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Wrong or right part 6
Posted By: harley<kud321@rock.com>
Date: 30 July 2003, 9:10 AM

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      The Pelican flew for great miles nothing really happened just a couple of marines reading, looking, laughing amongst themselves, and some listening too music.
Suddenly the Communications radio came on.
"All marines we got multiple enemy contact, I repeat 5 Covenant Banshees moving towards our direction get ready."
"You heard him, get your straps on." Sargeant ordered them.
      The mounted gun under the Pelican shot off rapid rounds, it shook the Pelican the bullets rained on the banshees, they all swerved to avoid, one wasn't so lucky and got a direct hit. The banshee smoked and started its decent toward the ground and blew up. The other four shot back hitting the wing of the Pelican and skimming the top.       The marines inside could here the sizzling.
The Pelican shot straight toward the ground for a maneuver when it was about 40 feet from the ground it shot straight back up the banshees not far behind shooting multiple rounds and making maneuvers themselves.
"Holy crap were going to die."
"Shut that tone off marine; why don't you stop thinking negative."
      A big boom came from behind the Pelican and plasma was starting too be seen coming from the outside it started to drip off the top towards the floor, one marine wasn't so lucky and got his leg burnt from a flying plasma drop he screamed in anguish as the plasma burned his skin and it started too burn even deeper.
      The pilot was trying his hardest too out maneuver the Banshees but it wasn't enough, the pilot knew the Pelican wouldn't take anymore so he had too call in for back up.
"All UNSC personal respond I'm taking heavy fire from multiple Covenant Banshees and need assistants, repeat I'm being gunned down by multiple Banshees and need help now!"
      All the marines were trying too help the wounded man but the Pelican was moving too much. (But what could you do when 4 Banshees are chasing you.) Another boom came from behind the Pelican again.
"We've been hit again damn." One marine cried out.
The Pilot came back over the Comm.
"I'm going too have too set this bird down she won't take anymore of those hits."
In the distance a roar of engines could be heard it was seven long swords coming in at a triangle formation towards the banshees, all the Banshees tore from the Pelican and started too attack the long swords, they both fired at each other.
      Explosions started too rattle the air and gunfire streamed across the sky. As fast as the fighting begun it ended with 5 long swords left and no Banshees.
"Alright well since that's over I'm going too set this thing down its going too be bumpy so hold on." Said the Pilot to the crew.
      The Pelican started its decent towards the ground it shook violently and chunks fell off, the hatch was practically melted down too where you can see outside.
The Pelican hit the ground with tremendous force: They had landed by a giant lake.
      Death was thrown from the back through the hole that was on the hatch door along with a couple of others, as Death rose a group of men were walking around trying too regain their composure, when he looked around a sharp pain came from his right arm he grabbed it slightly; it was broke.
      A couple of men jogged towards him.
"Sir are you alright?"
"A little my arm is badly broke and I'm a little stirred up but other than that I'm okay I guess."
"Okay we got some clothe too hold up your arm while we get a hold of someone."
"Bad news all the electronics are dead they took a real beating when we crashed." A marine said.
"Well damn it. All right I guess we hike the rest of the way." The marine working on Deaths arm said.
      Sarge walked from the back of the Pelican with his gun prompt on his shoulder.
"Okay men lets get going grab whatever you can and lets get the hell out of here before any covie come."
"Yes sir." The men replied then they ran over too the back and around too gather equipment.
Death stood up and walked towards Sargeant.
"So how many we lose this time?"
"Three: One thrown out the back, the wounded man we had found back where the bodies were, and the Pilot."
Death shook his head and walked off ready too move and get out and back too the base.
      After minutes had passed all the men were ready so the sarge gave them the order and they all walked. It was starting too get dark and they couldn't turn on their lights for fear of any covenant patrols and whatever else was out there, so they tried their hardest too follow whatever they could.
       They finally reached the wood line and entered.
They had traveled quite awhile suddenly they heard gunfire and saw flashes over a hill They lowered themselves.
      They heard something behind them they all laid down and saw a group of covenant run past them over the hill. When it was clear they moved too the top of the hill and looked out towards the firefight they were astounded at what they had found.
(To be continued...)