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Long Time Gone Part 21
Posted By: grylsy<grylsy@hotmail.com>
Date: 11 October 2004, 7:56 AM

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Long Time Gone Part 21: AMBUSH!

June 19th, 2550, Reach, third day of the 'Thirty Day Proving Battle', along road way #637, 137 kilometres from facility #6, in the dirt... 2044 hours, Camp #1 vs. Camp #6

       Fathoms had his men make ready their flares and they were slowly crawling behind the 'enemy'; which was Troopers from Camp #1. #1 had a single warthog, it wasn't really worth two SPNKr teams but it would still be a target for the men.

The Troopers from number one were extremely alert, their commander; who was riding shotgun in the Warthog, was keeping a constant watch on his men, calling for radio checks every minute. He was edgy, too edgy.

       Chambers and Susan were manning the M2HBA6 machine gun. Chris had his K48A2 set up on its bipod; it was shouldered and Michelle was standing buy with a drum ready to be loaded. All the troopers had one of their four, training grenades ready to be thrown when needed.

The troops were tense. Kelso knew it, but this would help them later in their military career. He only hoped none would fire a shot until he gave the order.

"There!" Exclaimed Michelle almost too loudly, NV goggles bobbing up and down on their mount. Chris couldn't see it because he didn't have his NV on.

"Michelle," he said, testing his grip on his weapon and making sure he was using the right sights to aim, "take those goggles off, when the flares go up their light will be magnified almost one hundred times and believe me, you won't want to have your goggles on then!" Michelle did what he said, not really because he said so; but because she didn't want to be blind...

       Kelso could finally see the faint light from a far off moon reflecting off the 'enemy's' armour. Also faint light blue lights barely recognisable shone from the enemy's NV goggles.

"Ok people," said Kelso, watching the enemy advance, "when I give the order open up with all you got, machine gunners," several 'huh's came over the radio, "spray to high heaven! Also people use your grenades if you can throw them. Alright sit tight, here they come!"

       Fathoms had the safety cap of his flare, ready to smack the end of the exposed flare against his chest plate to prime it; he and his men were hiding in some bushes 30 metres from the road edge, behind the layer of outward blowing mines, similar to the 21st century's 'Claymore' anti-personal mine.

The mortar crew had their target; well they only had to launch illumination rounds straight up every thirty seconds, they had the rounds laid out ready to be fired.

The enemy edge closer, looking over their backs, their commander called for another sit rep. They had just passed the 150 metre mark...

Michelle was watching their advance through a pair of binoculars with a range finder.

"140 metres... 130... 120... 110... 100..." Chris checked the bolt on his weapon; various clicks and flinks were heard as the Troops from Camp #6 removed their safeties, but the sounds were barely audible for the men of Camp #1 only 90 metres away now, their Warthog was drowning out the noise...

"Mortar team, GET READY!" Said Kelso over the comms, the mortar team had the round ready; holding the round half inside the top of the barrel.
"95... 90..." said Michelle taking a deep breath, "80!"

"FIRE!!" Yell Kelso as the mortar launched the round into the air. For half a second no one could see anyone, the Troopers from #1 only heard 'fire' and a mortar going off but they couldn't see any of the enemies. Then brightness erupted...

"AHHH! MY EYES, MY EYES!" Cried the enemy troops as their NV goggles made them blind for somewhere between three to five hours, having magnified the light 100 times. Only the ten or so men at the front and six at the back had the goggles on, the rest had been walking in the dim light, that was until all of this happened.

Chambers opened up as soon as the flare had erupted, spraying the ranks of half blind soldiers. Dropping at least nine before they could shoot back, the rest of the Troopers from #6 opened fire, the mortar kept launching illumination rounds. MA5B/C fire filled the air, drowning out the fire from the other weapons.

Camp #6's SPNKr crews targeted the Warthog and hit it as one, the shock wave incapacitating the three man crew which included the enemy commander. Then the remaining thirty or so enemy troops scattered off the road as Kelso had predicted. They ran into the line of mines along side the road, they went off with a flash as the electricity stunned the victims.

Fathoms and his troops had started throwing their grenades at the enemies. The fire fight lasted for about 30 seconds longer before Fathoms gave the all clear. The entire group of Troopers from Camp #1 had been eliminated! Kelso hadn't suffered a single casualty.

       The fact that they had won didn't mean they were all done; they had to sit around for a good hour before any Pelicans could arrive on the scene for EVAC. By then most of the Troopers from camp #1 had regained consciousness and were all sitting together around their Warthog.

They looked over at the men and women from Camp #6, most of them were whimpering because they had been beaten by a force with women soldiers. Their commander was even angrier. They had only three kilometres to go and then they would have won the mission. Just wait until I get my chance at ambush, Kelso, just you wait! Thought the man, using his NV goggles to look at the positions Kelso had chosen and was taking notes to set his up somewhat the same.

