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1st Special Forces group
Posted By: grylsy<grylsy@hotmail.com>
Date: 6 April 2003, 8:29 AM

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1st Special Forces group (the Ghosts)

The sleek black fighter floated gently in space, slowing moving towards the Stationary Covenant Battle cruiser. The fighter was running silent. The pilot of the fighter spoke into his headset.
"Ok, Ghosts, we will reach the cruiser in 30 seconds, please answer me with your reply." Five rough and worn voices were heard over the radio,
"Let's rock!"
"Damn straight!"
"Cocked, lock and ready to rock!"
"Ready as I'll ever be!"
"There better be some tough covenant on broad that ship, I'm sick of all those pansies we've been fighting!"
The voice ceased. The 1st Spec Ops were the UNSC's closest thing to a SPARTAN IIs without the high costs, they were highly trained marines who had fought many battles and only lived to smell the smell of cordite and the sounds of bone and sinew. The most elite group were known as the 'Ghosts' as their uniform was almost completely undetectable in darkness allowing them to sneak up onto their targets, the 'Ghosts' were the first of hundreds of Spec Op troop yet these were the most elite unit in the Special Operations Division.

The 'Ghosts' uniform was completely black, sleek and mean, if you saw one of these soldiers you'd probably shit yourself! The uniform consisted of completely black fatigues with black combat webbing, to hide their faces the marines wore black balaclavas and had a high-tech night vision head set sitting gently on their heads for easy reach and could be turned on in a second, black gloves hid the marines hands and kept them warm from extreme cold temperatures. They had a motion tracker OpSat HUD on their left arm, they had many pouches and pockets on their load carrying vests, they carried extra equipment such as abseiling ropes and Flash Bang non-fragmentation devices when they needed to take out an enemy without lethal force. Their weapon wasn't a MA5B Assault Rifle, but they used a very simular weapon, an MA5A rifle, basically it was 5.56mm ss (sub-sonic) version of the MA5B, it's sub-sonic ammo meant it could have a surpresser/silencer attached to the barrel and the only sound that could heard when the gun was fired was the sound of the bolt of the gun ejecting spent cartridges. The 5.56mm ammo meant that the spread (when the weapon is fired on full auto the areas where the bullets hit is a smaller area) is tighter and accurate, the size of the bullet also meant that 70 bullets could put into one magazine. Along with the SAW as soldiers nicknamed the MA5A because of it's high rate of fire and seemed to cut through the enemy. They also used M6D pistols, but instead of the weapon being around 7 inches long it is changed to about 15 inches as a silencer is added for use by Special Forces aka the 'Ghosts'. One of the five 'Ghosts' in the passenger area of the fighter had a MA5B2, it was still a 7.62mm weapon though, the gun had only a 20 round clip and fired in semi-auto, it has a 8X zoom scope on it and it's barrel was extended from barely being an inch long was changed to 6 inches and made it accurate and was favoured by the 'Ghosts' as it was also silenced and can kill a Elite in one shot to the head.

The men in the passenger seats were readying themselves for the breeching manoeuvre to take place in boarding the Covenant Battle cruiser and retrieving any information about the disappearance of the Pillar of Autumn and it's crew, even though the SPARTAN and the AI said it was because of some enemy they called 'The Flood.' The High command thought the Covenant might have intercepted some messages about this enemy and that humanity could learn more about it and use it against the Covenant. The superiors wanted planets, star systems that contained this enemy found so they can try and harness their power, even though the cyborg tried to tell them the Flood could kill all life in the galaxy the pleas feel on deaf ears. And this what the 'Ghosts' were here to do, board the vessel obtain any information about the flood and then look for any targets of opportunity such as information on the Covenant home world or anything also valuable they may even get to disable the cruiser!

The leader of the 'Ghosts' Lieutenant Shane Flanders was in charge of this operation. Flanders spoke into his throat mike
"Ok team, when the smoke clears switch to NV and use laser sights to help aim and don't let anything get away, we must maintain the element of surprise 'cause we can get killed pretty easily if they know we're here, so Muller" said Flanders pointing to Corporal Hans Muller, the sniper with the MA5B2. "I want you and Akira to take out the power generator and then we will show these covenant bastards how real marines fight!" Ress Akira took this in and continued back to putting bullets into magazines and then placing the full magazines in his pouches.
"Lighten up laddie!" Yelled the Burly 'Ghosts' siting next to Akira, his name was Earl Enfield, Earl just had a SAW and a M6D.
"Whoa?" said Akira turning up from his pouches.
"Don't look so scared, you've done this thousands of times in the simulator the only difference is that the Covenant will be using live plasma bolts!" replied Earl.
" Yeah true, Enfield."

