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Zero Script: The Untold War of Halo
Posted By: Guilty Spark<ruslan112003@yahoo.com>
Date: 8 February 2004, 5:13 PM

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Zero Script: The Untold War of Halo
''Oh YEAH BABY!!!'' One of the marines screamed. And a bunch of others to, the whole squad had been extracted from Halo. Keyes always had some sort of feeling the POA would get either attacked or destroyed. In this case, it was completely destroyed. So he had a back up ship, The ArtiAutumn. POA's younger brother, smaller, and pretty much can hold up that as many the POA can, just not exactly as weaponry. Master Chief was inside to, cleaning his rifle in his small bedroom. He never thought it'd end up to the destruction of the POA, and well, he's been feeling pretty bad over the past few weeks. Considering the owner of the Spartan program died, Dr.Halsey was her name. She did most of the work, or maybe she still was alive, marines made most of the rumors, mainly because she wasn't seen.

She picked the children for the Spartan program and led them to what they are now. Well, what they were. Except for Master Chief, the last Spartan alive. Cortana was still in his head, gathering data as she mostly does. The only thing MC was smiling about was his buddy Sarge was alive, and his shiny new rifle has been given to him. He really needs it, considering it had a scope. So why are we here , in AA? Well, theres something called ZeroScript, Cortana added. ''Me and Keyes have been talking about this for a while and well, ZeroScript is a program the Covenant have made, to discover how our technology works, and well, were and what we do. MC said calmly ''Earth''. Cortana replied ''Exactly, And all they need, is you dead. We've heard news from Keyes that there was a Spec Op Elite inside the POA, With Camouflage, attempting to kill Keyes.''.... MC sighed, he didn't exactly want to be working like this all his life... but hey, he thought to himself. This shiny new rifle can do some pretty nifty tricks.

End of Prolouge.

Chapter 1- Department

Master Chief awoke from his bunker, hading a headache made himself want to sleep more. He standed up and picked up his assault rifle. It was about 3:00 o'clock at night, and he didn't see shit, Opening the keypad door, he noticed a couple of marines down the hall chatting. He came closer and saw there jaws open and there body cut left to right. Cortana awoke '' Good morning... had a nice sleep?'' ''No, but look at this, two marines dead, and there blood is still oozing out, it looks like this happen maybe an hour ago.'' MC replied ''Jesus, maybe we should do a clean up of the area?'' Cortana replied in a scary way, MC shook his head and walked down to room 3--13. He knew pretty much all the keypads, with his trusty friend Cortana, he can open any key-pad locked door, especially in the AA. Once he entered, he saw so many things, pictures, a fish, Posters. Wow, Sarge was really artistic, he shoved him abit and then ''GOD DAMNIT MARINE YOUR NOT SUPPOSE TO BE.....Oh, Master Chief...

