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The Battle for Rackma VI: Part 3
Posted By: gwinnalex<gwinnalex@aol.com>
Date: 12 March 2003, 11:27 PM

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When the seven Marines and two Spartans emerged from the forest, they surveyed the battlefield. Dug in in a ditch were what was left of the Marine forces. About fifty meters away, the Covenant were on top of, and in strategic positions around, the base which they had to capture. They made a run for the ditch, losing one man to an overcharged plasma bolt on the way. The remaining eight dove into a catch twenty two. In that ditch was Heaven, they could not be fired upon until they poked out their heads. There was also an Underworld. There were seven dead bodies, some scorched, some in multiple pieces. Ted was used to this, but a new recruit stood up to vomit, and was immediately cut down.
Ted was disgusted at this violence, but when he turned his head and saw the twenty eight other Marines fighting for their lives, he picked up his Assault Rifle and fired with a passion. He struck down an Elite, with the help of one other Marine. There were now three Jackals, two Grunts, and an Elite. The Grunts were easily dispatched, and the Jackals likewise. Paul 098 threw a Plasma Grenade, which hit the Elite in the face. The way in was now clear, but they all knew that the interior of the large structure would be heavily guarded.
"What now?" asked Sergeant Charlie Perkins. "Paul 098 will take fourteen Marines and sneak around the exterior of the structure," replied the Master Chief, "From there they will fight there way into the center of the building, where they will meet the rest of us, who will enter through that door." He pointed towards a shield door on the structure. "Ok, move out!"
Corporals and friends Ted McDoogle and Alex Schoop both went with the Master Chief. He had never met the rest of the Marines that went with them. "Panel on this door's broken," the Chief said. "I'll get it," a new Private said. He threw two grenades at the door. When the smoke cleared, they entered a large room.
At the far end, a light on a small door was blinking. They all knew what this meant. The Chief yelled, "Take cover, it's gonna be hot!" Everyone took cover behind several large pillars. They all waited with weapons drawn, slowly, ominously, the large door began to open. Ted moved forward next to the door to throw grenades. The sweat dripped from his forehead, it ran down his hands, he could not calm himself. He began to twitch. Suddenly, the gun dropped out of his hands!
It was at this moment, simultaneously, the Chief ran to him, and the doors slid open. All Ted could do was stare. He went for his Rifle, but it was too late. The yawning Grunt stepped through the door. The Marines were frozen. The Grunt looked up, in to the horror stricken face of Corporal McDoogle. They stared at each other for a moment, then they both went for their holsters, the Grunt was quicker. "Get down!" yelled someone from behind. Ted dove out of the way, just as the wall was painted with Grunt's brains.
"Well that was easy," said Ted. Just then a siren began to blare, and a red light began to flash. "Take cover!" the Chief commanded. They all dove back behind the pillars, as five Elites ran into the room. "They're mine!" yelled a demolitions expert. He fired his Rocket Launcher. The rocket managed to take out all but one Elite. It roared a roughly recognizable no. The demo expert felt the twenty needles enter his flesh. He had seen their explosive powers in action, and dove away from the other Marines just in time. As his limbs tore away from his torso, he knew the galaxy would be in good hands if all Marines were willing to give their lives for the cause.
"Open fire!" yelled Sergeant Perkins. Thirteen Assault Rifles and one Pistol fired at the Elite, and cut it down. Ted had done this dozens of times, but this one felt strangely different. He thought about how he always knew that he had to kill his enemy for his friends and family. For Earth. Then he realized that that Elite was fighting for his friends and family. For his home world. Ted shook this off, realizing that, if given the chance, that Elite would have slaughtered his friends and family. But still, would not he have done that to the Elite's loved ones...
"Ok, through the door, we have to meet Paul 098 and his men," said Corporal Alex Schoop. As he ran through that door, into the Covenant filled corridor, he wondered if this war had changed him in any permanent way.

To be continued...