"Impact in 5 seconds get ready!" Called the pilot's voice over the radio earpieces in the 'Ghosts' ears.
"I didn't sign up for this!" yelled the last marine of the group, Chris Duncan gripping his SAW tightly and kissing his good luck charm which was his M6D which had saved him on numerous occasions.
The Fighter hit the Covenant ship, hard causing a loud thump to echo in the fighter's interior. On the fighter it had a large cylinder shape on it's top for use by the 'Ghosts' to enter ships. Shane climbed the ladder up to the cylinder and initiated the cutting sequence and a slight hum could be heard cutting away at the cruiser's airtight hull, soon a light flashed green and Shane called back down to his men.
"Alright guys com'on up!" The men scrambled off their seats and were ready to rush up the ladder into the ship. "
Ok, I'll go first, Earl second, Akira third, Chris fourth and Muller last. Ok let's hit it marines!" Whispered Shane slowly opening the hatch and stepping silently in the hole made by the laser. A technological 'brum' sound could be heard as the Night Vision goggles were switched on, it surprisingly still very dark on the Covenant ship already, but even the most well sited Elite could see a black shape half-running towards it with an silence Assault rifle. Shane looked around in his NV goggles they were the kind which make viewing seem in black and white, he saw nothing in the room except bare walls and a few battered ghosts sitting on the floor.

"Team move up!" Informed Shane to his squad. In a few seconds a man looking the exact same as the first moved right next to Shane and then a third and a forth and finally a fifth the only exception was he had another rifle on his back and snuck in larger strides then the others. Shane pointed to a door and three of the men broke from the group and ran half-crouch, guns up to the door, one of the men gave Shane the thumbs up and Shane and the 'Ghost' with the extra rifle came trailing along after him. The men opened the door and they stepped silently into the corridor it was a little bit darker here and Covenant voices could be heard, one of the men pressed his back up against the wall and leaned around the corner and brought his MA5A to bare on an Elite walking towards the group, the elites shiny blue armour reflected off the dim light.
THWAT THWAT THWAT were the sounds heard when the marine who was Akira fired a three round burst at the Elite's head, thud, the Elite's limp body hit the ground only 15 metres away from where Akira fired the shots from. Muller broke cover and snuck gracefully to the still warm corpse and heaved it over his shoulder and snuck back with the body and dumped it back in the room they entered the ship from. The only exception of the room was that there was now two fully armed 'Ghost' pilots lying down with their MA5A trained at the door and NV goggles on their heads. Muller gave a gesture to the pilots '60' minutes and then after that the pilots were to lift of with or without the other 'Ghosts'. Muller rejoined the team in the corridor and continued to the end of the corridor every now and then the noises that could be heard would be THWAT THWAT THWAT, thud the body hits the ground and the 'Ghosts' hide it and this went on till the 'Ghosts' made it too the control room of the ship on the same floor which they landed on.

Duncan moved slowly to the door, which lead into the control room. He opened the door and he saw the most magnificent room he had ever seen beautiful light purple walls with the dim light reflecting off it's surface then he finally noticed the shape that would end his life, the shape of a stealth Elite running towards him. Duncan gave a scream as the Elite turned on his plasma sword, Akira and Muller both saw this, Akira raised his MA5A and Muller un-holstered his MA5B2 and trained it's sight on the Elite no less than 3 metres away from Duncan. Duncan let fly with a entire clip but hit nothing but air as the Elite ducked and side stepped away from these, the Elite moved back out of sight, Muller gave a curse.
"FUCK! How did you miss that Duncan, for Christ sake now we can't even see him any more he'll be right at home in this darkness!" Muller stopped looking at Duncan furiously.
"I didn't see you guys trying to help! Hey where's Eric?" Everyone looked around for Eric he was no where to be seen, only four black clad soldiers were standing in the doorway now.
Eric moved silently through the control room, he had just gone in here as Muller started going off at Duncan. Eric had his MA5A held tight up against his shoulder scanning the dim floor around him.

The Elite just stood there looking around for any humans to kill it had it's plasma sword holster and was just standing there staring at the door, where the marine tied to shoot him. The Elite didn't notice it, but one of the humans had snuck around behind him and was about to pounce, the last thing the Elite saw and felt was the icy cold metal silencer pressing gently into it's temple, the Elite sighed.
"Dodge this mother fucker!" Yelled Eric as he pulled the trigger, the Elite; even though it was in it active camouflage had not tricked the experienced marine as he just looked for the shiny reflective surface which indicated the camouflage; toppled over, the look of defeat was in it's dead eyes which could be seen as the camouflage deactivated as it's user was now dead. Its body hit the ground with a thud. Muller spoke into his throat microphone.
"Room's clear move up!"

That is the end of the first part of this story, please comment what you think of it!