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The Battle for Rackma VI
Posted By: gwinnalex<gwinnalex@aol.com>
Date: 11 March 2003, 2:16 AM

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Corporal Ted McDoogle turned away from Sergeant Charlie Perkins upon hearing the news. His brother couldn't be gone. He just wouldn't accept it. Their mother had been opposed to them joining the U. N. S. C. Marine Core. She thought that the Covenant threat would pass. She said to leave the vermin to the real Marines. Then, in 2126, when everyone knew that the Covenant wouldn't simply fade away, Ted and his brother snuck to an enlistment camp while their mother slept. They never saw her again, she died the next year. If only she was here now, he thought, she would see how wrong she was.
He thought about why lives had to be lost to recapture this seemingly worthless island on this God- forsaken ocean planet. If this bloodied island was all the inhabitable rock, why waste the lives of Marines to get it back.
While he pondered this query, the two Spartans sent in to help with the Rackma VI landings at this drop point, Sergeant Paul 098 and John 117, the Master Chief, fired at the advancing pair of Platoons and armored column. Sergeant Paul yelled, "If you're done with your tea party, kill something!" Ted knew they were right, and dove behind the metal table with the rest of Seventh and Eighth Squad.
He loaded his trusty Assault Rifle and Pistol and readied a slew of grenades. It was twelve Marines and two Spartans against all those Covenant. Ted picked off three Grunts, while the Spartans got four Elites. To his left, Private Perry Jenkins had become a charred tribute to the effectiveness of plasma as a weapon. Then an explosion rocked the area. From the way Private Jones's had become separate from his torso, Needlers were also very effective.
They all knew that to stand a chance, they would have to eliminate those Ghosts. "Grenades away!" The Chief yelled. There were ten men left, and ten grenades came over that table. The grenades exploded, and the gold Elite that was apparently leading the attack was no more. Only two of the four Ghosts were left. Ted's friend, Corporal Alex Schoop, managed to pick one off with a Rocket Launcher.
In all this mess, no-one noticed that Paul 098 had been gone for a long time. He snuck around the table, and dropped a box of Plasma Grenades. "When they are in combat," he said, "they don't keep an eye on their supplies." Ted grabbed one, and stuck it to a Grunt's face. The little Covenant immediately ran to two Elites for help, then all of them were gone. He turned his head in time to see a blue spot explode on the last Ghost.
There were now only three terrified Grunts left. The eight Marines and two Spartans advanced and easily dispatched them. "What now Chief?" asked Ted. "The drop ship's out of communication range," replied John, "Stock up with all the ammo and grenades you can carry. I assume you are all aware of the mission at hand, we have to capture the base at the center of the island. I've contacted all the other groups, they are moving towards it. We lost some time. That means we should be the last ones there. They are going to take defensive positions until we arrive, let's move out!"
In the distance, they could see a forest that surrounded the base. They moved up the beach, taking out the scattered Covenant forces. They soon reached the forest. "Cortana told me that there were several Covenant forts that we would have to take out," said John.
In the forest they soon came to a small Covenant scout patrol: three Grunts, two Jackals, led by two black Elites. They took cover behind a fallen log. Luckily for them, they did this entirely unnoticed. Paul threw a grenade, the Elites and a Jackal dove out of the way, the rest were not so lucky. An Elite threw a grenade, which struck Private. Bravely, he jumped over the log at the Elite who threw it just in time. He, unlike many Marines, had got his revenge.
Ted took out the Jackal, while John snuck around and melee attacked the Elite in the head. The first fort they came to was easily stormed and taken. They ran through the forest until they came to another scout patrol. This one was dispatched in the same manner as the first, but with no Marine deaths. The second and third forts were also taken easily. When the finally emerged from the forest, they saw all the other Marines fighting Covenant. "Hold on!" yelled the Chief, "They're gonna need some help!"

To be continued...