       "Shouldn't we talk to them?" Said one of men sitting near Chris; who had stripped his K48A2 and was cleaning it the best of his ability in the darkness.

"No," said another, "they're sulking, the little bitches, never seen anyone so stuck up!" The Trooper looked over at them and yelled, "Sore losers!" Various grunts and 'fucking campers' were yelled back.

"We were supposed to camp, dip shit!" Yelled Chris, not looking up, Chris got hit by something and looked to see they had thrown an un-primed grenade at him. Chris picked it up and looked over at them, he saw one give him the bird, he threw it! Screamed Chris' mind. Chris stood up and piffed it back at him and struck the man square on the forehead; he toppled over, looking half stoned.

"NICE FUCKING SHOT, MATE!" Yelled back some of the guys from #1, they were laughing at the unconscious Trooper, he was clearly their camp's asshole.

       The Pelicans came half an hour later, landing in a cloud of dust, the positions had been filled in with some help from the other camp. They had struck a cord between each other, they respected each other...

Kelso lead his men onto their Pelicans and settled in for a short journey back to base and then to another day spare to sit around and relax.

June 21st, 2550, Reach, fifth day of the 'Thirty Day Proving Battle', Camp #6 vs. Camp #2, 2203 hours, on the run.

       Chris held his MA5C single handed, signaling for Chambers, Foley and the two remaining mortar crew members too break cover and run for him. They had taken heavy casualties in an 'escape' scenario. Camp #6 was the escapees and had stopped for a five minute breather when they were ambushed by #2, they were the last five left, everyone else had been hit. The enemy had only suffered ten or less casualties.

Chris was the ranking Trooper left; they had nearly three kilometers to traverse before they were in position to call for EVAC. As long as at least two of them made it to the zone they could still win.

"Move your asses! Run like fuck!" Yelled Chris giving each of them a slight nudge as they ran past, Chris fired his weapon at the three enemy Troopers who had come running out of a small outcrop of trees; trying to keep up with the escapees, dropping them with a short burst, before running off behind his Troops. They had left the K48A2, M2HBA6 and the mortar back at the rest zone; Kelso and the rest of them men would look after the weapons when they came around.
"Listen," said one of the mortar crewmen who were both male, "me and Quan," the other crewman, "can hold them off for you three to high tail it to the point!" Chris didn't feel like leaving them behind.

"No you're staying with us, if it comes to it, we'll all turn and face them!" Said Chambers in a heroic voice, he gave Susan a look, she smiled at him, he smiled back.

       Chris felt a stitch coming on after another 1.5 kilometres, they were half way there and they hadn't seen or heard anyone behind them.

"Hey," said Chris, heaving for breath, "everyone, stop, I'm feeling a little weak," Chris raised his goggles and used a gloved finger to wipe away sweat and dirt that was forming, "you go on without me, just give me your grenades!"

"No time for fucking heroics, man" said Chambers handing over his grenades anyway.

"What the fuck are you doing Chambers?" said Chris, Chambers stopped, "you're supposed to say 'I'll stay with you' for fucks sake!" Chambers gave a chuckle.

"Yeah, alright," the others handed over their remaining grenades and some spare clips. Susan gave Chambers a kiss for good luck, then the three others ran off.

"Bastard..." said Chris taking cover behind a tree, Chambers did the same with a smile on his face, "better stop smiling or they might see your teeth!" Chambers gave another Chuckle over the comms, "I ain't joking, man, I fucking mean it!" Chambers' face faded to a frown, but he was smiling on the inside!

       They didn't have to wait long before a lone scout came sneaking along, he or she kept to the outside of the trail, looking for signs of their passing. The scout had NV goggles on but he couldn't see McAllen or Chambers watching him from behind two trees.

Chris tapped the send key on his radio pad, causing a slight break in the static to get Chambers' attention; Chris drew his knife and did a motion for Chambers to throw something. Chambers gave a nod. The scout was almost 10 metres away from them looking in the general direction of their hiding positions behind the trees.

A rock landed several metres behind the scout, they turned and Chris charged the man, his training knife drawn; Chris only had to allow any part of the blade to remain in contact with the man for a second to render them unconscious. Chris grabbed the man in a choke hold and threw him to the ground. He held the blunt edge to his throat for one second. The man was instantly shocked and knocked out.

Chambers gave two taps on the send key to get Chris' attention, he pointed toward a group of trees; a slight curse as someone step on a twig got his attention, the enemy was coming...

       Chris had hidden the body in a clump of bushes, not before registering the position on his GPS so the medics could find him if his helmet's locater didn't work.

The enemy group emerged from the trees, there were only 12 of them, and they were all wearing light green, 'cover all' easy fit camouflage. Chris looked at his uniform, he was wearing the standard black night ops uniform that was the default they had received and all wore under 'cover all'.

