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Last stand part 3
Posted By: grylsy<grylsy@hotmail.com>
Date: 30 March 2003, 8:07 AM

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The sounds of the four Warthogs of Fire Team Bravo's engines were humming gently in the impressive valley as they sped across the plains at 129 km/p; well that is what your Warthog's speedo says anyway. "Now can you tell us what the hell we are doing here now, sir?" you ask First Sargeant Andersan, "scouting the area for enemy AA weapons, it seems a few of our recon picket were attack by AA weapons and we lost contact with them" replies Andersan. "Hey, stop!" yells Roger left hand pointing at the ridge were movement could clearly be seen, "does that look like a patrol, sir?" Andersan raises his binoculars and trains them on the movement on the hill, "yeah" he replies, "friend or foe?" you include in a worried voice continuing the Warthog's carnivorous speed across the valley and dodging a few old logs. "Steady, mate!" yells Roger struggling to re-balance after the last turn around the log, "why don't you drive then?!" you yell back at him, "keep you're eyes on those what ever they are, so what are they Sarge? Friend or foe?" "Friend" replies Andersan pointing to the Pelican barely noticeable in the distance, "good, we need to find out were the Covenant are, man I'm itchin' to get back at 'em!" Roger explains. "Go over to them, sir?" you ask Andersan bluntly, "yeah, Will, go over there" he replies.

With in a few minutes the four Warthog's arrive at the 8-man patrol of fire team Vector, the radio in the 'Hog crackles to life "all right, men, move low keep your guns up and secure the area around the Warthogs." "Nice to see you sir, welcome to the end of the world!" replied Corporal Sven Kilgower lowering his MA5B and pointing to his name so you and the other 11 men of the team would see. "Hey, man!" yelled one of the marines in your squad jumping out of the gunner's seat of one of the M12 LRVs and running over to one of the marines of the new squad and shaking his hand. "So what can we do to make your stay on this little planet more bearable, Sarge?" said Sven in a smart-ass tone, "kill the enemy" replied Andersan. "Any way what are you guys doing here?" you explain to the Vector fire team marines, "well PRIVATE, we are here doing the same thing as you searching for Covenant anti-matter AA missiles" replies Sven sounding pissed that he was talked to by a private that way. "Well get your boys in here Kilgower, just put two of your men in each 'Hog and they can sit in the back we'll just ditch the tents we won't need them" interrupts Andersan before a fist fight could start between the two marines.

In five minutes you and the squad with its 8 more men included in the ranks were speeding across the plains trying to save time by driving up stream and cutting between the hills as they were to rocky to drive over. The Warthogs all start sounding like real jeeps as their engines accelerate and produce more power, making it easy to climb up the river, nothing serious yet still slowing the Warthogs to a snail's pace of 12 km/p. "Boy can you control these things easily... ah er..." Said one of the marines trying to catch a glimpse of your name tag on your shoulder pad, noticing the old regiment number. "Shit, man the 235th man that was my old unit as well", pointing to his shoulder badge, "what squad?" you ask keeping an eye on the on coming path. "Alpha, but we got the shit kicked out of us by those damn spec op dudes, only one twelfth of the squad got away, what squad were you in?" continues the marine checking his SPNKr's breech for any sign of it becoming jammed, "Zulu, the reserves, but we were called up in the first few hours of fighting, and heard about the Alpha squad, real fire eaters!" You reply noticing the river ends in a few metres, "that's us, well we used to be" included Sven also pointing to the 235th Alpha squad badge on his hat, "any more of you guys around then?" you ask. "Nope me and Sven are the only ones here yet I think there are still a few of us in Fire team Charlie squad though, oh yeah the name is George, George Wells" said Wells, who was still checking the breech of his SPNKr. "Nice to meet you George".........

With a sudden BANG the rear Warthog was hit by a fuel rod gun blast yet it missed every thing it only caused a fist sized dint on the Warthog's titanium armour and then the source of the blast could be seen a group of grunts and Elites with one grunt with a Fuel Rod gun. The enemy who were on the left side of your Warthog scurrying around and firing heated plasma at the Scout group, "Die mother fucker!" You yell removing your M6D and firing at the group who were less than 50 metres away, one grunt falls over half of it's face blown of by one of the bullets, "way to go!" Yells Wells fixing his SPNKr's sights on the group and firing a deadly two-shell burst at the Covenant. BOOM, BOOM explodes the two 102mm shaped charges as they detonated on the ground under the aliens... " Hey I Guess they do fly!" yells a marine in one of the other LRVs firing his MA5B at the group another grunt of the remaining four falls over; dead. "There's only a few left, Will, drive up there and we'll chuck a few M-9s at them" yells Andersan over the din of his S2 sniper rifle and dispatches another alien. Everyone pulls the pin out of a M9 He-DP grenade and releases the spoon when the enemy were no less than 20 metres away, CLING ING ING rings the sound of the spoons being released. "Now" yells Andersan throwing his grenade first causing everyone to throw theirs, well except you and the other three drivers of the Warthog's who are busy driving the Warthogs, KABOOM explodes all the grenades as one causing extreme damage and killing all the Covenant in the blast radius. All the Warthogs' brakes screech to a halt even though they are on about 30 degrees angle facing up hill, about 5 metres from the top were the aliens were firing from...

WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH, are the sounds heard from your position as 3 AA anti-matter missiles rushed up into the sky hitting a Pelican Drop-ship coming to evacuate a group of marines a few hundred kilometres away. The pelican was hit it the rear causing damage to the rear, right hand side engine causing it to cough and splutter. The Pelican's flight was short lived as it lost altitude very quickly and crashed in to a hill, bright orange flames spewed from it's wreckage lighting up the hillside. "Hey those AA missiles are other there!" replied a Private Wallace Jenkins pointing over at the trails the missiles left behind after them, "no shit Sherlock!" Replied Sven in a sarcastic voice and checking his Assault rifle's clip. "Head over there, Will" said Andersan taking control of the situation and pointing out to a hill and signalling the other Warthogs to follow as the squad were on radio silence till they destroyed the battery of missiles. In a few minutes the Warthogs arrived at the top of the hill and placing on the parking brake so the 'Hog won't roll down the hill. You step out of the vehicle and running in half crouch with the MA5B at the ready and putting the M90 on your back, you are soon joined by the rest of the squad on the crest in a few seconds, looking down into the valley you notice the Covenant hardware down near the missile battery which was basically a three tubed rack facing skywards with a Covenant computer in a crate type thing connected to it. The aliens have five ghosts and a idle Banshee sitting on the ground with it's pilot walking around looking at the wreck of the Pelican which was only 50 metres away and the Elite was searching through the wreckage for any survivors. "Well I'm gonna nail that Elite near the wreckage first looks like the pilot and we don't want a 'shee flying around shooting at us" said Andersan changing his scopes setting to adjust for the longer range. "Wells, you take, Race and circle around behind them on foot, it should only take 20 minutes at the most we'll give you 25 minutes though then after that we will starting shooting and god help us if your not there to nail a few of those ghosts for us," said Sven. "Ok" you and wells reply already running in half crouch and now carrying 8 SPNKr shells in a pouch clipped to your webbing and Wells was bringing up the rear with the SPNKr on his shoulder and M6D in his holster at the ready. Within 20 minutes you both were in position with the 8 spare shells for the SPNKr lying on the ground next to you for easy reach and you already had set your Assault rifle's sights for the correct range and were ready to kick some ass!