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Long Time Gone Part 9
Posted By: grylsy<grylsy@hotmial.com>
Date: 24 January 2004, 10:54 AM

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Long Time Gone Part 8: We're outta' here

       The Rebels moved slow but steady, guns up, eyes wide open for targets, classic military moves.

Chris knelt down next to the MA5B HB (Heavy Barrel) SAW (squad Automatic Weapon) Gunner; he had his weapon trained on the advancing Rebels.

"Why aren't you shooting?" Asked Chris who him self hadn't fired a shot along with the other Troopers.

"They're not shooting at us!" came his reply.

"How can you tell?"

"A hiss means it was close and a..." *PING* Came the ricocheting sound as a bullet hit their barricade of samsonite containers, "Now they're shooting at us!" Another shell flew over their heads. The Gunner turned to Hans.

"Sir, they're shooting at us, SIR!" Hans gave him an idiot's look.

"Well shoot back...!"

At the same time he raised his own rifle and gave off a short burst 2 Rebels fell over instantly. Having got his orders the SAW Gunner lowered himself down to the same level as his tripod mounted machine gun, cocked it, 'shouldered' it and gave a very LONG burst, almost 40 bullets, and the forward ranks of the Rebels fell over, but when one died another instantly took his place. They were still over 270 of them there, chanting their war cries firing their weapons into the air.

One of the elders spoke his slow and accented voice,

"Onward brave brothers! Today we spill Capitalist Pigs blood!" With that the Rebels chanting became almost screaming. Another bullet slammed overhead.

"Ah, fuck this!" Cried a Trooper hiding behind the barricade firing widely at the enemy who didn't seem to notice their friends dieing next to them. Chris raised his M61 SMG and let loose a shot, the round fell short ricocheting at the Rebels feet.

"PIECE OF SHIT!" He yelled raising the gun a little higher and fired another shot, finally a Rebel fell over, he whispered quietly to the weapon, "I still think you're a piece of shit!"

GŁtt received a fierce jab in the ribs from his captors, gaining his attention. GŁtt had been thinking about what the man said.

"I see you have a lot on your mind General, perhaps you want to ask me a question? I will allow you to ask ONE question but then we ill go and see what is left of your mighty Shock Troopers", said the White suited man sitting in GŁtt's bullet riddened leather arm chair that was behind his overturned desk.

GŁtt looked up at the ceiling, drew a breath and started to talk, "I don't understand how you can restore Africa back to its FORMER glory when it never had any to begin with? For Christ sakes Africa was a shit hole 500 years ago and still is! If it was up to me I'd let you have the fucking place but no these are my orders and I intend to accomplish them, so tell what former glory?"

The white suited man swivelled in the chair spinning around, "I love that... well anyway; as usual you and every other capitalist seem to forget what Africa had. Before the Democrats took over, Africa was one of the worlds leaders in biological weaponry, but its projects were handed over to the United States by the new leaders in a hope for peace between the two. It had one of the largest Military Forces in the world, it even had some of the most modern equipment, but the Democrats disbanded almost two-thirds of their military might as another sign of friendship."

"It is possibly the most resource richest country on Earth; do you know what a man or his country could do with the funds from those resources?" GŁtt shook his head and said, "Probably one of those fucked up things, assholes like you do!"

The man gave the guard next to GŁtt a look, he jabbed GŁtt in the ribs again. "I said you could only have ONE question!" he yelled at the General, "well in lack of your thinking power in what I could do with the money from Africa's resources I could build an army capable of destroying you all and most importantly the enemy you call, 'the Covenant', I know your pitiful UNSC is trying everything to stop them, I even hear they are attempting to find their home world and attack it. I for see this as a defeat, what I can do different you ask? With Africa's greatest minds we can create a virus that can be spread by humans but not affect them and kill the Covenant with out lifting a finger. Yet I know what you are thinking Herr General, and the answer is yes, I have already created a specimen of this virus, we have made it so it can kill the average 'Grunt' in 2.6 seconds after exposure.

"The 'exposure' is either physical, by touch or airborne, like the flu. So even if your boys are locked away the airborne virus will float around the ship and kill all the Covenant, but we are yet to kill any other Covenant creature as we are finding it most difficult to find a test subject as the only way to capture a Covenant is to kill them, but the Grunts are chicken shits and surrender at the earliest point. Death is caused by liquidation of organs and bone tissue; after it is dead you basically have a bag of skin." GŁtt held back his anger, this asshole has the weapon we dream about, he could save humanity against hopeless odds, yet he has no intention of helping the UNSC . GŁtt let out a deep sigh, the sigh of someone who knows it is hopeless to resist.

"Now Herr General let us go and see your 'Elite' Soldiers in action, from what I have heard I believe they are right now, fighting for their lives". GŁtt's Guard ushered him out of the room with a few jabs and pushes they pushed him into the backseat of a nearby car, the white suited man sat in the passenger seat, one guard drove and the other sat next to GŁtt with his rifle's barrel touching the floor and the butt was leaning against the forward chair. The guard had his pistol drawn, and said in very slow and easy to understand English, "noooo funnnneeee stuff!" GŁtt just nodded in agreement.

The car's tires squealed in protest as the driver gun the engine, they raced down the endless streets of the Congo's Capital, street after street went past GŁtt's eyes, he almost felt car sick.

