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Long Time Gone Part 27
Posted By: grylsy<grylsy@hotmail.com>
Date: 28 November 2004, 7:45 AM

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Long Time Gone Part 27: Look What the Wind Blew In...

October 22nd, 2550, Reach, Camp Hathcock, Personal Processing, 1401 Hours

      "Ma'am?" voice interrupted Alison's slumber. She opened her eyes and was met by a young man's face, "come on ma'am we're here..."

      Alison sat up in her part of the bench type seat fitted in the back of the truck. She let out a yawn as she stepped down, grabbing her rifle and ruck sack.

Alison Parker had just been transferred from her posting at one of the M.A.C guns to Hathcock for Advanced Marksmanship; she heard the instructor was meant to be real good. Some of Alison's friends had done the course and said he was cute too, but they said he refused to go out with any of them.

"We'll see when he sees me..." Muttered Alison as she stepped up to the desk and gave the Marine there her details and was told to report to the female dormitories.

October 22nd, 2550, Reach, Camp Hathcock, Instructor Quarters #3, 1806 Hours

       "Want to go to the bar?" Asked Chambers.

"No..." Was all Chris said, he was still upset.

"Well if your not gonna go I'll stay back too."

"No go man, I'll be fine..."

"Can't you understand sarcasm or something? You're meant to come along now!" Chambers snuffed a laugh, "what else are you going to do?"

"Reflect, wonder why I'm here, what's the meaning of life," Chris started to chuckle, "hippy shit basically!"

"What ever if you get bored me and Foley will be at the bar, well if we aren't at the bar we're in the closet but we probably won't be long..." Chris tapped his nose twice as Chambers grabbed his coat and left the room.

       Chambers met Foley outside the bar.

"Stuff going to get drunk then doing it," started Foley, "let's just go straight to the closet..."

"Alright babe, straight to the point..." Chambers put his face close to hers as another female trooper walked past.

       Hmm looks interesting thought Alison seeing the two love birds walking off. She walked into the bar and found a table by herself. Alison sat at the table and drank one beer over three hours.

       Alison had seen McAllen at the Thirty Day Proving Battle closing ceremony. She had tried to find where he had been posted afterwards but it was classified.

"I finally met someone nice and I let them get away," muttered Alison, she finished her beer finally and looked closely at the Marines and Troopers at the bar; talking loudly and chatting each other up.

       Alison was somewhat surprised no one had come to chat her up, I wonder what's wrong with me... I'm hot and sexy, well so I'm told,. She thought just as a Marine walked in the bar noticed her straight away and gave a salute and kept walking.

"Christ, it's because I'm an Officer..." She breathed, "Stuff them," she stood up and went to her Officer Quarters in the female dorms.

October 23rd, 2550, Reach, Camp Hathcock, Rifle Range, 1102 Hours

       Chris McAllen sat back with his binoculars and observed the current sniper's pattern on the target at 1200 metres.

"Keep up the work, son," said Chris, "just take your time..."

An hour later Chris and Chambers had just finished lunch and were sitting around at the range; Chambers had no students left for the day but Chris had one more.

"Chris," said Chambers; examining one of the S2 AM rifles Chris trained snipers with, "you teach people how to use this weapon but why aren't you a sniper?"

"I think sniping is lame," Said Chris taking the rifle off Chambers, he put the safety on and removed the full magazine; Chambers didn't even know it was loaded...

"Well let me see how good you are anyhow," Chambers stood up and stretched, "I heard you did a good shot at that sniper with Sid's rifle..." Chambers stopped instantly; he saw the look on Chris face at the mention of Sid's name.

       Sid was in Michelle's squad almost two months ago before they all got KIA.

"Yeah, it was," said Chris trying to move on.

"How about this then?" Chambers took the rifle off Chris, "you give me a quick lesson?" Chris stood up and grabbed some ammunition.

"You're on, man," exclaimed Chris grabbing the field radio, "yeah, Ruddy, McAllen here, yeah give us a target, 800 will do, gonna teach Chambers, alright, yeah thanks again man."

       Chris got Chambers to lie down and set up the rifle. After a brief instruction on the loading, firing and sight adjustment of the rifle he was confident Chambers was ready.

"Alright, Ruddy, send it up..." Stated Chris, soon after a large bulls eye on a target at 800 metres sprung up, "get cracking, man..."

October 23rd, 2550, Reach, Camp Hathcock, Rifle Range, 1223 Hours

       Alison Parker was wearing full combat attire except that her sleeves were rolled up and the forearm armour was missing; other than that she had everything else on including her balaclava.

A shot echoed from the range.

"What the hell," said Alison walking somewhat faster, "I'm the only one meant to be here now, don't tell me they're running behind."

       Alison walked around the observation post and looked out to the firing position. Two Sargeants were there, one was lying down doing the shooting and the other one was standing behind the first; watching the shooting.

       Alison dropped her gear and walked up to the Sargeants, she couldn't see their faces; they were facing away from her.

"Nah too low," said the observer in a familiar voice.

"I don't see you trying!" Replied the shooter in an equally familiar voice.

"It can't be..." Breathed Alison looking at the backs of the two men, she was suddenly filled with joy. She ran up to the standing Sargeant and grabbed his ass.

"What the fuck!?" He said turning around.

"Chris!" Said Alison, hugging him instantly.

"Who the fu..." started Chris then he saw the Lieutenant bars, "sorry, sir... ma'am!"

"Don't you recognize me?" Said Alison, looking straight into Chris' eyes; he was staring back at hers.


