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Long Time Gone Part 14
Posted By: grylsy<grylsy@hotmail.com>
Date: 9 September 2004, 12:18 PM

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Long Time Gone Part 14: Any Hole is the Goal

       The flight was extremely boring. All the troopers seemed to do was eat, sleep, talk and bitch about 'are we there yet?' The atmosphere was laid back, the Troopers enjoyed what little R n' R they could get. What the really needed was some target practice but being only Leopard class frigate. These vessels were designed for quick and brutal retaliation against who ever asked for it...

Chris awoke from an unusually long nap from his extremely hard bed. His head was full of thoughts, half of which didn't make sense. What was suddenly clear in a dream suddenly made no sense. Chris sat up in bed forgetting he was on the bottom and smacked his head into the metal frame holding Chambers' mattress aloft. He flopped back down in bed giving a loud curse and then getting out of bed.

The other Troopers were crowded around the TV set near some chairs listening to the latest updates on the War; many of the shots were of far away barren lands which names could never be revealed to anyone under Vice Admiral of the Office of Navy Intelligence.

       Chris took a seat and watched an over payed over weight bald man talk about a war he knew nothing about; this went on for some hours. The troops just watched TV, eventually stopping at 1700 for a light dinner before a customary run around the ship's cargo hold and then a game of baseball as well.

       Master-Sargeant Daemon Kelso drew his side arm and fired off an entire clip, scoring 95% accuracy on the target dummy, which is a pass for him to stay on active duty, and most of all, to keep him on Instructor duty.

Kelso was a Shock Trooper, one of the best on Reach. His tales of battle were told by all of the hardened recruits. For not any Marine could join the Shock Troopers. It took a special kind of Marine, a smart, well educated, quick thinker and most of all not afraid of heights kind of man or woman.

One of the main principles behind the Shock Troopers was for it to be able to deploy its soldiers from any hover capable bird with post hast. A special Squadron of Shock Troopers even trained to be parachutists. Their name being the same as the German World War 2 paratroopers; the Fallschirmjäger. Fallschirmjäger in English basically meant 'hunters from the sky,' a name that truly spoke of how they acted.

But the majority of the Shock Troopers learnt to abseil and repel from aerial assault vehicles (AAVs). Kelso holstered his weapon and filled out the log book for the use of the training quarters. He looked at the clock on the wall; in 36 hours he would have several hundred more Shock Troopers to take through basic, Shock Trooper basic is the equivalent of UNSC Marine advanced Combat Training skills level 3.

Kelso smiled to himself, thinking what he would do until then. The men and women who are about to join the ranks are going to be in for one hell of a surprise...

       Chris walked around the mess hall; his side had lost at base ball and weren't feeling too happy. Chris had the same slop as he usually had, a so called Chicken Kiev which was more like a shit burger covered in a stale bread crumbs... Wait a minute, he thought, they always used stale bread crumbs for crumbed foods...

"Ah well," said Chris, "another day down, only a day and a half until we get to Reach."

"And then to Shock Trooper school," said Chambers finishing off what was supposed to be a chicken dinner.

"For you guys," said Michelle, "we are already qualified Shock Trooper training, we don't have to redo training." Chris was sitting opposite to Michelle, she was swirling some spaghetti on a fork on her plate, looking at it twirl, not looking up.

"Better go have a shower, these things stink like shit!" Said Chris sniffing his PT gear and feigning a really bad smell, He walked over to his foot locker and checked over the belonging which he had gotten from the ships store. He took a clean pair of fatigues from the box and a towel and headed for the shower block.

"You know, I might go have one too," said Michelle standing up and walking over to her foot locker and grabbing a towel and clean clothes and headed for the shower block as well.

       Chris turned on the shower after removing his clothes and stepping into one of the stained plexi-glass showers. Steam filled the room immediately impairing vision. Chris was washing his legs when he felt someone come in and close the cubicle door.

"Ah, someone's in here, you know?" He said trying to sound as tough as possible.