Chris held his MA5C tightly by the front grip that was built within the trigger guard with the forward hands' thumb in with the trigger finger. Chris removed the magazine seeing how many rounds were left; as the MA5C had the ammunition counter removed for more conventional iron sights, the magazine had almost two thirds still in it.

       Chris press his back up against the hardness of the tree, trying to be as protected as possible; MA5C held tightly in front of his face. Chris protruded a grenade from his webbing, nodding to Chambers to do the same as he removed the pin with his teeth.

The twelve enemy Troopers were leap frogging each others movements, trying to stay together. Their weapons were ready; scanning in front of them, one of the men went to make a dash through a seemingly normal bush until he tripped over something.

"Fuck!" He yelled getting up.

"Can it, Wolski!" Said the squad's authority figure. 'Wolski' looked to see what he tripped on and saw a black combat boot sticking out from the plant.

"HOLY FUCK!" He cried, "Sarge look at this!" Chris could hear the foot steps and the snapping of twigs.

"Hmm, they can't far off!" Said the man. Chris gave Chambers another nod and mouth 'one, two three!'

"Not as far as you think, Sarge!" Said Chambers in his most dim witted voice, sounding like an uneducated South American. Chris threw the primed grenade left handed straight behind his tree, Chambers threw his as well but he threw his further behind the enemy force. They heard the 'oh fuck's and 'grenade!'s. But it was too late for the enemy...


The grenades went off; causing a slight shock wave through the trees and a small rumble felt through the ground. Chris leap out the right side of the tree, firing hard, going for leg shots to instantly incapacitate. Chambers did the same but he had swung out from the left of his tree. The constant buzzing whir of MA5Cs firing stopped and the clinging of empty casings; hitting each other as they hit the ground and rolled to meet each other once more, echoed through the small wooded area.

Chris hit the magazine release, it hit the ground with a hollow thud, smoke drifted into his nostrils, he breathed it out and looked at the tangled mess of unconscious bodies littered before him. Even though they were unconscious but I bet they could still felt the pain off being doubled over like that...

       Chambers had been hit once and he plucked the stunning round of his vest, it didn't leave a mark as the stun round had hit the vest and expanded outwards, like hollow point ammunition.

"That didn't hurt as much as a real bullet!" Said Chambers; knowing from experience.

"But if they hit your eye your still going to go blind," Chris' voice was somewhat deprived of emotion, he just scanned the area.

"Take it easy," said Chambers, detecting the lack of emotion, "it's just a game!" Chambers gave a slight chuckle.

"No," said Chris, he flicked the safety off his MA5C, "it's not a game, it's survival of the fittest!" Chris whipped up his MA5C and gave a small out-crop of trees to the right a healthy dose of vitamin L; that is of course if it was actually lead...

       An unprimed grenade rolled out from under the brush, Chambers' mouth was open in awe.

"Check them out," said Chris, "I'll cover." Chambers swallowed and searched the brush, he found one Trooper; his vest and lower body covered in shock rounds.

"There's no one els..." Chambers stopped as a sudden burst of a radio transmission came over the net work...

"SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!" Said a female voice over the radio.

"Susan..." exclaimed Chambers letting out a worried breath.

"Quan and the other guy are hit!" Gunfire could be heard over the radio and then several seconds later the sound would reach Chris' and Chambers' position.

"What?" Said Chambers over the comms, "what's happening!?"

"The enemy is what's happening!" Screamed Susan, "they were waiting for us! They're behind a small mound, it should be easy to find, Quan and that's' bodies are in front of it." Susan fired another burst, "you won't make it in time for me so go around, get behind them, for all they know you're dead, just g... AHHH" Susan screamed the transmission ended abruptly.

       Chambers was sprinting, going as fast as he could, jumping over tree roots, trying to get to Susan.

"Chambers will you slow the fuck down!?" Said Chris from several metres behind him, "its too late for her!"

"I know, but I got to see if she's alright!" Yelled Chambers not looking back at his friend.

"At least take her advice! No kamikaze bullshit this time, lets go around, batty the shits where they least expect it!"

"We don't know how many are left though?" Chambers had a point.

"Well, together we've taken out thirteen in the past 10 minutes, they lost ten back at the stop, should be more than fifteen or twenty!" Exclaimed Chris gaining another step on Chambers; who suddenly stopped...

"Fifteen or twenty!?" He yelled, turning to face his comrade, "we don't stand a snow ball's chance in hell against that!" Chris looked at his watch, they had an hour before they had to be onboard a drop ship to win.

"Look, bitch!" Said Chris in a serious way, "we've confronted and bet more than that many Rebels back in the Congo, we actually got hit thought but so what? The other guys are Alien fighters, not human fighters, we have an edge in that!" Chambers was looking hard at him.

"I'll trust you on that but if I lose an eye or anything to a stun round, I'll take one of yours!" Chris laughed, "oh I'm serious!" Chris swallowed, sometimes Chambers' could be very intimidating! "And anyway you're the bitch!" They both laughed...