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The Battle for Rackma VI: Finale
Posted By: gwinnalex<gwinnalex@aol.com>
Date: 15 March 2003, 1:19 AM

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As soon as the men stepped into the hall, plasma began to fly over their heads. An overcharged plasma bolt hit a Private in face, sending flesh, teeth, and blood flying in all directions. As a Corporal wiped blood from his face, six needles hit him in the neck. "Somebody get that Rocket Launcher! Take cover!" yelled Master Chief. Ted ran back into the empty room, and found the recently deceased demolitions man's Rocket Launcher. He ran back into the hall pulled the trigger, and fired. He killed half of the Covenant. "Sir, it's out of ammo!" he shouted to John 117.
A Private shouted that he had ammo, and Ted threw the Launcher to him. A Grunt saw this shot, completely annihilating it. "Grenades!" yelled Corporal Alex Schoop. They all threw fragmentation or plasma grenades. This easily eliminated the rest of enemies. "Ok, move out," commanded the Chief. Then, sounds like an earthquake came from around the corner. The Chief was the only one who knew what that meant. The hunter rounded the corner.
"What is that?!" yelled Alex. "Hunters. Aim for the orange flesh part on the back," said the Chief. As the Hunter rounded the corner, it already had it's fuel rod cannon charged. "Open fire!" yelled Ted. Next to him, another Corporal, First Class, was hit with the shot. It threw him backward into the wall of the corridor. Alex let loose a grenade. It knocked the Hunter off balance long enough for the Marines to unload salvos of fire into it's backside, bringing it down.
That brought them down to one Spartan and ten Marines. They ran farther down the corridor. They turned a corner and found a small passage. One Private took the lead. He moved slowly down the corridor, look up and around the whole time. Too bad he didn't look down. He fell over the trip wire, and grenades began to fly out of the walls. Only Corporals Alex Schoop and Ted McDoogle and John 117 managed to dive out of the way. They were showered with chunks of meat.
The three continued down the corridor, looking down as well as up. They jumped over four trip wires. "Ok, we're at the center of the structure, let's wait for the others," said the Chief as they entered a large room. They walked over to a metal table in the middle of the room. They sat and waited for five minutes. At that time a door began to flash. Finally, they all thought. They were about to ask what took so long, when the gold Elites ran through the door.
The humans and the cyborg dove behind the table. They fired like mad. An Elite went down, then the other one. Then they heard the roar of engines. Two Ghosts came out of the door. Ted threw a grenade, and a Ghost exploded. The other one drove around the table, and it winged Alex. The Chief took it out, but Alex was in a bad way.
The Chief felt his rib cage. He walked over to Ted and whispered, "His rib cage collapsed into his lungs. He probably has an hour to live." The news struck Ted dumb, he had already lost his brother on this God- forsaken piece of rock. To lose his new best friend... no, he couldn't think of it.
The Master Chief turned to Alex and said, "Your gonna be just..." before he got cut off. Schoop could barely speak, "Can... the... crap... I know... I'm... gonna die... capture the... island." Ted yelled "NO!!!!" and cradled Alex's head. "Good... bye..." as the life left his friend.
Ted could barely hold back the tears, he had lost friends before, but this one was different. He knew he was in the Core now. He knew that this was the life he had chosen.
It was then that Paul 098 and Charlie Perkins ran into the room. "Ok, there's four of us left. We need to finish eliminating the Covenant," said the Chief. They all ran through a door that neither group had come through. They ran though the hall until they came to a large group of Covenant. They took cover and began to fire. Ted fought with a passion, with a blood lust that he had never felt before.
"This on is for my brother!" he yelled as he killed an Elite. "This is for Alex!" as he struck down a Jackal. He continued to fire until he blew the leg off a Grunt. It began to crawl away, but Ted ran up and stood on it's stump. The Grunt curled up into a fetal position. It reminded Ted of a baby, he blew it's brains out. It was then Ted realized that he had changed for the worse. He could never go back to civilization.
While this sunk in, he was shot in stomach. He fell to the ground and watched as the others finished them off. They tried to lift him, but he declined. He knew that all the Covenant on the island were in this building, he knew that he had thermal charges. The others called for evac. He set the thermal charges. The last thing he saw was a blinding light, and he thought about if his sacrifice mattered.
The End