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1st Special Forces group part 2
Posted By: grylsy<grylsy@hotmail.com>
Date: 10 April 2003, 7:33 AM

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1st Special Forces Group (The Ghosts) Part 2

"Room's clear move up!" informed Eric as he cleaned the purple blood of his M6D's silencer barrel and scanned the room for any more stealth Elites. The four 'Ghosts' who were Duncan, Shane, Muller and Akira moved through the door and entered the room.
"Holy shit, will you look at that, Eric nailed an Elite," cried Akira.

"Yeah least he can!" Muller gave Duncan a bad look then turning back to the dead Elite on the ground.
"Enough!" Shane stepped over to Duncan,
"Don't worry everyone stuffs up every now and then we're only human."
"Yeah that's why we're loosing the war," said Muller under his breath not daring to look at his angry commander. Eric had left the group again and had walked over to the centre of the room it was weird, their was a circular hole in the deck and suspended above it was another circle which housed the ship's controls and instruments.
"You guys might wanna take a look at this!" Eric looked at the multiple holograms and screens showing the ship's status and speed, which was 0 as it was repairing a damaged fusion core.
"They won't leave this place unattended for long," so Duncan got to work typing fast and looking at the screens trying to find some files about the flood and any information about the Covenant home world.
"Gotcha," exclaimed Duncan as he pointed to one of the screens.
'What does it say numb-nuts? Not all of us can read Alien you know!" Muller traded Glances with Akira after he had said that.
"It says 'Flood files found 3' you want to watch what we're risking our necks for?"
"Might as well," said Shane looking around the room, if the Covenant do come they could hold this ground easily and escape to darkness by jumping down into the circle shape and hiding in the shadows.

Duncan hit some keys and a high-resolution tape started to play.

"If anyone hears me," a rough and worn face of an African American Marine was staring at the camera on his helmet. He was sweating fast and constantly looking around, he held a M6D in his right hand and the helmet in his left. The marine continued.
"Don't come here, death lives here, I do not know where the rest of my squad are, most likely those things took them, yet I cannot confirm this, I see some mangled corpses of my brothers-in-arms in the enemies ranks.
"At first I thought this was the Covenant's doing but eventually I notice dead Elites in their ranks so I, Corporal James Logan of Fire Team Zulu, came to the conclusion that this enemy is some sort of parasite it takes dead bodies and uses them against us, I can't see any but I can here them." The marine looked around he was surrounded by snow and was hiding behind a rock, they slight gurgle sound could be heard.
"Hear that? That's the sound they make, it's how they communicate, and some of these mutated bodies I've seen have been... eaten and I cannot explain why, I only know that these things are after me, I can sense them and they are very close. I feel trapped, like this entire ring has been overrun with these things, it's been hour since I've heard other voices, yet I can't stop thinking about the voices of my friends and fellow marines over the radio, the voices stopped a little over an hour ago." The helmet in the marine's hand turned towards the sky and the magnificent ring could be seen. "See, that's the ring I am on, I tried to call someone to answer me but I only hear static, I only have a few clips left and then I'm out of shells," the marine started to cry, "I don't think I'll make it out of this, well I think I'm the only one left, I think even the SPARTAN that I heard men talking about on the radio is dead, because if he wasn't dead wouldn't he try and save me? Well this menace draws ever closer to my position and I can not tell you anything more about this enemy yet, I'll give you some close ups up of them, when I'm dead, I'll wear this helmet and drive the Warthog which I saw only 20 metres away and I'll drive that to were I first saw this enemy..."

Then without warning a green coloured mutant jumped over the rock the marine was hiding behind, it was twisted and eaten as the marine said, it had a MA5B in it's clutches and now the marine had put the helmet on and you could see from his point of view, Logan raised his pistol and fired 5 bullets into the monster, the bullets went straight through it but it did fall down, dead, again. The marine picked up the dead thing's rifle and ran from cover, he had also been right about that they were chasing him, hundreds of the mutants could be seen waiting dor him to break cover, he ran to the Warthog, he made it and drove off in the Warthog, then suddenly, the camera went jolting forward and the Warthog slowed down to a halt. It became clear that he had just been killed, for several minutes through the marine's camera pictures of the mutants could be seen, firstly lifting his body out of the car and then, little green squids started to jump on his body and dig into his corpse. Then after a hour of tape, which Duncan had fast forwarded to, the marine started to move again the men watching the tape were stunned, then without warning the entire area on the screen went white and then the camera went blank.

"Holy shit! Did you see that!" exclaimed Duncan, eyes fixed to the screen.
"Yeah I did, and I wish I hadn't now," Muller said.
"Want to see the other two sir?"
Might as well it seems our Covenant friends are having trouble," Shane refereed to the screen on the left with the flashing lights saying 'newly inserted fusion core is unstable and needs replacing'.

Duncan Clicked on the second record, this was also in human format.

One weird thing though was that it was a human recording, it belonged to a Private Wallace A. Jenkins. (That's right the one Chief watched and I will just put what HBO put down as it is easier to understand then my wild writing!) It seems Chief was sending this live so the remaining marines could see what they were up against and the Covenant must have picked it up as well.