What can I help you with?'' He blushed. ''Follow me''... He showed Sarge the dead bodies, and it gave Sarge the creeps, those were his two favorite men, Shifty and Kiev, those were there nicknames as the people from the squad called them. MC and Sarge went both together to just check around the area, and saw nothing but almost a little green spec at the end of the hallway, hallways were long in the AA, and things had to be big in order to fit all the abandoned or harmed from the POA. Sarge and MC raised there weapons, and looked through the scope, and turned the night vision on. Indeed, it was a covenant elite, probably on a mission. '' Ok, Sarge. Go alert all marines, along with Keyes, we have Covenant in here.'' MC turned around and began watching the Elite, ''Hurry''. Sarge ran quickly but quietly down the hallway, alerting Keyes along with a few marines. '' What the hell are they doing here, on a recon mission of some sort?" Cortana feared this would happen...'' If they were on a recon mission, they wouldn't leave 2 marines dead, unless they want us to know they were hear, pretty sad that they left plasma on the floor, I don't think these are Spec Op elites, I think they're the ones we met back at HALO.'' MC crouched and kept crawling down the hallway, until he was perfectly behind the elite; he did a melee move and shook it down right on the floor. The great thing about MC's new armor was it could send messages over the net. He left a message saying he was departing to earth, once he entered the Department area, he saw ships all on top of earth glowing. He needed to get down there fast, or the Covenant will destroy the human race, as long as the Covenant are away from Earth, the people would have nothing to fear. He pushed the dark red panel, the department walls opened, ''What if you miss?'' Cortana added. '' I won't'' MC got of the wall and quickly was shooting himself down to Earth. Cortana was scared to death, and decided to leave Master Chief's view.
Chapter 2- Friendly Arrival
Master Chief landed on a Covenant Ship, it was hard to hang onto it, he quickly took a plasma sword he got from the Elite he killed, and opened a part of the ship. Sparks went flying, and MC quietly inserted himself into the ship. A small grunt was captaining the ship; inside the ship it was mostly purple. MC slowed went to the grunt, and the grunt made a sudden movement to look at the mirror, he saw MC's visor. He quickly stopped the ship and jumped out of chair ''DIE BASTARD!!!'' The grunt fiercely started shooting his plasma pistol, while the grunt was rapidly firing; MC dodged and found cover, until he realized the poor grunt had run out of battery power. ''PLEASE NO HUMAN!!!'' The grunt screamed, he saw dark green drops coming from its eyes, it was crying. MC felt guilty and tried to communicate to it.
''You help me, I help you''. The grunt knew what he wanted, a nice landing onto Earth. He turned the ship on and was zooming it down onto Earth. The grunt wiped his tears of his face and said 20 Minutes. Luckily MC had a program written into his helmet that allows him to hear Covenant language. MC nodded to the grunt and took a seat. This was the first time he actually cooperated with the enemy. The Covenant were mostly cruel, and did there own business. ''What the hell are you doing?'' Cortana asked, MC didn't reply, he knew she would understand, sometimes you need to work with the enemy, to get the answer. They were entering the atmosphere, and the ship was surviving it perfectly, no flaws. Until the back door opened, with an Elite. MC raised his pistol and aimed it on the Elites head. The Elite understood what was happening, and took a seat down. Damnit MC thought, what am I going to do when I land. The grunt went of the pilot chair, and put on a weird mask and some interesting clothes. Gaining near the window, the grunt broke it with his shoulder and jumped out of the ship. The Elite died from the coldness of the open window, it just froze his face, MC hanged onto a pole, knowing it will only be a couple more minutes until the safe landing.

Everything in the ship was shaking, and he saw the buttons on the control table popping out and leaving the ship. He still looked on the head window, and saw the AA. He noticed a few men looking down, and a couple of minutes later, they were gone. He entered Earth, he was in the skies, he let go of the pole and flew out. He pressed several buttons and the parachute ejected from his back. He was midway, and he could the streets of New Mombassa. A few marines were shooting turrets from warthogs celebrating that MC was here. Cortana congratulated him on the safe landing; his feet touched the ground and went up to the warthog. The marines also hopped in, ''ITS SHOWTIME BABY!!!!'' One of the marines screamed, and then, MC started driving, he needed to get to the secret Spartan area, where he would get his SMGs along with ammo and more breathing time for his helmet. The Covenant would be on Earth anytime, looking to find MC to use the program Zero Script, and learn more about our technology, and use the techniques we use. But what world has is hope, and it grew stronger. They arrived at the area, ''Wait here.'' Master Chief said, he dropped out of his seat and ran into the building, were Dr.Halsey was. He saw her, and went to the computer were she was working; MC tapped her on the shoulder. ''I'm busy god damnit, go back marine... Why I should... Master Chief? John? Oh it's great to see you, we're having a lot of trouble, the community is falling apart, citizens are attacking politicians , we got a few assassinations, its not looking good, I'm guessing you're here for your ammo and guns.'' Dr. Halsey stood up and picked a key, she shoved it in the whole and twisted it, which brought John to his 2 SMGs , ammo , and 2 frag grenades. '' It's not a lot but it sure as hell will get you some killing sprees , make sure you make the Covenant feel like this is a spleen carnival, those bastards need it. '' John shook his head. ''Thanks, I'll see you later.'' Dr. Halsey sighed and watched MC walk out the door. The marines outside were tired, and needed some sleep, MC let them take a brake for a while, and himself to.

