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The Encounter Part 1:Puzzled Marines
Posted By: Harley<kud321@Rock.com>
Date: 5 December 2002, 2:01 am

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    As Sergeant Charles and his crew, private Jenkins A. (sniper/recon), private Robert J. (strategist/hacker), and finally private John D. (driver/demolitions), were setting up camp for tonight. After they took out a small Covenant camp so they deserved the rest, but Sergeant made Robert be look out for any trouble.

    "Yes sir" he said saluted and walked off. As the three took a nap Robert stood under a tree gazing into the star lighted sky dreaming of how he would love to be back home, he sat there for about another thirty minutes and started to hear gun fire, he ran over and woke up the crew he said "listen," they all sat up and heard the same thing.

    Sergeant said "were going to check it out," "yes sir" the crew said. They all grabbed there guns and went off up on a hill behind some rocks and knelt down, as lightning bolts of plasma and gun fire went over there heads they all thought it was a group of marines in trouble but to make this true sergeant told Jenkins to look through his scope "ok sir" he said quietly.

    He looked through his scope and saw that it was not marines Jenkins didn't know what these things were, they looked like zombies he told sergeant "what do you mean" he said. Well look sir he grabbed the sniper rifle out of Jenkins hands and looked through the scope, He backed away a little and said "what the hell." He gave the sniper rifle back to Jenkins in a puzzled way.

    Sergeant told everyone get into battle ready position, he told Jenkins to snipe a couple "yes sir" said Jenkins. He sat up a little and looked through his scope and fired straight into the head of one of the zombie creatures the bullet trailed right through not even making the creature flinch "what the," "what is it" sergeant said. Well sir it went right trough not even a scratch." "Well we know these things aren't normal" said John.

    The closes zombie creature was looking around panning the area trying to find who fired the shot, suddenly the creature saw the band of marines kneeling behind some rocks on the ridge. There was probley more than ten of these things then all the zombie creatures turned toward the marines and ran right for them, "GET READY" yelled Sargeant Charles, all of the zombie creatures jumped real high the marines were amused by the height of their leap.

    Charles told everyone to fire and out came a burst of raining bullets hitting their targets, these things were harder to kill it took more bullets than they had to use on the covenant, but the fighting still commenced. Then out of nowhere one of the creatures came behind John and slapped him in the back of the head, John screamed in pain and fell to the ground blood was running from his head all over the ground. "GO CHECK IF HE'S ALRIGHT ROBERT" yelled Charles, "yes sir," Robert ran over to the fallen marine to see if he was breathing, he was breathing just fine Robert ran back to Charles and told him he was just knocked out.

    Suddenly one of the creatures had a M6D pistol and shot one bullet, it headed straight for Jenkins the bullet hit him straight in the head blood busted out everywhere killing him instantly, the marine fell back with a horrible expression. "NO!" John yelled running towards the dead marine, he set the marine down and in a beserk way killed the remaining creatures blow their limbs off left and right.

    The fought ended with the marines still standing and after awhile the knocked out marine awoke and sat up holding his head trying to focus, Robert told John that Jenkins was shot "What" yelled John "Yes its true." As the marines walked towards the dead marine all bowed there heads in a moment of silence and spoke their words, they all saluted to show respect for the marine.
    They all walked away and they started to hear a plane come by, to their surprise it was a pelican they were all happy that they were leaving and they all got on and flew away.