"Parker!" Said Chambers; he had stood up and hugged Alison without warning.

"Hello, Michael," she said pushing away from him. She removed her helmet and balaclava.

       Her light sandy brown hair was tied back in a pony tail and her hazel blue eyes were just as Chris remembered them as. An awkward silence broke out between the three.

"Err..." Chris struggled to say something, he felt nervous, "what, um, brings you here, to, ah, our neck of the woods?" Chris scratched his head, he never felt nervous around Michelle but they had been lovers.

"You're going to train me according to these orders," Alison handed Chris the orders, "oh and Chambers, good to see you still can't shoot for shit!" Chambers chuckled at the remark but then realized what she really said.

"Hey..." Chris cut in.

"So, was it you at the Ceremony a few months ago?" He asked.

"Yeah, I saw you came second too, oh well," Alison walked back to the observation post, "you know what they say, second comes great after first..." Chris followed.

Chambers stood there not knowing what to do but then grabbing the rifle unloaded it and followed the two and sat down with them.

       The three sat down and talked for hours it was 1501 hours when they got to the interesting parts.

"You know," said Alison, "if it was for that bastard who used a smoke grenade and his friends rifle to get me, I would have had a perfect score," Alison let out a sigh, "if I ever find that K48 totting prick I'll smack him..."

Chris suddenly felt more nervous and used his foot to slide his kit; including his K48A2 out of Alison's view.

"Hey I know wh..." Chris put a hand over Chambers' mouth when he started to speak.

"What?" Asked Alison

"Nothing, nothing," said Chris for Chambers as he lowered his hand.

"Yeah," Chambers gave Chris a look, "nothing..."

"How long you going to be with us?" Asked Chris.

"As long as it takes for me to do your training," Alison let her hair down, "I've been told your one of the best spotters." Chris blushed somewhat.

"Err, yeah, thanks," said Chris, "what else do you have to do here?"

"Nothing really, just this and then it's back to the Magnetic Accelerator Cannons or M.A.C guns..." Chris looked at Alison, "don't ask me what they are! All I know is that they'll destroy any Covenant Vessel in range in a single hit!"

"And what? You're part of the guard squad or something?" Said Chambers, he was looking over the range; nothing stirred.

"Yeah, my platoon is in charge of security for the gun, um," Alison stood up and walked out into the open and pointed at the sky, "that one, the Quail," they walked back inside and sat down.

"So how's that life?" Asked Chris, "surely it must be better than training idiots... no offence," said Chris remembering he had to train her yet.

"None taken," she said giving him a sly glance, "it's pretty tame, we get pretty low end gear, the armour is newer than most of our weapons, they even took away my MA5C!"

       Chris pulled out his '5C and handed it to her.

"I'll just say it got lost," Chris handed Alison his bandolier, "they just hand the things to us instructors, one or two not coming back won't make a difference!" Chambers gave Chris a look, you're full of shit, the Armory Sargeant is gonna chew your ass for this, man...

"Thanks, Chris," she gave him a friendly hug, "I'll just have to hide it from the Captain, I swear he has it in for Specialist Troops. Just last week he sent one of my troops out into space to repair a small leak, he had never been out before, the poor fellow almost died of fright."

"What a cunt face!" Exclaimed Chambers, "If me or McAllen were there we'd tell him to go and get fucked!" Chris chuckled at the remark, but they would have done it!

"Someone has already done that," said Alison, she looked up at the roof, "me..." A grin broke out on Chris' face.

"You rebel!" He joked, "Nice example for your troops!" Alison looked at her watch.

"Shit, we ought to have done a lesson already!" She said.

"I'll just get Ruddy to set up the night fire, me and you can do the training then," Chris picked up the radio and said his idea to Ruddy; his voice boomed back.

"The fuck? Why! That means I'll miss tonight's piss up!" Chris put a hand over the mouth piece.

"Don't worry; he'll stop in a minute!" Chris took his hand off the mouth piece and spoke.

"Just set the prick of a thing to auto! God you're the master technician just do it! I'll even put you in for leave!" Chambers noted the last statement, he's up to something, he rarely tries to impress, but then again none of the recruits had been a woman he loved... You sly bastard!

       Chris put the radio down and avoided Chambers' glance as he walked out of the post.

"Met me here at, say, 2030," he said looking at Alison.

"OK, nice seeing you guys, I'll see you tonight, Chris," she walked off humming to herself. Chambers walked over once she was out of earshot.

"You sly prick!" The words took Chris by surprise.

"What?" He asked, looking at Alison.

"Stop looking at her arse..." Muttered Chambers looking at the ground.

"So?" Defended Chris, "she's got a nice one!" Chambers would have usually chuckled at the comment but not now.

"Just think you moron," Chambers scuffed his feet on the cement, "you just lost Michelle a couple of months ago, think before you got into another relationship."

"Who said I wanted another relationship?" Chris looked away from Chambers, "from what she says it wouldn't make sense being together, she'll be half the planet away and we get transferred in four more months."

"You just had that look about you," explained Chambers, "I know you like her, but just let it go; you'll get over her... again, so just grin and bare it. Also I don't want have to pretend not to know you when another shower block incident happens!" Chris laughed.

"Strictly work related, honest to God and hope to die," exclaimed Chris grabbing his kit, "better hide the ole' K48 or she might deck me!" Chambers didn't laugh Chris wondered why and turned but Chambers was already walking across the field back to the barracks.

       Chris sighed and started to walk back himself, he told himself he liked Alison but it was too late for anything between them, besides Chris didn't want to lose another woman to the Covenant.