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The Encounter part two: Trouble at the base
Posted By: Harley<kud321@Rock.com>
Date: 26 December 2002, 11:19 pm

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      As the Pelican flew over the land the crew looked out of the cargo bay in disappointment due to this because they have just lost a good marine but not only that they lost a good friend. As the marines were looking out the back of the cargo bay the comm. Radio came on

"We are entering the base in ten minutes"
Sergeant told the pilot what him and his men saw during the battle to see if he knew anything.
"I heard that people call them flood"

"Why is that"?

"When they fight they fight in large numbers and they look like a flood of people just nastier"
Sarge turned his head thinking
"We are entering the base in five minutes."
       The marines sat there telling stories and jokes they were happy they left,
Up ahead the pilot saw the base
"We are entering the base"

"Good" the marines cheered
The Pelican hovered over the ground as the marines jumped out, they all walked up to the Cafeteria, one marine said
"God I'm starving"
Once they got their food they all sat at a table.
Captain Harold walked up to the marines they all stood up and saluted the captain
"Sergeant I need to talk to you"

"Yes sir"

"What happened out there"?

"Well sir we saw these things the pilot that picked us up called them flood, we lost Jenkins"

"Sorry about the lost"
As sergeant saluted Captain Harold and sat back down to finish his plate Captain walked up to the pilot and gave him another mission
"Pilot my orders for you are go back to the place where you picked up those marines and scan the area for any remaining enemy's, I will give you some men to help you out"
"Yes sir" the pilot saluted and got ready for lift off

       Captain went out to pick some marines to help the pilot in his mission.
The Captain picked about three marines Private Wilkins, Private David, and Private Dale.
       "I want you three to go and help the pilot scan the area for any remaining enemy's

"Yes sir" the marines saluted the captain and jogged off and grabbed their weapons, they all jumped on the Pelican
"Ready" one of the marines said and the Pelican lifted into the air and speed off.
       Inside the pelican the three marines sat there telling each other stories and saying what they were going to see once they get there.
      "Are we there yet" sat David impatiently

"10 minutes sir"

"I want to get some can of whoop-ass on those bastards" said Wilkins grouchily

"We all do don't worry" said Dale
Over the comm. The pilot said
"Entering LZ right now" As the Pelican descended David said

"Get ready marines"

"Yes sir"
As the Pelican hovered over the land dust blowing everywhere the marines all jumped out holding their weapons in battle ready for any enemy to come and fight.
      The Pilot told David that he was going to go and check another area while they check this area
       Back at base, Captain Harold was at his desk looking over some Covenant papers his men retreated from a base. Nighttime broke out and the marines were getting ready for a rest. The Captain came out of his bunker thinking about the marines he assembled
"they've have been gone longer than I expected" the Captain thought in his head.
As the Captain looked towards the east he started to see a flying figure in the sky as it got closer it resembled a Pelican but something was wrong it wouldn't slow down and it was going at an angle straight for the base.
"Sound the siren" he told one of the men in the watchtower
As the men scrabbled out of their bunkers the men saw the Pelican the ones that were in the way tried to get out of the way but it was to late the Pelican crashed right into them the Captain could hear their screams just for a brief second. The Pelican slide for more than two hundred feet with ashes and fire bursting out everywhere one marine int eh path of a flying fireball caught fire the marine screamed
The Captain looked across the base to see the flaming marine and his comrades try and help put the flames out, one last scream came out of the marine before falling to the ground.
"Damn it" one of the marines said bowing his head.
      The following day the wreckage and flames settled down the marines were helping clean, to their surprise the pilot of the Pelican was a flood and they found the charcoaled marines they loaded the dead marines out on the land beside the Pelican.
As the day progressed and the wreckage was getting cleaner. Every one started to hear a rumble in the distance Captain Harold pulled out his binoculars and looked over a hill
And a figure came running over the hill the Captain yelled "it's the flood get ready"
And not far behind the flood was even more flood all the marines ran to get their weapons, the captain estimated about one hundred floods.
       The marines ran up in front of the hill the Captain told them to open fire and a rain of bullets flew over the land, the marines in the middle threw grenades blowing some of the floods to pieces. A flood had a shotgun and ran up to Private Paul Hankim the flood fired at his head and blew a hole in his head the marine next to him yelled
"Shit" and blood from the marine sprayed all over him the marine took out a grenade and stuck it down the floods mouth he ran and dived as the flood stopped in his tracks and blew to bits.
       "What is our stats" the captain asked one of the people in the watchtowers

"Umm about forty left maybe sir and maybe thirty marines dead.
The Captain ran towards the battle a flood came behind him the Captain heard his footsteps and before the flood could hit him the Captain turned around and jumped backwards shooting the flood in the head blowing it off
"Nice shot sir" a marine not to far from him said
the captain ran up to the fallen flood and shot five more shots at it. As the battle raged on marines and flood falling left and right blood and body parts flying everywhere, then suddenly a couple of longswords came over a mountain, Captain this is Lt. Charlie Shamble heard you were in trouble"

"Good thank you" the captain said. The longswords started to swoop in and kill the flood, one of the flood had a rocket launcher a pilot of one of the longsword was going to kill him Lt. Charlie came over the pilots radio.
"GET OUTTA THERE" he yelled

"I'll get him" the pilot told Lt.

"PULL OUT PULL OUT." But it was to late the flood had shot the rocket

"Oh crap" the pilot said and before he could react the rocket made contact with the longsword and it flew over the battle and slammed right into a hill.
"Damnit" Charlie said and the marines killed the remaining flood.
The Captain thought in his head this is the worst battle we have ever fought and he went to his bunker and sat down.