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Wrong or Right part 4
Posted By: harley<kud321@rock.com>
Date: 11 June 2003, 5:03 AM

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After about twenty minutes of talking Death emerged from the automatic doors with the captain right behind him.
"Alright Death now go get some sleep and tell John about his brother."
"Yes sir." Death said saluting.
Death turned around and went down the long corridor that led outside, once Death got outside he saw John on his left walking with his hands behind his head looking up into space. Death walked up behind him. It seemed John didn't notice him so Death tapped him on the shoulder, John rapidly turned around with his fists tightened up ready to fight.
"Oh crap its you, don't do that."
Death laughed.
"So what are you doing out here this late?" Death said looking at John.
"Just couldn't sleep."
"You now what death? Before I ever heard about the covenant wanting to destroy the human race I wanted to become an astronomer. But this came and so I volunteered and now I'm here."
"Well that's nice to hear." Death said looking up.
"Isn't life weird sir? You can never predict what will happen not a sec nor fifty years from now."
"Yes very true."
John turned toward Death with a slight smile on his face. Death bowed his head.
"Umm John?"
"Yes sir?"
"Never mind I'll tell you first thing tomorrow."
"Well alright, I'm going to sleep now."
"Yes same with me."
John stood straight as he could and saluted. Death returned his salute and they both walked off. Death took off his armor and lay down relieved that he can finally rest. He sat and put his legs on the bed and fell asleep.
A soldier on the northeast tower looked over his shoulder at the other soldier.
"Hey isn't this kind of eerie. I got a bad fee-" the soldier stopped talking to find his comrade fall to the floor blood oozing out his head, but before the soldier could react he was shot dead.
The following morning everyone rose from their slumber and wobbled out there cabins toward the Mess hall. A young man was running from the tower toward the captain.
"Sir" The man said saluting.
"Yes son what is it?"
"The men in the tower their dead. They were sniped."
"What? Well I'll think of something now move along marine."
"Yes sir." The man said saluting.
Death stood up from his bed put his armor back on; John walked in and greeted him with a salute.
"So what were you going to tell me before?"
"Ah yes, this will be very hard on you its about your brother. He was killed in a friendly fire accident. I'm sorry."
John lowered his head and let his arms hang by his side.
"It's alright things happen like this. This is war." John said slowly with tears rolling down his cheek hitting the ground. Death put his hand on John's shoulder.
"Don't worry I bet he was a good soldier and didn't give up on helping Earth and others." Death took his hand off John's shoulder and walked off.
"Lieutenant Walker I need too see you immediately." Captain said leant over his desk pushing a blue button.
He sat back in his chair relaxing his body taking the portrait from his desk of his family he looked at it hard, it was he and his family when he was thirty. That was the very same day that his family died going back to Elysium city. The captain heard the doors open and put his picture on his desk.
"Sir you wanted too see me?" Said a slim, fit man saluting.
"Good. I need you too assemble a squad, I will tell sergeant Washington further details." Captain said with his arms folded across his chest.
"Yes sir" Walker said.
"Your dismissed Sargeant."
"Aye sir" Walker said saluting and spun on his heels facing the doors before he could exit Captain said something.
"Sargeant do you have a family?"
"Yes I do sir. Why's this?" The man said with a puzzled expression.
"Ah just wondering I like too get to know my men better."
"Well okay. I got a beautiful wife, and a daughter. Thanks too that good Spartan John he saved all those people off of Sigma Octanus and I thank him with all my life."
"That is real good too hear, and I hope they'll both stay safe. But for now you are dismissed."
The Captain turned the comm. back on and spoke.
"Sargeant James Washington and Death I need you in the Captains office now."
The Captain sat there for a good five minutes before seeing the doors open. It was the Spartan.
"Oh good to see you. How have you been?"
"Good sir."
"Have a seat."
"I'm fine sir."
Captain shrugged and grabbed his cup from the desk and turned toward his coffee maker and took the kettle from the maker and poured himself some, he grabbed the steaming cup and took small sips from the cup, right at that point Sargeant walked in and saluted.
"Sorry took me so long sir, had to take care of some unfinished business." Said Sargeant Washington: A muscular short Hispanic man.
"Not at all Sargeant."
"Alright I brought you two here because I got a mission for you, I have gotten word yesterday that a Covenant base was ambushed while our men were fighting the Covenant, they were both killed during the assault by the same things that shot down that Pelican two weeks ago. We will start tomorrow 1200 hours on the point I already got one Sargeant assembling a squad, and ill get a Pilot he will drop you off two hundred kilometers southeast from the base. But don't lose focus when you get there their will more and likely be a Covenant search team there searching for materials, so be careful.
That is all you both are dismissed."
"Yes sir" both men said saluting which they turned and walked out the door.