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What Would Have Been- Part 1
Posted By: gwinnalex<gwinnalex@aol.com>
Date: 16 March 2003, 6:18 PM

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On Reach, the Spartans prepare for their mission on board the Pillar of Autumn. It is two days before the mission begins. We all know how the way this turns out. We know how the Covenant attack Reach, and one Spartan survives, leading to the destruction of Halo. But what if the Covenant hadn't attacked? This is that story.
It was the day before the plan was to begin. The Chief scoured his troops, they stood at attention in the presence of their leader. John 117 was followed by his the two that would take his place should he... fail to fulfill his duties. They were Sergeants Paul 098 and Peter 073. They looked with pride at the fine military machines that stood before them. They were very proud of them, as they were of themselves for being the top among them.
He stood in front of his assembled troops, they had been training all their lives for the next day. The mission was so top secret that only the three highest ranking among them had any prior knowledge of it. "Ok, you all know that you have been training for your whole lives, this preparation culminates tomorrow. Our mission is to board a Covenant Cruiser and learn the location of their home world or worlds," he paused a moment to let this sink into their stupefied faces. "The Cruiser is the Truth and Reconciliation. Tomorrow morning we will board the Pillar of Autumn, under Captain Jacob Keyes. The Autumn is a Halcyon class ship, so it is perfect for our covert operation, this also means that we will be kind of cramped for space, because of the crew and all the Marines. They will dock with the ship's bay number three after crew hours. We will enter the bay, and make our way through the ship, to the bridge, where Cortana will hack into their computers and find our information. Cortana will be uploaded into my armor."
Every face in that room wore a stunned expression, except for the three in the front. "Line up to receive your Pistol and Assault Rifle. Then get a good night's sleep," said the Chief, before retiring himself. He awoke the next morning with a strange feeling of dread. He shook this off, put on his battle suit, and appeared before his assembled troops. "Ok, in thirty minutes, we will be boarding the Pillar of Autumn. Peter 073 will be in charge of you in the troop section. There are thirty one of us, plus all the Marines, so you will be cramped for space. Paul 098 and myself will proceed to the bridge and wait with Captain Keyes Move out!" he commanded.
He boarded the ship while tech workers directed everyone to where they needed to go. He and Paul 098 followed one to the bridge where the met Captain Keyes. "It's been a while Chief," said Keyes, Cortana will be uploaded in to your battle suit. You need her to download the information. Protect her." Cortana appeared out of a control panel. "Hey, John, it's been too long. I am going to be uploaded into your suit, are you ready?" The Captain pulled Cortana out of the panel, and inserted her into the Master Chief's armor.
"Sir, we are coming up behind the Truth and Reconciliation, beginning docking procedure now," said one of the pilots. "Paul, we have to go to the troop area and get the Spartans," said John 117. They walked through the ship, until they came upon their men. "Men, there are hundreds of Covenant on that ship, and thirty one of us. I think they're in trouble! Move out!"
The cyborgs moved through the ship, until they came to the docking bay. The crew and Marines were assembled there, at attention. "God speed, Spartans," said the Captain. The Marines yelled, "Hoo-rah!" They entered the doors and found themselves inside the docking bay of a Covenant Cruiser. "The information we need is in the bridge," said Cortana, "I've uploaded a map of the ship into your battle suit's hard drive." "Then... this door," said the Chief. They walked through a door into a hall, where an Elite was walking away from them. Luke 465 raised his Pistol, but the Master Chief pushed it down. He ran up with his Assault Rifle and melee attacked it in the back of the head, killing it instantly.
As they turned a corner, a Grunt walked into them, he ran to the wall and sounded an alarm before they shot him. Several Elites ran into the hall and opened fire, not far after
them were the Jackals and Grunts. Even though they had the MJOLNIR armor, they did not know how long they could last. In the hall, only a small amount could fire at any given time.
To be continued...