Chapter 2- Unexpected Arrival

Master Chief woke up, he moaned a bit. He shook the other marines, they had a long day, ''Wake up.'', the two marines stood up. ''Lets rock, I'll take the gunner.'' The marine ran to the warthog and hoped in the Gunning position, while the other got into the passenger seat. ''Hey what's that '' the marine shouted. 3 dots of purple were heading to the Warthog. ''Get ready, looks like they sended in Shadows, take your aim!'' MC Shouted, he drove the warthog left, the plasma skinned the wheel, and began to twist on the ground. Master Chief put away his battle rifle and took out his pistol, driving the warthog with one hand, he unload 2 clips onto the Shadow, all the grunts were dead, and the vehicle smashed into another ghost. The marines were going crazy, shooting left and right. A hunter then shot his big ball of plasma, hitting under the warthog, making it flip four times in the air, both marines died. MC quickly went out of the warthog and dodged the hunter's melee, he shot his pistol right into the Hunter's back, and it fell onto the floor with orange blood oozing out of it. He saw a squad of marines heading his way, ''Hey Master Chief! Lets go, there a few miles down, here, we got a new vehicle for you, the ATV, you can ride it with on hand, and use the SMG or pistol with the other hand, it'll get us there faster. Lets go!'' Lt. Hogan quickly said, and ran back to his warthog. MC hopped on the ATV and drove it. Nice speed, and nice turning, he'd be there not time, he saw a couple of cracks on the ground near the marines who were driving. The cracks had a blue glow coming out of them, and then a bunch of blue plasma came out of the ground flipping the warthog in the air. Master Chief looked on top of the building near the crack, and saw something floating, and then it completely disappeared. Luckily the warthog landed, causing no marines to get hurt. Cortana added, ''what the hell was that?''. And no, it definitely wasn't buildings with floating thingies on them. Could it of been another species of the Covenant? Nah, probably not, MC thought to himself. He still kept looking for more, but right now he had to focus, his main task, to eliminate the covenant forces. '' Alright boys! This is it, we're here and you better load your rifles, cause we gonna be getting a hell lota fighting!!'' Lt. Hogan screamed, he was one of the badass marines, whenever he got the chance to go into the field he pretty much did. The marines went behind some bunkers and took cover behind cars, some marines brought turrets into old shops, MC took an elevator that brought him on top of a building, the Covenant bastards would be here any minute now, and who knows what they're bringing with them.

''Holy crap, I see two Covenant battle ships coming our way! Pretty big to, could be carrying Ghosts and Shadows, maybe some Red Elites to. Get your shitty ass guns together men, your gonna need them!'' The ship's plasma turrets didn't start shooting, a good reminder telling them not to silhouette themselves. The two ships dropped of Shadows and Ghosts, along with Grunts carrying Fuel Rod Cannons. Sagoona was leading the attack, a SpecOps Elite, looking around with his men, he didn't see anything. '' Where the hell are they, Oh well. Gives us time to find places. Ok! You Grunts hide behind those bunkers, I have a feeling those humans will be coming any minute now, I'm going to be sniping behind those trees, once they come, keep them busy enough. I'll snipe the ones who are hiding.'' Sagoona ran back into those trees, while the grunts did what they where told. MC took out his Battle Rifle and zoomed in on Sagoona. He shot him straight into the head, and he saw his shell flying into the air. Lt. Hogan stood up and began to fire his pistol, and took down 2 grunts with the Fuel Rod Cannons. He then ducked back down, and it was almost like a pattern of some sort, the other two marines stood up from there bunkers and shot. Killing another 3 grunts, and finally, three marines stood up from the cars, and began shooting in bursts at the Shadows, they blew up all 4. A grunt went running past Master Chief's view, ''AHHH, AMBUSHHH'', MC shot him up with a nice pistol shot to the leg, letting the marines finishing it off. A few marines ran out and taking the ghosts that still where able to control. The second Covenant ship came, and the two turrets began shooting at the ship like wildfire. The ship opened, while in mid air, Blue Elites fell down and started shooting there rifles at the marines. The turrets still were shooting at the ship, and it finally collapsed onto the ground, and then finally exploding. '' Alright boys! I see no more ships coming near us, we can head back to the Pelicans were me and Foehammer will drop you guys off, and well, myself to.'' Lt. Hogan began shooting in the air to signal that the squad is ready to go, one marine walked by a corner by himself, '' Hey guys, come check this out'', the marine showed his friends what happened to an innocent citizen, his head and nostrils were chopped of, '' I don't think it was a plasma sword.'', the three marines looked up onto of the building not only to see a big giant gorilla falling down onto them. ''What the hell is that thing!!'', the marines ran, and looked behind them, he kept getting closer. Master Chief looked at the gorilla-looking species, Cortana added that it was a Brute, a part of the Covenant species, fast as an elite, and strong as a hunter. MC aimed his Battle Rifle on it plasma gun, and shot it, soon the Brute's hand was missing, and finally the marines ran back to it and started meleeing it, and all the purple blood was oozing out of it.