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(Part 13) M31: First Blood
Posted By: Greg and Wes Foutch<hockey0935@yahoo.com>
Date: 1 August 2003, 3:05 PM

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From the last installment:

"He says this is their planet and we don't belong here. He has been sent to destroy us. They are called the Dominians" As soon as she finished, the alien raised his weapon and pulled the trigger.

Part 13 of M31: First Blood

T.K. ducked and the plasma soared over his head. The alien laughed, but was cut short when Private Luke Dalton put three rounds in his head. The creature fell in a heap, dead as a doornail. One bullet went completely through his skull and hit another in the neck. He made a strange gurgling sound and hit the ground, dead; it seems he drowned in his own blood.

T.K. thumbed a switch and put his Hellraiser on fully automatic. He squeezed the trigger and two aliens were down. "Inside, now!" he cried, firing his weapon. The Marines went through the door as T.K. distracted the aliens by throwing a grenade into the midst. No less than eight aliens crowded around the explosive to see what it was when the thing exploded, sending their bodies sailing through the air. Private Myers turned and shot the control panel to the door, disabling the proximity sensors.

"That will only work for a minute, until they pry the door open," he said.

"That's all we need. Reload your weapons; we'll kill whoever tries to open the door. Once they do get it open we can hold them at bay. In this tight space only three can get in here at a time." Turk brought the Hellraiser up to his shoulder, aimed at about chest height on the door. After about a minute, it started to come open. "Hold fire," he whispered. The door was only open a few centimeters.

Slowly, ever so slowly, it opened wide enough. Turk fired and hit the creature right between the eyes. He fell backwards, giving Turk a clear field and the ability to toss another grenade outside. Not realizing what it was, one particularly stupid alien picked it up and looked closely at it. He pointed and put on a facial expression that could be taken as a grin of pure joy when the grenade exploded, killing seven. What was left of the stupid creature (three toes, a finger, an eyeball, and a chunk of brain) landed in a smoldering heap, filling the air with a rotten stench.

"Ughh! That's horrible," Myers said. He quickly slipped the barrel in the crack and opened fire, killing three. So far twenty-one aliens had died at the hands of the Marines. The Dominians returned fire through the door, causing the Marines to take cover on either side of the small gap. Private Dalton backed out of the range of the weapons and lay flat on the ground. He activated the 2x zoom on his Hellraiser and found a target. He pulled the trigger, but the Dominian dove out of the way. The 7.62mm round hit him in the foot, causing pain. The result: one very pissed off alien.

He roared with pain and fury and charged the door. Careful to stand to one side he ripped it open and fired into the darkness of the tunnel. A beam of plasma hit Myers in the left shin, causing him to scream and fall to the ground. Fighting through the pain, he raised his Hellraiser and ended the alien's petty life.

The rest of the Dominians fled in terror, forgetting dignity, honor, responsibility, and territory. They only knew one thing: they weren't going to be killed by a group of unknowns.

"Quick, back inside. Reinforcements are bound to come," T.K. ordered. "We need extraction, on the double!" he said into his mic.

"Roger that. This is Eagle 419, responding. We're on the way."

"Wait here," he told the Marines. "I'm going to get Abbot, Jenkins, and Tel."

"Sir! Yes, sir!" they chorused.

Turk ran down the tunnel and entered the large room. "Tel, I'm going to extract you."

"But, I haven't got all the information from the databank," she said. "Here, download it to your extra disk." T.K. pulled a disk from his pocket and slipped it into the mainframe. After a few seconds Tel reported, "Okay, I'm done. Yank me."

Turk extracted the A.I. and slid her in the slot in his own helmet. "Okay, Marines. Time to go topside, double time! Extraction is on the way."

"But what about that unopened crate?" Jenkins asked.

"It's probably the same as everything else. We're coming back for everything; we'll open it then."

"They're about five minutes away," Dalton said as they made it do the door. They've activated the camouflage mode, and the Melee squadron is escorting them."

"Good." He sighed. "Jenkins, go get Williams; we're not leaving him here. Myers! Grab that alien s-o-b. A couple of the scientists on board will probably want to look at it," he sighed again, but showed a hint of a grin, which came from his mode of kill first, ask questions later. "Or what's left of it."

"Yes, sir!" they said together and hastened to do as ordered.

Five minutes later, the Marines and one dead Dominian were heading back to the U.S.S. Santa Maria.