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1st Special Forces Group part 3
Posted By: grylsy<grylsy@hotmail.com>
Date: 22 October 2003, 11:22 AM

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1st Special Forces Group (The Ghosts) Part 3

The Ghosts ran out of the Command Centre and ran back the way they came every few steps Akira or Duncan would turn around and fire a long burst form their assault rifles at the Covenant pursuing them up the long dark narrow corridors. They ran for nearly 200 metres then Shane stopped suddenly, raising his hand with his fist clenched; the stop single. The team stopped at once, Shane looked around closely, and he knew something was not right, he changed the magazine in his MA5B Assault rifle, the magazine hit the floor with a thud, it was sound even though not very loud, but it stood out in the dead silence of the huge covenant battle ship, it was a sound which would have awoken the dead if they were on board...

The massive beast moved slowly up the corridor followed by another on its kind, huge metallic shield held over its body like a medieval knight, its lance was a fuel rod gun, its green battery packs illuminating its tiny eyes which were basically white dots. They were some 50 metres behind the human party; they were big but fast for their size. The second 'Hunter' as they were called slipped on some spent assault rifle casings, a slight thud followed by the rattling of empty cartridges was enough to make Akira look back up the corridor.

Shane notice Akira looking up the corridor,
"What is it soldi..."
"SHHH!" hissed Akira, "there's something up there". Shane flicked his head forward causing his NV goggles to slide of his face, he turned on his goggles and notice two huge objects walking slowing up behind them,
"FUCK! HUNTERS! EVERYONE TO GROUND!" Yelled Shane, the marines obeyed hitting the floor hard to hide themselves from the hunters view.

The first hunter looked ahead, darkness, constant darkness, not even a slight dim just pitch black. It was a disturbing tho8ught, your enemy could be 8 feet away from your face and you'd never know it. The only source of light the light green dim of the fuel rod gun battery packs.

Shane could see two sources of light, most likely the battery packs for the hunters' weapons, the Hunters continued their advance.
"Ok men get up and walk very quietly towards the cargo bay." Shane explained moving extremely fluidly, the men followed him, only a few hundred metres to go, they hoped.

Walter Hughes and Jack Brown lay prone out side the hatch into the jet black fighter plane, they looked constantly at the door, its hinges glowed a dark red showing the door was closed, they waited, hands gripping their rifles until their knuckles turned white with pain, this was dangerous, Shane and his team should have been by now, it had already passed the fifteen minutes Shane had allowed but they heard gunfire and explosion every now and then so they knew they were alive and coming back, hopefully with something useful.

"Hey Walter, I'm going to check the door again, OK?" Asked Brown
"Sure" replied Walter, Brown got up moving slowly to the door. He moved to the door just as the red trim changed to a white, SOMEONE WAS OPENING THE DOOR! Brown jumped to the left behind one of the ghosts, the door opened 3 figures stood there, Shane's back thought Walter slowly standing up waving his hand, one of the figures, head turned to one side looking at the moving silhouette with great interest.
"Get the fuck down Walter there Covenant!" Yelled brown who had a better view, the three Elites' red armor gleamed in the white dim light, Brown was about to open fire when a familiar voice boomed down the corridor, the Elites stood there taking in the words,
"Are you going to sue those guns or whistle Dixie?" yelled Shane down the corridor, the Elites looked up the corridor to where the voices came from,
"Ah, well fuck you too!" yelled Muller down the corridor, then suddenly laughter broke out from up the corridor,
"That was a good one Muller!" replied Akira,
"Stuff the formal shit lets just do our job men!" yelled Shane. The Elites still thunder stroked, just stood there wondering what had just happen when five MA5B assault rifles open up and started spitting red hot lead at a frightening 1200 rounds per minute at the three elites, like killing a daddy long legs with a sledge hammer, you kill them but what a mess! The three Elites dropped to the floor in a mix of curses and blood filled throat gurgles. Brown and Hughes just lay there looking at the dead aliens, when suddenly five figures of smaller build than the elites moved into the room, their weapons searching the room for targets,
"It is ok Hughes its Shane!" yelled Brown standing up, a childish grin no his face,
"You guys really know how to make an entrance you know?"
"Tell me about it" replied Duncan, "Ok can we please go home now?"
"Yes Duncan, we can!" Replied Muller already walking towards the airlock, everyone else followed him. Soon they were all inside the fighter and speeding away from the Covenant warship, they were safe, they had done what they set out to do and now they could return home with honor. Duncan pulled out the disk throwing it to Shane,
"HQ better like it cause we aren't going back!" said Shane placing the disk in his left breast pocket. So ends another Successful mission of the Ghosts. And that's the end of that chapter!

Thanks for waiting so long to read this, been really busy, just got new pc and started playing Counter Strike, Unreal 2, UT 2003 and an old game Original War and totally forgot about my stories, and I fully intend to finish my long time gone series, it may take some time but it will happen! So tell me what you guys (and girls) think...