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An Unlikely Alliance part one
Posted By: grylsy<grylsy@hotmail.com>
Date: 10 April 2003, 12:54 PM

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An Unlikely Alliance

The hypnotic buzzing whirr of the Assault rifle was heard easily in the dark cement walls of the ancient structure of the mysterious ring, the source of the fire, one of the MA5Bs held by Private Molke Gunther; a German; who had an MA5B in each hand. Molke was shooting at the strange green squid things crawling towards him on their tentacles, with each burst from his rifle about 10 of these squids would implode and causing a chain reaction within the ranks of this new enemy. Click Click were the sounds heard by Molke as his MA5B in his left hand ran dry of ammo he instinctively raised the one in his right and let loose with an entire clip and whilst still running along this structures long hallways, he had been running for 2 minutes after his squad was attack and he escaped. Molke only knew these new enemies were enemies because he had witnessed his entire squad being overwhelmed by these enemies while he was in the corner having a leak, his entire squad was killed or was twitching as those squids were inside the dead men's chest. Molke had jumped over the corpses and escaped out the door to only be confronted by the squids and had to run the other way down the corridor and he was continuously firing burst from his MA5B then he found another dead marine and took his MA5B and fired a burst into the dead man's chest killing the squid in there. Then here he was now.

Molke continued this turning around firing a burst and when he ran out of ammo in the clip reload and repeat again every now and then throwing one of his M9 HE grenades into the ranks. He continued this for another 100 metres and found a door he took this and was instantly fired at by a group of marines that were scared shitless as they had just been attacked by the enemy but won without a casualty. Molke jump back behind the door.
"Hold your fire numbnuts!" yelled one of the marines to his comrades. Molke run through the door after hearing this,
"Squids... right... behind me!" yelled Molke short of breath,
"Alright squad, two lines facing the door!" yelled the sargeant. There were 12 men, 13 including the Sargeant, the men formed two lines of six one kneeling the other standing up at the back, the Sargeant gestured to Molke to come and stand behind them all. The weird yet traumatising sound of the squids could be heard, it seemed that they weren't interested in the marines and one marine gave a loud sigh of relief, then one of the squids heard this and came close to the door not moving yet just sitting there sensing for movement. The entire squad just stood there motionless then one marine was sweeting badly it seemed he was about to crack over the pressure of standing still. Then he just held down on the trigger of his rifle and let loose a hail of bullets at the single squid, it was killed instantly.
"Hold your fire!" yelled the Sargeant in charged, Molke noticed his nametag 'Wallace' yet Molke couldn't see his first name just his surname. The other squids in the corridor stopped when they heard the fire, the marine who had fired the burst just stood up from his kneeling position and ran outside the door arms flailing wildly and he got to the door and opened up on the squids he killed over 40 with his clip but as he was reloading one of the squids latched onto his back and dug into his back.
"Get it off! Get it off!" yelled the marine. Blam, Wallace's M90 shotgun belched flame killing the marine and the squid in one shell.
"You!" yelled Wallace pointing to Molke, "take that marines position!" Molke obeyed falling in line next to the marines, he knelt down with duel rifles, and the squids started moving through the door, over the smoking marine's body.
The firefight was short the marines opened up and killed over 50 of them and continued to fire at the 30 or so ones left, in 30 seconds the squids were dead. One of the marines kneeling next to Molke stood up and ran in half crouch towards the door leaning up against it and peeping around the side, all clear, the marine gave Wallace a signal and the other marines moved. Molke didn't though he was still taking in the events he had just witnessed, squids, crazy soldier and a hell of a lot of noise!