       The fighting was getting worse now, the Rebels were only 200 metres away and were firing accurately, nearly every shock trooper had been hit even Chris and Chambers were, but the hits did no damage thanks to the advanced anti-ballistic armour they all wore. Chris' cheap M61 was running low on ammunition. Nearly all the men were out of ammunition. Chambers was shooting accurately with his MA5B and killing a Rebel every 7 or so shots sometimes more. When Chambers was reloading, a stray bullet ricocheted off the samsonite barrier and hit him on his right elbow pad, the pads weren't designed for defence against bullets and because of this the bullet struck the bone. Chambers screamed in pain as he did the only thing his body did with pain, 'open up' or in this case let go of his weapon and it fell to the ground.

He reached to pick it up as another shot, this time was not a ricochet hit him between the shoulder blades, but luckily there was armour plating here, he hit the ground from the impact and found it hard to breath, the shot had winded him badly.

Gunny looked over to see how the new comers were doing, he saw Chris firing one shot at a time at the Rebels who were now only 100 metres away, then he saw Chambers struggling to get up, Gunny ran over and help Chambers up and started to drag him by the shoulder straps on the vest over to the aid station. The medic saw this and ran over; he gave Chambers a quick check up and told Gunny he would be fine in a few minutes, Gunny, satisfied ran back over to the wall only in time to see the Rebels break from there determined march into a sprint.

GŁtt and his tormenters had just arrived no the scene, they all went up to the roof of the nearest building to get a good view of the battle.

"See," said the man in white, "your mighty troopers are no match for shear numbers!" GŁtt looked up to the heavens and hoped for a miracle to save his best men.

Every Trooper fried as one cutting down Rebel after Rebel, but then the inevitable happened, harsh clicks and twangs spelled that they were all dead, they were out of ammunition for their rifles. Everyone pulled out there pistols and started firing. Hans was just reloading his pistol for the third and last time, this was his last magazine, and he was noticing other troops opening their last magazine pouches and firing, some men had even started throwing grenades. Hans' pistol fired for the last time as the slide flung back into the empty position. Hans' hope vanished quicker than the echoing sound of the side clinging into the empty position. They were all going to die...

Just when all hope seemed lost, and the Rebels were only 90 feet away from the barricade, there came the most peculiar sound. Turbo jet engines roared over head, kicking up all sorts of mess, empty cases, dust, stones and various housing materials. Chris looked up to see Hotel One-Nine-Five was hovering over head, the Machine gunners were already firing, Chris looked to see the havoc they were inflicting and looked up again just to see a black bag land only a few feet away, Chris then notice it had been uncoiling rope down from the Drop Ship. Then before Chris even knew it there were a pair of black combat boots on the ground in front of him.

Chris looked up, and there was a man in the same uniform as the other Shock Troopers, he gave Chris a smile through his black balaclava, Chris returned the smile. The man then turned looking for someone, then he saw GŁtt and ran over, Chris was a about to get up when another bag of rope landed near him, then two pairs of combat boots appeared in front of his eyes, more shock troopers. This happen five times and then the twelfth and last man landed, the eleven men ran over to the first Shock Trooper who was talking to GŁtt, even know there are no markings on the their uniforms, Chris knew that the first man was their leader, he walked with the respect of group.

A few seconds passed and then a few bullets landed near the new troopers, they instantly raised there weapons, the same type of MA5Bs that GŁtt and his squad were armed with. Spitting out 7.62mm Armour Piercing rounds at over 900 Rounds per minute, the average 60 round magazine was empty in 4 seconds. The Rebels charge faltered under the shear fire power of these new comers, they turned and began to run, dragging what ever wounded they could with them shaking their fists.

       The white suited man's smile vanished as he saw the new group of black clad soldiers abseiling from the drop ship, he saw his precious Rebellion go down the drain, GŁtt on the other hand had a broad smile on his face, "thank you" he said looking up at the heavens, the dark sky a welcoming sight for the battle wearing General.

But the white suited man wasn't done there, he yelled something to the two Rebels with him, but heard no reply he looked to see only two discard assault rifles lying on the ground. GŁtt took his chance he dived to the ground picking up one of the rifles, and before the white suited man had a chance the barrel was pressed firmly against his head.

"Don't try anything," GŁtt said tightening his grip on the synthetic stock of the weapon, the white suited man had no intention of surrendering, he reached for his pistol, GŁtt pulled the trigger, *CLICK!*

"Oh fuck," said GŁtt, discarding the rifle and rolling behind a couple of crates on top of the building. The whited suited man fired his gun rapidly, BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM, peppering the crates with a deadly hail of lead, GŁtt keep his head low from the spray of splinters flying all over the place.

The man took his chance and ran down the stairs to the stairs to the parked car out front of the building. GŁtt recovered from the shock, he picked up the other rifle, pulled its bolt half-way back to show a round down the pipe, he removed the magazine, about half a clip, maybe 30 rounds. GŁtt heard the motor, and then he knew the man was trying to get away. Running to the edge of the roof, GŁtt took a couple of pot shots at the speeding car.

Hans and his reinforcements heard the gunfire, and saw a lone figure on a roof firing down at the street, Chris took the SPNKr off Geoff Hughes without a seconds thought, initialising the scope feature to get a good view of the shooter.

"Oh shit, I know that old, mug anywhere!" Exclaimed Chris, "It's General Shutze and it looks like he is in trouble!"

"Soldier!" Hans said to the radioman, "get me a link to that bird" he said pointing at Hotel One-Nine-Five, "we need a lift!" The radioman started scanning frequencies until he gave Hans the thumbs up and passed him the hand piece.

"Hotel One-Nine-Five do you read me? This is Over Watch." Hans said into the radio piece.

"Yeah Rodger that, Over watch what do you need?" came the garbled reply.

"We need a lift to go and retrieve General Shutze, he is located at 11 O' Clock, please come back."

"Rodger that, we see him, clear the street, we're going to land. Hotel One-Nine-Five, out!"

And that's the end of that chapter...