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Warrior Eternal
Posted By: Gi'Tbad'Eovad'Dvan<9en3@qlink.queensu.ca>
Date: 20 May 2002, 5:45 pm

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There was a time when
I knew nothing of myself
I was a galactic nomad
Always searching, never finding
Until I located a small sphere on an outer arm
And I had no name

There was a time when
I slew the seven headed Hydra
I captured the Cerynean hind
I stole the golden apples of Hesperides
I slaughtered the centaur Nessus
And I was called Hercules

There was a time when
I fought to unite the Mongol tribes
I created my great armies
I conquered most of Asia
I raided Eastern Europe
And I was called Genghis Khan

There was a time when
I was a simple farm girl
I commanded the French soldiers
I slaughtered the English invaders
I was burned for heresy
And I was called Jeanne d'Arc

There was a time when
I rallied the Scotsmen
I massacred the English
I was horribly betrayed
I was drawn and quartered
And I was called William Wallace

There was a time when
Everything was from an old dream
I might have been the tenth
I assisted Roland's Blade
I butchered the slavers
And I was called the Marine

There was a time when
I held Cortana within me
I fought the Covenant
I battled the Flood
I destroyed the Ring World
And I was called Master Chief

Now I am wandering
Searching for another worthy
I scour the galaxy
On my endless quest
For a hero who needs to be
I am the Eternal Warrior