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Wrong or Right part 5
Posted By: harley<kud321@rock.com>
Date: 20 June 2003, 5:09 AM

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The following morning Death walked into John's bunker, he just got done getting dressed. John stood up from the bed saluting.
"We got a mission, and I need you to come with us. Now lets go get Derek."
"Yes sir." John saluted again and followed Death out the door towards the direction of Derek's bunker. When they finally got there Death opened the door, Derek looked up from his book he was reading, he closed the book and slid it under his bunk, he knew exactly why they were there, so he got up and dressed into his armor and grabbed his
"Meet us in recall when you're done, we'll brief you guys when everyone gets there."
"Yes sir."
Death and John both walked out the door they casually walked to the middle where the pelicans were and saw at least ten men standing in rows. John fell into the line and Death walked and stood beside Sargeant, Sargeant saluted and Death returned the salute.
"Are we all here?" Sargeant asked.
"Not yet missing one more."
Derek ran and got into line.
"Now were all here." Death said.
"Alright lets get this started."
Sargeant pulled a clipboard that was held under is under arm and held it in front of him flipping between pages.
"Alright here's what's going on we got word that a covenant base was whipped out, but that's not it when a squad of our marines were infiltrating the base they were attacked by those armored things so we want you guys to go in and check for any clues and lets get those bodies a better burial, that is all. Now get going."
All the marines loaded onto two Pelicans Death jumped in last and the Pelicans rose up and flew off.
The Pelican had flown a good 2 hours; finally the communication radio came on.
"ETA. In fifteen."
"I hope we don't meet any covie there I'm in a good mood today and I don't want that too change not today." One marine said cleaning his rifle with a thin cloth.
Nervousness had always settled on the rides they got before a mission but this seemed different, not right, and everyone on board could see it in each other's eyes.
"Five minutes till LZ." The pilot said.
Derek turned his head toward Death.
"Are you nervous like the rest of us, since we can't see your expressions under your helmet."
"Yes I am you know were just like you we just don't express it physically because that would screw up a mission."
The comm. came back on once more.
"LZ in view ready for drop off." The pilot said.
"Alright you heard him let's go."
The Pelican slowed down and turned around and started to lower and stopped all the marines jumped out.
"Remember search the area and lets get these soldiers a proper burial and I'll call in for a couple of more Pelicans to get them out, and one more thing watch out for covenant patrollers they will more and likely be here getting there equipment back.
"Yes sir." The marines replied.
Everywhere you looked was blood, bodies and bunkers that were still on fire.
One marine walked up too Death and saluted.
"At ease. Yes what is it?"
"Doesn't it look like when these two were fighting something came by and whipped them both out."
"That's precisely what happened, now get going."
"Yes sir." The marine saluted and walked off.
Death picked out his communication radio from his pack and turned it on.
"Sir all there is; is dead bodies nothing left of this base or anything else I can't even find a gun and the marines have been stripped of their suits. This new enemy is just collecting everything they kill."
"Understood just get those bodies and call us back." Sargeant said.
"Yes sir." Death turned his radio off and put it back in his patch.
"These marines don't even got there dog tags." One marine said dragging a body.
Death walked up to the marine standing by the bodies.
"How many?"
"Eighteen and that might be all, yep that's all."
"Alright were done here I'll call in."
Suddenly a rustle in the bushes and a bloody marine fell out, everyone turned toward the marine leveling their rifles just in case, the marine was trying his hardest to breath three marines ran over and sat him against a rock, and Death ran over and knelt by him.
"What the hell happened?"
"Uh ahh my leg, things came out of the darkness they wore all black body suits and killed us all I tripped and was unconscious."
"Okay lets get this man an escort with the Pelicans. Oh yeah how long till they get here."
"Ten minutes now." One marine replied.
"Thank you."
Ten minutes passed and three Pelicans sat down all the marines loaded the bodies onto the two Pelicans when they got down they got a stretcher from one of the Pelican's cargo nets and set the wounded marine on top and laid him out across the floor of the Pelican while the marines were settling down inside it. When they were all settled down the Pelican flew off.
"Well I guess your day has been good so far Greg." A marine said smiling.