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The Sniper Part 3
Posted By: Neil Grattan<arsebiscuit123@yahoo.com>
Date: 17 November 2000, 5:13 pm

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The ground crunched beneath Inheras' feet as he ran full sprint from the horrors behind. Fallen trees got in the way, and he jumped them like a man possesed. The squad, or what was left of it, were close behind, adrenaline barely able to keep them up with the leader ahead. Inheras stopped, turned, and fired back the way he came, past the rest of the team. He took down a Covenant because of the telltale beam of light from it's energy sword through the foliage. He counted the team as they went past, until they stopped coming. It was at this point that he resumed his sprint. 100 meters until the brushline, once they make it out the tank could give covering fire. But he knew even that run wouldn't be easy. The adrenaline was wereing out, and their stamina tests showed, with the kit that they've been carrying, they should be out of breath already. But they kept going, they just saw what happened when they catch you...

Inheras had just recieved comms from Kolier, the commander. They were going to help attack a group of Covenant. They all died. It was quick though, for most of them. Those energy rifles killed on impact, no matter where they hit. The body just goes into a spasm as the electrons flow through the body, before collapsing into a bloody mess. For the others, however, their death wasn't as simple. A deep, spike-bottomed pit lay between them and the enemy. He could still hear the screams from the marines. It was after this that Inheras knew they had to retreat. His last view of the ambush was the pit blasting from a grenade that he had thrown in, but it still couldn't drown out the screams in his head. He could just about see the break in the jungle, and still no Covenant ambush. Great, just a few meters more.

They stood in horror as they saw the Covenant weapons slicing into the tank. It exploded just as a marine had clawed his way from inside, throwing him 10 meters in the air. The group hit the dirt, trying to locate the source of the fire. A young private yelled above the noise of the roaring fire at the top of the hill, "Sir!! Over there! Cov tank!" The hover tank was approaching the squad from the left, and was backed by a few warriors. The eneregy bolts were flying above them, and all they could do was fire back. There was no hiding, no running, all they could do was wait for death. Inheras lobbed another grenade, which halted the advance of the enemy, and gave the marines more time to think or calm down. Now they were all doing it, all four marines through the grenades at the enemy. Inheras stood and shouted for his men to rise and follow him, and they did. He sprinted for the hill, with the enemy now confused and blinded by the grenades. Not far now, they neared the burning hulk of the tank, and could now see the vast countryside behind it. They sprinted and sprinted. Finally they reached the apex, and it was downhill from here. Two hoverbikes, which they left before entering the forest, were lying at the bottom. Inheras ordered two marines to take them and find their way back to HQ, and tell the commander that they were going to hide up and move out at night. The two bikes sped off, but Inheras and the final marine, the young private Janson, still had serious running to do. The tank was hopefully disabled now, but they had learned in MarineCorps that you should always take the worst scenario for granted, that way anything else would be a bonus. Half an hour had passed, and now they were far from the forest. They were down by the Atlantic, a large lake. They filled their water bottles, then hid in one of the nearby ditches. This spot was a regular pitstop for small patrols, and they were hoping to find two bikers while they had a drink at the lake. Unfortunately, this kind of an opportunity wouldn't be too likely, but they could always hope...