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Long time gone part 3
Posted By: grylsy<grylsy@hotmail.com>
Date: 20 August 2003, 10:49 AM

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Long time gone part 3: rough ride

Chris slept well besides some awful dreams of someone poking him in his left kidney repeatedly. Chris awoke to the smell of 2 men rations being cooked, it was basically dried leaves and dirt, well that's what most Marines thought. Chris was about to jump to his feet but notice something on his right shoulder he looked. It was Alison resting her head on his shoulder as she slept, she was snoring softly on her exhales. Chris noticed she still had her finger on her trigger, but he couldn't see if she still had his USP he gave her. Probably in her Guillie suit he thought. Chris slowly got up holding Alison's head as he moved, he soon was up right, then he noticed a pain around his left kidney where he dreamed he was hurt. Chris looked closely where he had slept there was a small pool of dry blood with a few small fresh droplets, he look at his armour, HE HAD BEEN SHOT!

"AH FUCK! THAT SKINNY BASTARD SHOT ME!" Chris yelled rushing for a field dressing to put on the wound, everyone looked at him like he was crazy.
"Faulkner! Get up and patch McAllen up!' The Sargent's voiced boomed over the intercom. Soon Harry Faulkner was applying a field bandage on Chris' wound, when he was finished Chris removed his Spectra Vest and examined the bullet hole, the bullet had just pierced the skin, and it must have ripped his skin while he slept. Everyone was awake now, Alison included she was looking at Chris' wound,
"Those it hurt?" She asked,
"Not really it's just that I got shot!" Chris replied.
"Join the club!" Chambers said walking over to Chris and Alison with a slight limp, it was obvious that his wound was still sore. Chambers leaned on his CAWS as he spoke,
"This ought to get me out of combat for a week or two McAllen yours will probably give you three to four days tops."
"Doesn't really matter Chambers" Chris replied. The whole patrol was looking at the dead Congolese Rebels.

A few hundred kilometres away.
"Get that dead fucker out of here now!" Yelled General GŁtt Shutze at one of his Soldiers, his German accent strong. It was a mess dead Rebels and Coalition Troops lay dead everywhere, the Rebels had hit the Coalition hard, they wanted to crush all resistance and conquer the country but as long as they Coalition were here they couldn't.
"Yes, sir!" Yelled the Trooper picking up the dead rebel and carrying him over to the heap, there must have been nearly 300 bodies piled up there.
It had been a tough night, the Rebels had launched a full scale attack against the Coalition and it had cost both sides dearly, all the Rebel assaults had been dealt with in a true American way, 'shoot 'em all and let god sort 'em out'. No prisoners were taken, only around 300 of the Rebels who attacked survived to flee, all the wounded had 'mysteriously' died during the night and HQ didn't care, they were more concerned about patrols who had been unable to contact them during the skirmish GŁtt looked around his command post, half of his staff were either dead or nearly dead, suicide bombers had attack the HQ at dusk and before and radio messages could be sent out they had destroyed the radio tents. It had been a small group of Rebels first but then another group came top help them and this went on most of the night a small group would join with another making a big group and then they would attack the HQ. They would then be beaten back (causing a few casualties each time) and then they would do it all again. GŁtt was happy, he had stopped a Rebel attack will minimal loses to Coalition troops, now to see if he could save some troops in the field. GŁtt called out to his remaining Radio Officer,
"Walters! See if you see what happened too Screaming Eagle!"
"Yes, Sir!" the Marine ran off with his rifle hung over his shoulder. He then came back, "Ah sir, they destroyed the radios..." GŁtt looked at him, they had!
"Well go use a radio in one of the Warthogs or trucks!" The Radioman ran off again.

Chris was now eating a ration for two by himself, bleeding was hungry work! Chris looked down to his side, the L62 LMG belts were still around his torso but the one of his left had blood smeared over it because of his wound. Chris looked back to the main group, they were crowded around the radio, and they were trying to call HQ.
"This is Screaming Eagle, we have wounded and need EVAC!" Captain Walters screamed into the radio. SILENCE then suddenly a voice replied,
"Ah, nice to hear you Screaming Eagle, we'll get a 'Whale' out to you in a half hour just stick by the LZ near Shadow Watch and you'll be fine, HQ out."
"Well there you have it Marines, we're getting us a ride out of here!" the Captain said, he looked a little more happy now that he and his Marines will now get out here alive. Chris looked at the group they were cheering and patting each other on the shoulder, they must have gotten onto HQ Chris thought.