MENDOZA: Why do we always have to listen to this old stuff, Sarge?
SARGE: Watch your mouth, son. This "stuff" is your history. It should remind you grunts what we're fightin' to protect.
MENDOZA: Hey... if the Covenant wanna wipe out this particular part of my history, that's fine by me.
BISENTI: Yeah... better it than us.
SARGE: You ask 'em REAL nice next time you see 'em Bisenti. I'm sure they'll be happy to oblige.
DROPSHIP PILOT GS1: LZ looks clear! I'm bringing us down!
SARGE: Go go go!
(The squad advances through the swamp towards the same structure Chief was in then)
SARGE: Stay close Jenkins!
(They reach the entrance and sweep their weapons across it, wary)
SARGE: Mendoza! Move it up!
(Mendoza advances in a crouch, gun at the ready)
SARGE: (To Jenkins) Wait here for the Captain and his squad, then get your ass inside.
SARGE: Okay, let's move!
(The squad stands around a dead Elite. Its stomach is torn open)
MENDOZA: -which is weird, right? I mean... look at it. Something... scrambled the insides.
SARGE: What's that? Plasma scoring?
MENDOZA: Yea... I dunno. Maybe there was an accident. You know friendly fire or something?
(Captain Keyes approaches the squad)
KEYES: What do we have, Sergeant?
SARGE: Looks like a Covenant patrol. Badass elite units, all KIA.
KEYES: Real pretty. Friend of yours?
MENDOZA: Na, we just met.
(The squad, along with Keyes and his own squad, stand around a locked door-the one chief has just come through)
KEYES: Right. Let's get this door open.
MENDOZA: I'll try Sir. But it looks like these Covenant worked pretty hard to lock it down.
KEYES: Just do it, son.
MENDOZA: Yes, Sir.
(Mendoza removes a device with a keypad on it from his pocket and sticks it to the door. He punches a few keys, and the door opens. He waves the squad through. Jenkins takes point through the door, and the rest of the squad fans out around him)
BISENTI: I got a bad feeling about this...
SARGE: Boy, you always got a bad feelin' about SOMETHIN'.
MARINE GS2: (Over radio) Captain, Sarge... can you hear me?!
KEYES: What's going on, soldier?
MARINE GS2: We've got contacts...lots of them...but they're not covenant...they're just tearing through us...what the!...ooooohhh...nooooo!!
SARGE: Corporal? Do you copy, over? (No response) Mendoza, get your ass back up to Second Squad's position, and find out what the hell is goin' on.
SARGE: I don't have time for your lip, soldier! I gave you an order.
MENDOZA: Sarge! Listen!
(An odd hissing noise grows louder and louder)
SARGE: Where's that comin' from, Mendoza?
MENDOZA: Everywhere... I don't-there! Mira!
(Mendoza points to a nearby door, which has just exploded outwards. Small squid-like creatures pour from it)
BISENTI: Ahh... augh! Get it off!
(Bisenti lies on the ground, one of the squid-like creatures attached to his face)
MENDOZA: Hold still, hold still!
SARGE: Let 'em have it!
(The Marines open fire, to little effect)
KEYES: Sergeant, we're surrounded!
SARGE: Goddamnit Jenkins, fire your weapon!
JENKINS: There are too many, Sarge!
SARGE: Don't even think about it, Marine!
MENDOZA: Yo this is loco!
KEYES: Get back here, Marine! That's an order!
SARGE: Jenkins!
(Squid-things attack Jenkins and block his helmet cam. After a moment he falls over, and the screen blacks out. After another moment, words flash in red)
Unexpected Halt X (WND/INCAP/KIA/#'s)
End Record View (#'s)

"Whoa, Duncan copy this to a disk, we don't have time to watch it we gotta go we only got 26 minutes to get back to the Ship" said Shane shaking his head coming back to the present.
Duncan copied the files and then the marines moved out. Then with out warning the dors on the left and right of the circle they we're standing on open to reveal the ship's captain and his crew coming back. Shane had totally forgot to check the screen about the fusion core on it again, it now said 'fusion core operation.'
"This ain't good!" exclaimed Eric cocking his Assault rifle.

The ship's captain, who was a Golden Elite, growled at the five black clad soldiers, it seemed he didn't know that these were humans. Duncan gestured to Shane, the dim lights; Shane nodded his head not daring to reach for his Assault Rifle. Duncan slowly started to type on the keyboard, he was searching for files 'light generator' he found two, it seemed one was for the lower levels and one for the higher.
"Ah, sir, which one?" Duncan asked Shane,
"Both of them!"
Duncan hammered down on the confirm key and all the lights on the Battle cruiser went blank.

The Elite barked something as Duncan smashed the holo-keyboard's controller and it went dead. All the 'Ghosts' had their night vision goggles placed on their head and were already running to the door, the Elites and Grunts had poor vision in the dark, yet the Jackals could see them because of their thermal imaging. Muller stopped and shoulder his MA5B2 and fired off three rounds at the Jackals and killed two of the three and wounding the last one, Akira turned and threw a M9 DP grenade at the Alien ranks. The grenade detonated killing the Captain and his five Elite bodyguard, the remaining Grunts and the Jackal ran out of the room squabbling at each other.
"Ok, let's get moving!" Yelled Shane as he led his men out of the room.

That is the end of this part as well, hope you enjoyed it, and please tell me what you think.