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Posted By: harley<kud321@rock.com>
Date: 13 July 2003, 8:46 AM

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"GET DOWN, MOVE YOUR ASS UP THERE AND YOU SIX TAKE THOSE FLANKS OUT, AND DOES ANYONE HAVE A DAMN ROCKET? FOR GOD SAKES WERE GETTING OUR ASSESS KILLED OUT HERE." Sargeant Gene Schmidt yelled out over the loud explosions and gunfire that plagued that area of the city.

Human and Covenant screams could be heard throughout the burnt flaming city.

One marine cried out looking at the part where his leg use too be attached to his skin but all their was now was just hanging bloody flesh of tissue and bone.
"Medic help that man over there, try to put him in a good spot." Sargeant ordered.
"But sir would it matter, were going to die out here anyways."
"Just do it and get your ass over there double time, or ill fill you full of lead myself."
"Yes sir."

The Medic ran over behind a burnt car looking at plasma singe across the top he could feel the heat of the plasma blister his face, right when he came up close enough too the marine their was an Elite standing right over the wounded marine with his sword right at the marines throat.
"You humans have lost why can't you just give up and accept your fate." The Elite laughed an evil way."
"Blow me you bastard." The marine said with tears of pain flowing down his cheeks but he knew this was the end so he wouldn't have too worry, yes his comrades he had too leave behind but he didn't have to feel pain no more.

The Elite let out a great battle cry and chopped the marine's head off. The blood from the sword flew off and spattered onto a broken car window. The Medic who saw what happened grabbed a Plasma pistol, charged it up and let it fly through chard cars the bolt hit the Elite.

Before the Elite figured out what had happened it was too late the medic slung back his rifle and bashed the Elite in its face, bones cracked, and blood flew out its mouth, it's jaw hung loosely now the Elite was real confused it knelt there groaning, when the Elite looked back up the medic kicked him right in the jaw the Elite fell back and the marine stuck his rifle right in the Elites mouth and fired a four burst shot into Elites mouth blood, bone fragments, and tissue spattered all over behind the Elite and blood flew up and spattered the medic in the face. The medic looked down at the Elite blood oozed from the back of its head. "Not so... to... tough are you." The medic said trying to calm his nerves.

The medic sat up against a car he could hear his fellow marines cries throughout the city he tried not to think about it but it was too much he couldn't get it out of his head he couldn't block the pain and torment that had plagued this battle.

There had to of been thousands of covenants walking along the streets. Everywhere you looked were squads of covenant slaughtering marines in their wake it seemed nothing could stop them. Bodies, body parts, and blood painted the area of the city there were thousands dead and still counting if you could count the countless dead.

"Sir can we please get the hell out of here we can hold this much longer there is too many." One marine yelled over his shoulder toward Sargeant.
"I'm trying my damnedest son but their doesn't seem to be any Pelican available at the moment so all we can do now is take cover and try and retreat until we can get one or back up would be good to. So all I can tell you now is hold tight and pray."
"Oh gods help us." The marine said shaking his head toward the sky.
Phantoms flew across the city streets ghost and wraiths hovered and fired their weapons killing many people scorpion tanks and warthogs fought the same way killing the covenant, that's all they could do sit there and fire their weapons.

A voice came on over Sergeant's radio.
"This is UNSC frigate Black boar. We have heard your requests for help and there is a squad of long sword fighters about two miles south of your position I can call them up for you and send them too help you out."
"That would help a lot thank you for the back up over and out. Alright marines get back we got help on the way and I think a lot of you should take cover this is going to be a lot of fireworks going on here shortly."

There was a slight cheer throughout the Battlefield and all the marines' spirits were raised. The marines started too back off and the sound of long swords could be heard Sargeant looked up and saw about ten of them fly over and bombard the street. The covenant scrabbled for their lives bodies flew covenant vehicles blew up and disintegrated. The loud cries of Covenant were louder than.
Covenant started too retreat.
"Sir look their running."
"Damn right they should be after those explosions. Well marines we won that Battle good job."

Cheers of joy rang loudly throughout the city but they knew this war was far from over.