Flight Lieutenant Jerry Kaiser was the pilot of 'Whale' Hotel one-nine-five and was lifting the big dropship off the landing pad,
"Looks like its gonna be a busy day!" Jerry said to his Co pilot Ricky Walsh, she was you average woman, mildly handsome and soft voice, she wasn't much for words. Ricky just nodded and checked the instruments, she gave Jerry the thumbs up. In the back of the Whale a group of Marines acted as the dropship's gunners and covered the ship as they landed in hostile territory, they would fan out and protect the ship and it's five-man crew, the Marines used a variety of weapons, but mostly had MA5Bs and MP .375s, one of them even had a RPG-12. The 3 other crew members were Machine gunners manning the L62s on the side and the LAAG mounted at the rear cargo door, in the cargo area the ship could hold 3 Scorpion tanks but only one tank could be transported at a time as it was too heavy to carry 3 of them. 5 Warthogs could fit in the also, the cargo bay was empty at the moment except for the Marines and 3 gunners, they were talking to each other. The Whale took 20 minutes to get to where Captain Walters and his patrol had radio HQ, the ship landed slow only the dusty outskirts of the old village, the ship's guards disembarked and spread out. Some of the guards helped the other Marines get onto the ship, Chambers was walking over to the ship with his arms around to Marines, they were basically dragging him towards the ship! Chris walked over to the ship with out any problems, he took a seat next to Chambers and Davies, and Alison was sitting next to the Sargent and Faulkner the medic. Soon they were all aboard and then the Marine guard's officer blew a whistle and all the spread out Marines ran to the ship, they all took appropriate seats and the gunners went to their guns, well the Cargo gun was left unmanned as the cargo door was closed.

Alfred Barnes, the Squad's machine gunner joined the gunner on the right side of the Whale and strapped himself in so he was standing on a rail outside the ship and had a safety harness hold him on the ship. His L62 was hanging on a sling this was so he could aim without the weight of the machine gun on his hands. The ship took off in a explosion of dust and a mighty roar. In 5 minutes of flying they had covered nearly 25Kilometres, but as they reached the 30 kilometre mark, the gunner on the left hand side gave a shout.
"There's Skinnies down on the left," said the gunner as he gave the Rebels a squirt from his L62, he fired burst after burst, the Guard Marine with the RPG-12 came over to the door he yelled to the pilot.
"Kaiser, bring us round so I can ram a rocket down these Skinny necks!"
"Wilco" said the pilot, the big ship began to turn around, on the ground the Rebels yelled to each other,
"Get a rocket the Capitalists are coming back!" they grabbed Anti-Air missiles and fired them towards the Whale, none of the rockets hit, the Guard with the RPG-12 primmed the Rocket Propelled Grenade by pulling the pin out of the head of the rocket, he shoulder the weapon and lined up the nearest Rebel group, the rocket launched with a slight hissing sound, it swirled towards it's target. BANG it exploded and killed nearly 5 Rebels in the blast, this also set off the Rebel's ammunition, the rest of the Rebels thought attacking this ship wasn't such a good idea, they rushed off into the jungle yelling at each.

"Nice shot Smith!" Yelled Kaiser from the pilot seat,
"It was nothing really, I love this job!" replied Smith, his RPG-12 smoking, the gunner on the left hand side was still firing short controlled burst towards the Rebels. Soon the gunner stopped, as they were soon out of range of the Rebels, the Whale continued it's flight towards the HQ. About 12 minutes later the Whale came into view of the HQ and some of the base personal greeted them with waves and shouts, but no shouts could be heard, as the engines were too loud. The ship set down and several medics rushed over to the ship and removed Chris and Chambers from the ship, even though their wounds were not serious the may have gone into shock if they moved too fast. Chris and Chambers did not join the rest of the squad for a debriefing as they went to the nearest field hospital, Chris gave Alison the thumbs up as he was seated into civilian 4X4 with Chambers and they drove off. Alison waved as they drove off, she joined the rest of the squad in the debriefing, it was the usual stuff, how many did you kill? When did they attack? Ammunition usage (so technicians could issue them some ammo when they left the debriefing) and any recommendations for bravery, both Chris and Chambers would receive a Purple Heart for being wounded, Alison was commended for her sniping and received a Marksmanship medal. Chris and Chambers would both be in hospital for 1 week and the squad would receive a three day pass to the town on the same day as Chris and Chambers get out of hospital, but for now the squad had to help with around the base duties such as sentry work, manning machine gun posts, collecting the dead's weapons and helping clear the dead bodies from the perimeter.

Sorry this part is so late, a friend gave me Diablo 2 and I got caught up playing that, but I will try and manage 1 part a week, maybe 2 if I can spare some time from home work and house jobs! Please tell me what you think...