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Long Time Gone Part 8 plz read
Posted By: grylsy<grylsy@hotmail.com>
Date: 17 December 2003, 10:58 AM

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Long Time Gone Part 8: The Rebellion's Plot

Chris entered the makeshift aid station; it was basically deserted except for the Medic, two Black-clad soldiers and Alison. The house had seen better days; the floor was rotten and creaked with every footstep, the wall paper had come unglued and lay trampled on the floor and mould covered the ceiling.

Not really clean enough for an aid station thought looking around, soldiers had more chance of getting infections from the dirt and dust falling from the ceiling onto their open wounds than dieing of their wounds.

Chris walked over to the kitchen table Alison lay there with here hands over her sides and a moist rag over her forehead.

"How's it going doc?" Chris asked turning to the Medic,

"As I said before she is going to be fine, now you should get out there and help with the defensive preparations, we'll handle this" the Medic said turning away from Chris and said something to the two soldiers, Chris couldn't hear what he said. But when the two men began using a hammer and nails to nail boards across the windows he understood what he had told them; board up the windows.

Chris left the aid station and found Chambers helping the Shock Troopers hurl makeshift sand bags into the centre of the street making a two-way barricade covering both ends of the street. The Squads Machine Gunner set up his machine gun so it was covering the Northern end of the street Geoff Hughes; the SPNKr gunner, set up his SPNKr on a light weight tripod and his remaining shells.

GŁtt Shutze and his remaining men were once again running low on ammunition, after the last attack, they had reluctantly used their two ancients hand grenades. The same man who had taken those grenades before had decided to do go on another weapons run, but the Rebels were waiting, his body exploded in fountains of blood, and then he hit the floor undoubtedly dead.

GŁtt was shocked, then a group of Rebels came rushing into the door firing wildly, the two men on GŁtt's right side ran out of ammunition first swearing that they couldn't defend themselves, then the man on GŁtt's left ran out of ammunition also swearing then last of all GŁtt fired their last shot the round killed a Rebel but there were still three left.

GŁtt's mind started to race, and then he knew they had no hope, he started to yell over the Rebels gunfire who were now mercilessly pummelling the flimsy wooden desk with a barrage of bullets.

"CEASE FIRE! WE GIVE IN! WE SURRENDER!" the Gunfire instantly stopped.

"Is that so?" Came the cool voice of someone who knew they had the situation under control.

"Yes it is," came GŁtt, his voice filled with disappointment, "we surrender, but under the code of the Geneva Convention we are to be treated kindly and you cannot execute us!" GŁtt voice was filled with a new found rage. All the cool said was.

"Is that so?" Then he appeared dressed in a White Suit, and carrying an expensive pistol in a large fist, his black sweaty skin reflecting off the dim lighting in the office. Then without mercy he raised his pistol and fired twice, the two men to GŁtt's right; who were now standing up like GŁtt, they were killed instantly the bullets hit them squarely on the bridge of their noses, they were dead before they hit the ground.

"What can your so called, 'Geneva Convention' do about that?" The big black man asked.

"If your gonna kill us then make it quick, I hate waiting!" yelled GŁtt he had known those two men for almost 6 years.

"Oh no, no, no. I am not going to kill you... YET, I like to watch the faces of people before they know they are going to die.

"Well make it quick you black fuck! Kill me but let Stevens live!" GŁtt yelled again pointing to the man to his left. The Black man raised his gun again,

"I'd rather do both!" he fired again the man named Stevens fell back a bullet in his throat, he began coughing blood up all over his steam pressed sky blue Radio Operators uniform.

"You monster!" GŁtt said as he lunged towards the big man who was now standing at the front of the group. Two of the Rebels immediately leaped forward holding GŁtt at arms lengths.

"No, bad boy, no killing the man who will change Africa forever!" The man snuffed a laugh, "Also my brave General, you must always remember an angry Commander will always end up getting his men killed!" The white suited man pointed his gun at the three dead Radio Operators not saying a word.

"Who are you?!" Inquired GŁtt.

"I told you!" Said the man, "I am the one who is going to Reunite Africa back into its powerful self as it was over five hundreds years ago."

"But why?" GŁtt asked again trying to stall him so he might get rescued by his men; he even heard a group of Shock Troopers was in the area.

"Why, ah yes, the most annoying word in your pitiful English language. My answer reflects how your Washington Fat Cats have taken advantage of poor Africa, you grew fat, strong and rich whilst the majority of Africa starved, grew weaker and poorer day by day.

"I, how ever will change this," GŁtt bit his lip what a fucking psycho then tried to speak.


"How? By reuniting Africa!" His voice boomed through the building the remaining Rebels cheered and fired their weapons into the air, only that there was no sky only a roof. The bullets hit the plaster ceiling and a thick white dust drifted down and covered everything and everyone. The white dust drifted over the man in the white suit covering his face and arms, he looked like a ghost!

"Fucking idiots!" yelled the man pistol whipping the third Rebel who was standing next to him as the other to had been holding the prisoner. The Rebel hit the ground with a soft trickle of blood flowing down his face.

GŁtt was the first to break the awkward silence.

"But why start with the Congo?"

"My dear, General GŁtt Shutze," the man noticed the confusion on GŁtt's face, "yes I know who you are, now back to the point, if you know the Congo is one of the largest forested areas on Earth what better place to set up my Command Post, air strikes are practically useless and your so called 'Elite Forces' are not equipped for a war with no front lines, you have grown soft with this Alien enemy who attacks on fronts and not where they are not expected.

"Then once the Congo is under my control, I will send off forces to train Rebels in other countries to help with my invasion, think about it, your puny Coalition only sent 10,000 Soldiers and I have the whole continents lower-regime's support meaning I have almost unlimited reserves, as you see you cannot win, either way the country is mine!"

"Who the fuck are you is all I want to now!" Demanded the General,

"Tut, tut, you are in no position for demands now, you are lucky I have not killed you already, oh and if you are having hope that your precious Shock Troopers are going to save think about that as well, 12 men, how ever so well trained against nearly 300 Rebels that is a ratio 1:25 just for you to know,"

The man pulled out a large cigar lit it and took a few deep puffs,

"Tie him up! I will finish this later, I need some rest!" The Rebels quickly bound GŁtt's arms and legs and gag his mouth and through him in a corner. They then quickly set about helping their bleeding comrade.

Only a few kilometres away....

Chris was in hell the Rebels had arrived 20 minutes early, the Shock Troopers guess almost 300 of the bastards, primitively armed yet if they got close enough no amount of firepower could stop them. But luckily they were all coming from the north meaning the Troopers could concentrate all the firepower they had on them. For now the Rebels just sat, 500 metres up the long street, listening to their elders words of victory.

Then the inevitable happened, they started their march forward...

In case you didn't get it that is the end of that chapter...