"I know," said a voice that sounded all too familiar, Chris snapped around while still someone bent over and saw a pair of amply sized breast right in front of his eyes. He jumped back, running into the fossette switches.

"What the fuck are you doing in here?" he asked a hand reaching for his towel,

"Well, I was hoping I could be doing you..." she said with a wry smile and crash tackling Chris to the ground. He didn't resist, he just let the women caress his chest, they kissed on the warm floor. The war, duty and everything else went out the window, all they wanted was each other...

       15 minutes had passed and Chambers was wondering what the hell McAllen was doing in the shower block. He knew Chris was a bit of a hygiene guy but no one spends 15 minutes in the shower anymore!

He stood up and went into the shower block, several other troopers followed, even two of the other females in the squad. They entered the misty block. Their eyes searching for their comrades. Chambers called out;


"HE'S DOING ME!" Cried back a high pitched, excited voice. The troopers rushed over to the cubicle and saw McAllen and Michelle hard at it.

"OI! BUGGAR OFF!" Cried McAllen, "When you're with your girlfriends I don't perve on you so go away!" The troopers did so.

"Nice, Chris, very nice," said Michelle, climbing off him and sitting on the floor next to him, "now the entire platoon knows."

"So?" said Chris, he needed a good 'servicing', and since he had no idea that Alison was heading to Reach he didn't really think about her. Michelle seemed like a nice girl.

"SO? Well yeah I suppose you are right; there isn't any law against us having relations as long as they don't interfere with our deployments." Chris turned off the shower and stood up, collecting the two towels, throwing one to Michelle, who instantly put hers on.

"What are you doing? I just saw you it's not like anyone else is in here!" Chris walked out of the cubicle where half the squad was huddled trying to listen in, they saw his 'equipment' the females started whispering between themselves, just as Michelle walked out; a towel on, straight into the female's toilets. Chris just wrapped a towel around his lower body, grabbed his clothes and walked to the male toilet. Chris got changed into his pressed uniform, walked out, dodged fellow troopers' questions and went to the mess hall.

       To his surprise Chris saw Chambers sitting at a table by himself, staring at a wall, his face was deprived of emotion. Chris sat down in front of his view, and waved a hand in front of his eyes.

"Hey, Chambers!" he cried, "what's the matter?" Chambers snapped back to reality, his eyes blinking very fast, he shook his head and gave his friend a long look into his eyes, a hard serious look on his face, suddenly that look changed to a broad smile.

"So," he said in a low hushed voice, "how was it?" Chris started to blush.

"Well, in a word... great! Best I've ever had," Chris said rubbing his chin, feeling the stubble, he wanted to let it grow but regulations also prevented that.

"Oh," said Chambers, looks of disappointment flooded his face.

"What? What's wrong?" said Chris, his hand reaching over for Chamber's, Chambers pulled away, like a frightened animal, "tell me you inconsiderate, bastard!" Chambers eased at the mock comment.

"Well, you know how I said I had a girl friend back in the states?" Chris' mind reflected back to when he and Chambers were in hospital together.

"Yeah, so what? You getting horny or something?"

"NO, no, no, well, ah, yeah, sort of," Chambers' face changed to one of someone trying to do something they didn't want to but had too, "the thing is, I'm a virgin."

"That all?" Said Chris, he thought Chambers didn't seem laid back enough around women, well he didn't either but he wasn't a virgin, and he had the whole squad to back him up now! "Being a virgin isn't going to make you any less of a fighter, Michael, we were all virgins once and some of us may die a virgin, but so help me god, before we die, you're gonna get laid, even if I have to pay some chick to do it!"

"Gee, thanks" said Chambers, not sounding to enthusiastic.'

"Come on, it'll be fun,"

"Eh," said Chambers making a flicking gesture with his hand.

"Stop being a sulking prick!"

"Hey I wasn't the one fucking the Sargeant in the shower block!"

"I bet you wish it was you though, huh?"

"Yeah!" They both broke out into laughter.

"You're alright, Chambers, you're alright..."

"Yeah, you too, buddy!"