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Running Don't Help
Posted By: Neil Grattan<arsebiscuit123@yahoo.com>
Date: 24 October 2000, 9:16 pm

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    The buggy let straight over the craggy ridge as the wheels spun furiously to get a grip of the slippy terrain going through the mountainous passage. It hit the ground, and the gunner lost his aim on the Alien jetbike in pursuit. Large, 30mm rounds scattered all around the craft, but the rider was experienced, and his jetpack whizzed elegantly closer to the thunderous machine ahead. Now the buggy got bogged down in a mud patch, due to the route being such a frequent escape path. The buggy was trying hard to break loose, but began to spin in the mud, all the time the jetbike came screaming towards them. Jeo, the driver, managed to find a dry patch, and the buggy began to find it's way out of trouble. By now the alien as almost on top of them, with a luminous blade at the ready, as his holster was empty because the pistol had been stolen. He crouched on the bike, and get into a position to leap onto the human vehicle. The gap between them gradually closed, and by now the gunner on the buggy was out of ammo. The gunner pulled out the stolen alien pistol, and fired off endless rounds into thin air. The jetbike weaved in and out, avoiding the hail of fire being thrown in his general direction. The alien gave the bike a final push, and was practically touching the buggy. He leaped onto the back, and with his right, blade-armed hand, swiped at the gunner. The blade caught him in the liver, and he howled with pain. The alien climbed further along the buggy, and the passenger reached for his rifle in the foothold. Too late. He fell off the side in his death throws, leaving only Jeo. The blade went back, and Jeo swung the buggy from side to side, only lengthening his wait for death. From far in the distance, he saw, on top of a hill, a white flash, not very big, but it meant the life to him. The sniper round entered the alien in the left eye, and exploded out the entire rear of it's skull. It fell backwards, and caught its leg on the cannon at the back, as it was trailed the distance it took Jeo to stop the buggy. Finally at the Improvised HQ, they tallied a kill for the humans.
    The passenger was still writhing with pain about 100 yards away, but the movements stopped within a few seconds. Now the only noise Jeo could hear, apart from the squelching of the mud below his feet, was a distant hum, meaningless to him now, but soon he realised the danger he was in. He jumped back into his vehicle and sped off, those aliens have had enough of him this time. Two flyers materialised from behind the large ridge 100's of metres back, but it would only take a few seconds. The sniper ahead of him seemed to be frantically trying to take them down, he actually managed two rounds before they were on top of the escaping buggy. It exploded with a huge bang which faltered the sniper's aim, and he ajusted for a while. Finally, as the craft had centered on him, one of his blessed rounds penetrated the hull and ignited a fuel reserve, and blue plasma sprayed from the ship, and it lost control and smaked into the ground. The second, now only a couple of seconds from the murderer of his teammate, began an unheardof barrage of plasma fire from it's wings, ripping the ground apart upon impact. Large caliber rounds still rained upon it's hull, still not finding entry like it's predecesor. Finally the stream of fire from the ship reached the sniper, and he vaporised before Jones, the teamlead 10 feet away. His squad of marines were firing they're rifles at the looming monstrosity, and from the back, finally an anti-air rocket was let loose, and it connected with the ship mere metres from the barrel. This final move to take down the ship practically killed the marines as it landed upon them. Only the well rehersed drills saved a few of them, as they were spread out and hard to hit. Jones saw a canopy open and an alien piled out in mid air, unfortunately that was the last thing he saw as it tore it's way through the ground towards him. The final resting place, upon a small hill 2 clicks from homebase, was nicknamed "Cock hill" because of the peculiar shape, and a strange imagination of the Marine Sergant Major. Now, it was called "Jones' Cock Hill" and no one ever argued, maybe they'll get a strangely shaped hill named after them some day.

The dust lifted after the speeder had passed, and Jeo stood and wiped the dirt from his visor. The last ditch manuver to jump from the buggy had paid off, apart from landing on an indigenous animal, which made him smell like piss for the next couple of days. He chuckled, even with all this brilliant technology, no one had still found a way to stop you stinking.