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long Time Gone part 2
Posted By: grylsy<grylsy@hotmail.com>
Date: 5 August 2003, 10:28 AM

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Lone Time gone part two: hammer time

Chris walked at the second last position of the patrol as Alison was behind him, he wasn't holding his FAL he was fiddling around with his USP, and his rifle was on its sling across his back. The USP was small for a handgun of its calibre, it had a blue chrome finish and a light trigger for double tapping (a technique when you fire off two rounds in a quick succession and only suffer the recoil of one shot). It was empty as Chris held it and he cleaned it with his handkerchief, its slide was flung back showing anyone watching him that it was empty.

"Nice piece" Alison remark looking over Chris' shoulder,
"Thanks I've only ever fired it at the shooting ranges and I was hoping I get a chance to use it here." Chris was looking around for any signs of the enemy, they had been walking for an hour and his boots were killing him, they were about one size to small but he hadn't complain when he got them, he was just happy to be in the Military.

Alison wasn't on the squad's channel, she had her Walkman playing through her head set and was listening to music, she wasn't looking around for un-friendlies, she was more concerned of getting out of this mess alive. She hadn't been drafted like many other Marines; she had volunteered but didn't think she'd get posted to the Congo. It was getting hot in the trees, it was all most dusk and it was still about 39 degrees Celsius, and Alison's Guillie suit wasn't helping to keep her cold, it kept in a lot of heat, she unzipped the front revealing her LBA (Light body armour, it was issued to snipers, as they wouldn't be found in the thick of it and wouldn't need armour like Chris and his fellow Troopers).

"Ok Squad, we'll be near the village in 5 minutes, prepare yourselves anyway you can", the Captain's voice called over the radio. Chris tapped Alison turned to look at Alison and gestured to his earpiece and pointed to her, she understood looking at her received messages over her HUD on her left arm. She read the message and turned off her Walkman. Chris put a magazine in the USP and flicked the slide release button and it snapped forward pulling a .45 177 grain jacketed round into the chamber. He placed it into its holster and got his FAL out and shouldered it and looked left to right to see if he was comfortable with the swing, he was. The lead Trooper, Micheal Chambers was changing magazines in his CAWS (Close Assault Weapon System) it was a 10 shot fully automatic 12 Gauge shotgun, Micheal changed the magazine from a BS (buckshot) clip to a Polycore slugs designed for use against LBA. Alison zipped her Guillie suit back up and checked her S4's clip and opened a few magazine pouches so she could reload quicker. It was gonna be tough there were only 8 Troops in the Squad including the Captain and the Sarge.

They made it to the village and looked around, NO ONE IN SIGHT. Chris looked around he saw five, old cement and thatched roofed houses, which consisted the village, it looked deserted. He prepared two of his grenades, a high explosive and a smoke grenade, other Marines did simular things with their grenades. The Captain took in a deep breath, he didn't like it, Intelligence hadn't been wrong before, but they said there was heavy enemy activity in the area.
"Perhaps they shifted camp, sir?" One of the Marines asked,
"Maybe Private, but still we gotta check it out. Davies," Private Michelle Davies stood up she was the other female in the group she had a MA5B and a USP. "Ok, Davies you and Chambers go and check out the village, give us a holler if it's clear, ok move out solider!" Davies hurried off with Chambers, Chambers was leading the way with his CAWS, and they approach the first hut, nothing.

They entered the second hut, still nothing, not even a sign of if anyone had been in there lately.
"Maybe they don't live in the houses?" Chambers asked covering the door as Davies looked around, "they might you know, use it as a meeting point?"
"Could be, but I won't feel safe until we check all the houses."
"Agreed!" Exclaimed Chambers. Davies left the hut first, they entered the third hut still nothing, the fourth, you guessed it NOTHING!
"Ah fuck this! They ain't been no one here for 3 years at least!" Chambers was getting tired of doing his entry moves into every hut.
"Quiet down we still got one more to go!" Davies answered. They checked the last hut nothing. Davies waved to the rest of the Patrol signalling it was clear. They all moved as one and met at the centre of the village.
"The whole place is clean sir not a trace" Davies said to the Captain.
"Ok then we'll call in a Dropship for EVAC," The Captain walked over the Radio man called Miller Reeve, Miller handed him the Radio, " HQ this is Screaming Eagle we need EVAC, designated objective Shadow Watch, the bread is not in the basket I repeat, the bread is not in the basket! Check with Intel, we can see no signs of enemy activity here for a long, long time." The Captain waited for a reply... static and nothing more.
"What the fuck are we to do now, SIR?!" Chambers asked, the Captain didn't look at him he just stood there rubbing his weathered face, many scars showed how he had gotten to his rank. His name tag was very hard to read, if you looked close enough it said 'Walters', Chris had heard the Sergeant call the Captain Jimmy, so he guessed the Captain's name was Jimmy Walters.