"You comin' or not?" said Sargeant Wallace, waving his hand to get Molke's attention, Molke snapped out of it and also moved to the door in half crouch, Molke placed one of his MA5Bs on his back and used just one for now as two rifles use a lot of ammo. Molke ran with his rifle held high and quickly caught up with the other marines as they leaped frogged each others movements moving down the direction Molke had came from, Molke fell into line with Wallace yet he didn't notice Molke. Molke cleared his throat to get the sargeant's attention, Wallace gave Molke a stone cold look, and Molke quickly lessened his running to let the sargeant get on ahead.
"Don't mind him that's tool banger, real fire eater doesn't like cowards, you saw what he did to Jeff, oh sorry, to you he was the guy tool banger shot before." Said a marine who also slowed down and fall into line next to Molke, the marine could see Molke's expression of confusion on his face as he ran.
"My name is Halmes, Tom Halmes, people just call me shortie as I'm about 5 inches shorter than the other blokes" Tom's Aussie accent was strong, Molke glanced at the marine he didn't look that short, maybe it was he was running at the same height as Molke.
"My name is Molke Gunther, I was part of the second squad on the surface, but we came down to secure the elevator and make the Captain's evac easier and then these things attacked us I got away and met you guys" a tear started to form under Molke's left eye, obviously saddened by the loss of his comrades.
"Don't worry well get out of this," said Shortie.
"Just wondering, you got any spare clips?" said Molke looking that Shortie had an idle rifle on his back as he was using an M90 shotgun.
"Yeah here" said Shortie handing Molke 6 clips, "now don't use 'em on the same covenant bastard now!" That made Molke think, he hadn't seen any Covenant not even any dead ones, he had seen plenty of dead marines though.
"You seen any covenant?" inquired Molke
"No" replied Shortie, "Have you?"
"No" Molke replied bluntly. "Hey Shortie, why do you call Tool Banger, Tool Banger? If I'm going to die today I just want to know why you call him that."
"Well simply he just bangs his tools aka; US!" Shortie fastened up his run and quickly overtook the German.

A slight twitching sound made Molke look over his shoulder and he wished he hadn't, he saw the cold dead eyes of an Elite hiding in the corner yet this Elite didn't seem to have noticed him, Molke stopped and hissed to Shortie. Shortie stopped and left the main part of the group and ran back.
Tool Banger just thought when he saw this, damn cowards.
Molke pointed to the Elite, Shortie moved closer and the Elite didn't move, Shortie was close enough to poke the Elite with his rifle. Shortie poked him and nothing happened, he did it again, nothing, Molke walked up and kicked it's damn face in! Nothing, it was truly dead. After it made contact with Molke's boot in toppled over and hit the ground with a thump; it had been leaning against the wall and now lay on its back sprawled across the floor. Some thing puzzled the two marines why was it dead? It had no sign of injury on it, the only damage on it was a few tiny dinks on its armour and it's now kicked in face.
"I'm gonna get his plasma grenades we might need 'em" said Shortie now turning over the body and there it was. A Hole in it's back the size of a basketball.
"Crap look at that, it's gut has been eaten! And so has it's liver, what the hell is going on here?" Shortie kicked the corpse to see how stiff it was, it was pretty stiff, been dead maybe two days.
"Marines couldn't have done this, we've only been here for 8 hours." Molke added.
But what lay in the gut's and liver's place was something more sinister, one of those green squids, yet this on was dead. Shortie made sure of this by stabbing the squid with his knife, it's green blood oozed out of the hole the knife had made.
"Better tell Tool banger!" said Shortie pulling out his radio. Suddenly his Radio crackled to life and then gunfire could be heard.
"Damn it Shortie, and you the other guy get here now we don't have time to explain we're being attacked!"

Wallace and his squad were in a hell of a mess, they had walked into a trap, hundreds of the squids were attacking them and even some green mutants were attacking as well using captured Assault rifles, pistols and covenant weaponry. Soon Wallace was the only one left, he just kept firing his M90 into the enemy's ranks and soon he also met the fate of his men.

Back in the corridor Shortie and Molke had almost reached the door to the elevator shaft were Tool Banger and his squad were, when the gunfire stopped, they stopped as well.
"Anybody answer me!" Shortie yelled into his throat microphone.
"They're gone," Molke said showing no remorse.
"Let's get going then," Shortie said wiping the tears that were forming under his eyes away.

That is the end of this chapter please comments on what you think if you like it I'll post the other parts!