran up to the security office and talked to the head security.
"The documents are stolen."
"What again."
"But we had camera's in that area." As he said that the Captain looked.
"Your kidding right."
"But what does the covenant want with those documents they can't read our language."
"I know and I'm starting to suspect something."
James walks out the security room and shortly after meets up with John West.
"John I need you to go out and find the two best marines you can get, and I'll call for a Spartan nicknames himself death." The Captain ordered.
"What's wrong"?
"No questions go find those marines like I ordered."
"Yes sir"
John saluted and walked off; he went through a couple of doors and meet up with a marine
"Ah just who I was looking for."
"Umm. I need to put my sniper rifle up"
"No time come with me the Captain wants to see you"
"Yes sir."
The two of them headed towards the Captains office and was meet up with another marines.
"Come with me"
They all started to walk again towards the Captains office again John opened the door.
"Sir I got them"
"Good come in sit, while I call for the Spartan."
The Captain pressed a few buttons on his communicator/
"Death I need you here ASAP."
"Almost done."
The Captain could hear faint explosions in the background and screaming Grunts and Elites.
"Gotcha trying to runaway not going to happen." The Spartan blurted out, the Captain said the Spartan's name again.
"Sorry about that sir, what did you need"?
"I need you down here."
"Yes sir, be there in about an hour over and out."
The Captain turned his comm. off and looked towards the two marines.
"What are your names."?
"Private first class Derek Lewis Sniper/Hacker."
"Private first class John Combs rifleman"
"Alright sergeant will tell you the rest." As he said this sarge walked in.
"Just in time sarge take these two down to the briefing room and tell them their mission.
"Yes sir."
The three walked out and down a lonely hallway into a red lighted room
"Sit down men."
The two sat down in front of a hologram that just showed numbers and locations.
Before the Sarge could speak the Spartan walked in
"Sorry I'm late."
"No not at all sir please sit down."
"Ok I'm going to make this plain and simple the Captain ordered me to tell you he is missing some documents"
"What kind sir." Derek said.
"Death will tell you that, and tomorrow you will be woken up at dawn a Pelican will be waiting outside to drop you off understood."
The three stood up and saluted
"Yes sir"

<part 2 of wrong or right coming soon>