Alison wasn't with the main group she had already taken up a Sniper position and had her rifle ready.
"Captain this is Parker I'm in position", Alison informed the Captain over the intercom.
"Good, Parker, McAllen get up there and help Parker!" The Captain was making it clear if they were going to stay in the village they should do it the sensible way. Chris walked over to a bunch of trees, following his HUD's compass, pointing to where Alison was, there was a tracking beacon in every HUD and it contained data about the Solider who owned it. It contained blood type, hair and eye colour they were basically medical records, they also told the Medic of the Squad where the Solider was hit.

Harry Faulkner was the Squads Medic, he was still green and hadn't seen much bloodshed and liked to keep it that way. Chris by then had found Parker and was lying down next to her with his binoculars out and was watching to the South and South East.
"Wonder why HQ didn't get the radio message?" Alison asked, she was cleaning her rifle and making sure the scope was securely fastened to the weapon.
"Dunno," Chris said looking around, " Maybe the trees caused some interference?"
"Possible" Alison Replied.

Walters was repeatedly sending the message but to no avail. This all went on for some hours, it was well and truly dark then, and everyone had they Night Vision goggles on, they had posted two sentries and Chris and Alison were still in the undergrowth. The rest of the squad was in the centre of the village trying to get some rest after a long days walk, some Marines were eating K BAR rations they were the chocolate bars and they were hard as rocks. Sometime around 2am a shot was fired, and this brought everyone to arms, the Marines that were in the village were already forming a defensive circle around the village, the two sentries rejoined the main group. The shot had been fired by Alison, her 10X powered scope illuminated by the NV setting on the scope was being aimed at Rebel troops as they came walking into the clearing where the Marines had come and the Sentries didn't think it was necessary to guard the rear as they thought it was clear but they were wrong. BANG! Alison's S4 barked again, another Rebel fell over in a pool of his own blood. Chris had his FN FAL out and was emptying clip after clip into the enemy mass. There must have been nearly a hundred Rebels walking up the track, they were pretty easy targets for the Sniper and spotter as they where holding fire torches above their heads.
"The enemy is coming up the rear!" Chris yelled, he could barely be cleared by his fellow Marines has his FAL blocked his voice out but the direction of his tracer rounds showed them where the Rebels were. Chambers was the first to respond to this, he raised his CAWS and let go the full clip of polycore slugs into the masses a few fell to this, he reloaded in BS and tried again. Alison was having problems reloading her rifle all the time and reached for Chris' USP which was in easy reach of here, she took it from his thigh holster. Chris noticed this looked at her, shrugged and returned back to the fight. Alison raised the pistol, which fitted her hands very well and fired off a shot, a rebel fell over , she fired another shot and another rebel fell over, she liked this gun. Chris pulled the pin off one of his Frags and yelled, "FIRE IN THE HOLE" into his mouthpiece as he threw it into the group of rebels. Boom! There were around fifteen left. Chris reloaded his FAL and stood up to get a better shot, just then a rebel saw Chris, the rebel raised his M16A5 and fired off a single shot, Chris didn't feel a pain so he knew it must have missed, so Chris gave the Skinny a burst and he fell over dead.

The Captain led the final charge against the remaining rebels, everyone got stuck in, the rebels were all dead in a matter of minutes. The Marines did a sound off, everyone was there, only Chambers had been hit, a bullet had grazed his left hip, it was a lucky shot, it had had gone through the Spectra Vest and hit his hip. Soon Chambers was all bandaged up and had just taken a shot of morphine. He laid down near a hut and fell asleep.
"Looks like a good idea," the Sargent said looking at Chambers, "Alright ladies and gents get some rest you'll need it, me and Davies will be on Sentry duty!" Davies swore at this. Chris gave Alison his USP, holster, spare clips and the silencer, he said she should keep it as she was a better shot than he was and she'd need it more. That done Chris walked over to the nearest Hut and fell asleep.

That is the end of the second chapter please tell me if you like it.