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The Sniper Part 2
Posted By: Neil Grattan<arsebiscuit123@yahoo.com>
Date: 13 November 2000, 7:16 pm

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"This is attack force alpha, out." The comms controller, Uta, switched off the communications device. He walked over to the team lead.
   "Sir, I have just contacted HQ with information on the attack. They say to gather up all movable artifacts and bring them back to base."
   "OK sergant.... Well, what are standing there for? Go gather stuff up."
   "Sir Yes Sir"
   The commander told the remaining troops to empty the camp, and place the equipment in their bergans. He was walking around the camp, and behind it he found two hoverbikes. He walked over and activated one. He knew exactly what he was doing. Every time they find a new craft, they brief all the marines on how to use them. He climbed on and rode back round to the front. There was marines stationed around the valley incase of a counter attack, but none of them were concentrating on their duties, they were just realizing how lucky they were to be alive. A siluette caught the commander's eye on the top of a hill. He stood and looked at it for a few moments, then activated the scanners built into his custom uniform. As it zoomed in, he began to realize that it was too tall to be a human, yet it couldn't be an anima..... Covenant! He stood there in disbelief for what seemed like a lifetime. The body was holding a box in it's hands, and kept raising it to speak into. He noticed the commander staring, and croutched down behind the hill out of view. The commander turned to the marines, "COVENANT!!! GET YOUR WEAPONS!" The marines looked at him as if he was mad. "GET YOUR FUCKING WEAPONS" They went into motion. The marines started darting around the camp, dropping odd bits of Covenant stuff all over the place. The commander noticed some sniper lying on the ground looking for some targets, but there were none. He looked around hopelessly, but found nothing. It finally struck him. "GET THE ANTI AIR ROCKETS OUT. WE'VE GOT INCOMING!!" The commander had seen the covenant use those little boxes before. Everytime they were used, it was closely followed by bombers. The commander ran into the main building, where Uta was. "Uta, contact HQ, get a dropship in here ASAP."
   The comms specialist started fidling with his helmet. The commander ran outside, to find three marines who have set up AA rockets, and more marines with extra rockets. He could hear the faint hum of the flyers. "Get ready, here they come!" The marines went rigid with anticipation. The buzz got louder and louder. The commander set his rifle to full auto, and lay down. The first ship flew over the ridge, three more close behind. The first ship attracted the attention of two rockets, and it avoided one but hit by the other. The third rocket fired at a different ship, but only got damaged by incidental fire. The rockets are designed to trigger if an object is within 1 meter, and will explode after 1 second of being triggered. This disorientated the ship, but didn't destroy it. All of the ships were taking fire from the rifles, but mostly in vein. The other two ships were unaffected, and dropped small bomblets from their hull. The commander noticed one of the marines taking a full bomblet on his back. The bombs subsided, and the marines reorientated themselves. More rockets were being loaded in to the launchers, and fired at the returning ships. This time two ships were outright destroyed, leaving one to attack again. Fortunately it was the already damaged ship, and must have had a faulty mechanism, as it didn't drop any bomblets. It was taking serious rifle fire, and it seemed to lose control. It disappeared back over the ridge it had first came from, and a subsequent explosion followed. The marines stood to their feet. He noticed that many marines had been injured in the attack, but only 2 had been killed. They knew there was more to come. All extras had been dropped, and the marines only carried their weapons. The commander climbed back on the bike, and a marine appeared on another from behind the camp. The commander rode up to the top of the hill to see if there was any Covenant. He reatched the top, but could see nothing. He scanned the surrounding countryside, but to no avail. The other biker was doing the same nearby. He returned to the camp, and found the marines ready to go.

   They moved out the direction they had arrived. The light tank rumbled forward, closely followed by the marines. The commander and other biker were out ahead. After about 5 mins of moving, the comms marine spoke over the net. "We have a problem. It appears Our dropship has been gunned down by AA emplacements near HQ. We'll have to return on foot, and destroy the AA guns."
   "Did they give AA positions?"
   "No sir. They say to just keep a lookout. It appears that there is four, but there could be many more."
   The commander sped further forward on his bike to scout the path they were to take. When he reached the top of a nearby hill, he knew they should come across a huge forest. The great forest was their best source of wood on the Halo. The trees there were as strong as metal, the only thing that could destroy it was... He looked out over the sea of burning vegetation. The flames lept around the forest, and the mightiest of trees fell to the mad destruction by the Covenant. He wasn't really annoyed by the fact that their main wood supply had been destroyed, there was similar forests only slightly further away. But he knew the amount of marines that practically lived in that forest. Some actually did, it was like the marines' little playground. Everytime they tried something new out, it was here. Everytime they were being hunted, they ran here for safety. The marines knew their way around this forest, even if brought here blindfolded, they could always find the main hut. In one swipe, the Covenant had killed nearly 1/2 of the marines' best soldiers. It was either at HQ or the Great Forest, they wouldn't go anywhere else without being on a mission. By now the others were travelling up to meet him, and to see the grave news ahead.
   "I say we find 'em and kill 'em. They'll burn in the firey grave they dug!" Inheras was a cocky soldier, but he knew how to fight. He was awarded an MM for killing a Covenant hand to hand. He looked like a bag of shit afterwards, but at least he survived. They say after he punched the Covie's face in, he took off his helmet and battered the thing to death. Now second in command, he had earned respect among the other troops, including the Commander's.
   "I agree. Inheras, take 3 marines and go scout the forest for any Covie's. You can do what you like, but just make sure they die and you don't. We'll be on the comms, so if your in trouble, don't forget to give us a shout."
   He turned to find Inheras and a few marines already walking down the hill towards the forest. The commander turned to the rest. "Alright, you lot, come with me. Tank crew stay where you are, I think were going to have to be more silent than anything. The group walked down the hill also, only in a different direction than Inheras' group.

   They spotted a group of Covenant just downstream, they were lighting up more trees. The commander used his scanner to find out more.
    "There is four Covenant, three of which are armed. I'm sure we can take 'em. There arn't any comms devices around, so we'll be safe from backup for a while. Ready?"
   "Yes sir." The group were apprehensive to avenge the death of the forest dwellers, but The Commander knew that could only lead to disaster. Best to do it slowly until the timing was perfect, then pounce. It'll be over after a quick burst of rifle fire, but he knew that it only takes a few seconds for the table to turn on them. For all he knew, the entire Covenant army was within earshot. They'd have to get up real close, wait until the time was right, then attack. Once the Covenant were dead, they'd have to leave pretty quickly. The team waded into the stream up to their necks, then crocodile swam down the river, only their eyes above water. Once they were about 5 meters away, the group stopped. The Covenant were muttering away to themselves, but one definately seamed the leader. He was the one ordering the others about. Once they all had their attention drawn from the direction of the river, the tree was about to be lit, the squad struck. Firstly they moved out of the river until it was only at their knees, then the first of them opened fire. All of the Covenant were hit, and they fell forward as the bullets rained upon their backs. Rifle fire could barely be heard above the fast flowing water behind them, but it would do little good waiting around. After they were satisfied the Covenant were dead, they scavenged what they could find and left.

   After they thought they were far enough away, the group stopped. While trying to catch their breath, the Commander got on the net to Inheras.
   "So, have you found any yet?" The commander was still panting.
   "We're watching a group now. There's about 12 Covie's, all armed. They seem on a red alert or something. They're all down in a tactical formation, but not doing anything. Must have had trouble with the marines already stationed here. A few wounded, none dead. I don't think the four of us can take 'em. Were gonna need your help...