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Long Time Gone Part 29
Posted By: grylsy<grylsy@hotmail.com>
Date: 22 December 2004, 11:56 AM

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Long Time Gone Part 29: Friends until the End

October 25th, 2550, Reach, Camp Hathcock, Instructor Quarters, 0733 Hours

       Chris was woken by his alarm clock, he went to reach for it but something was in the way, he tried to move around it but then he felt that it was warm, he opened his eyes, first his eyes adjusted to the low light level in the room.

       Then he noticed the clothes on the floor and then he looked to where his hand was trying to go and there lay Alison slumbering softly.

"Alright..." he spoke in a soft, rough voice. He didn't wake her, he wanted to remember this picture of her; so innocent and peaceful. But then he had to pee.

       Chris crawled noiselessly out of bed; he waddled off to the toilet and went to take a piss. Chris stood there whistling for a few seconds, he could feel he might be here awhile; he must have drunk a bit last night.

Alison was woken by the whistling, she rubbed her eyes and rolled out of bed, not bothering to put anything on she walked to the bathroom.

"Hey handsome," she started, "have fun last night?" Chris turned to look at her, she look magnificent even with her hair all in a mess and over her face. Her hazel blue eyes stared into his soul.

"Hell yes!" He said, "I love you..." he said almost too rushed, he felt he had just hurt her feelings, she smiled.

"I love you too..." She moved closer and kissed him then turned to leave.

       Chris suddenly felt a lot of weight on his penis. He looked and saw that the condom from last night was still there and had filled to the size of melon, he tried to stop and only to find it was too late.

The 'water' balloon busted. Urine splashed over his face. He could hear Alison chuckling uncontrollably.

"Well," he started wiping some of the liquid off his face, "I've had my shower, where's breakfast?"

October 25th, 2550, Reach, Camp Hathcock, Instructor Quarters, 0813 Hours

       After they both had a shower and cleaned the room up they both thought it was an idea to go and have breakfast.

       They took a seat with Chambers and Susan in the mess hall, they must have only gotten up and had showers as well. The mess hall was partially empty, although there was a large amount of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers or Helljumpers as they called them selves. They were respected as some of humanities finest.

"Hey you know those ODSTs are the same as us? They're only in the Orbital Drop section from normal Shock Troops but they are some of the best." Stated Chambers drinking some of the foul orange juice.

"So" started Susan, "did you two, 'connect'?" Susan did the bunny ears effect when she said connect.

"Yes, we did" said Alison looking at Chris, he just smiled.

"Good to hear you finally did her, man" remarked Chambers, raising his glass and drinking the remainder of it. Chris blushed somewhat.

"Better late than never," smirked Alison, "so, what's on the agenda for today Sargeant McAllen?"

"Well," Chris took out a piece of paper with his list of trainee's, "first of all I've got three ODSTs to train and then it is just you and me the rest of the day."

"Cool," she said, "I'll help you with the ODSTs if you want."

"That would be great, Alison, we'll go straight to the range after this."

       Chambers and Susan were talking between themselves, something about where they would be posted next.

"Speaking of which," said Chambers, "how will you two keep in touch when you get posted back to Quail?"

"Probably just video messages until we can get some leave together, right?" Asked Alison.

"Yeah, that and might try and get you transferred to where ever Command sees fit to send our highly skilled asses."

"You saying you're better than me?" Mocked Alison.

"These don't lie!" He remarked pointing at his Fallschirmjäger Insignia and his ONI badge for being posted at the Camp.

"Well this kicks their asses," She said tapping her Lieutenant bars.

"Yeah, you're right, well we could get you transferred as a sniper easily, you might just have to take orders from someone else instead of giving them," Chris took his leave to empty his breakfast tray.

"Well, we better get going," said Chambers, "I got a shotgun session and I think you have to teach advanced evasion?" Susan nodded in approval.

"Yeah, listen, Alison, if you want some lessons just jump in line I could probably fit you in somewhere..."

"Thanks," said Alison looking at Chris yelling something at an ODST, "I'll think about it..."

"Yeah? Well I can still shoot better than you, asshole!" Said Chris with a flick of his hand at the ODST in question.

"We'll see, man!" He cried back.

       Chris sat down just as Susan and Chambers got up and left.

"So," said Chris, "do you think this'll work?" Alison looked him in the eyes.

"For as long as you still love me..." she said.

October 25th, 2550, Reach, Camp Hathcock, Rifle Range, 1133 Hours

       ODST were not the easiest infantry to train. They were excellent soldiers and they knew it, they thought they knew better than Chris and Alison's instructions. Various examples were not adjusting the sights for wind and range and just going by their gut feeling and shooting completely off target.

"Just listen to me for fucking once!" Cried Chris, he was on the last ODST for the day before it was just him and Alison, "you might think you're good but I'm better, now just fucking adjust the sights!"

       The ODST, a touch looking Corporal gave Chris a threatening look, Chris' hand just washed past his holstered M6D pistol.

"No need for that, Sarge," started the ODST, "just trying to be self sufficient."

"Well when you learn how to compensate correctly I might consider letting you." Alison chuckled at the comment; she was sitting down watching the targets through binoculars, laughing hysterically at the skills of the ODST snipers, or rather lack of...

"Wilco," replied the smart arse ODST, "will, fucking co..."

October 25th, 2550, Reach, Camp Hathcock, Rifle Range, 1231 Hours

       Chris and Alison sat down at the bunker and ate a pre-packed meal together. It tasted horrible but Chris was just happy to be around Alison.

"I hate this crap," he said spooling some 'noodles' on his fork, "tastes like polystyrene..."

"I know what you mean," said Alison, she was trying to eat the bread, it was disgusting, "next time we'll eat in!" Chris grunted in approval.

       After 'lunch' as they called it on the packaging; the two settled in for some light target training. It was simple range, wind and compensation conversation between the two. They knew they would 'interact' more later at nigh