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A Marine Named Peters: BOOM
Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com>
Date: 24 October 2003, 11:59 PM

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       "Great. Just Great. Now that the alarm is blaring all over the ship, everyone knows that we escaped. What do you think we should do?" Karls asked.
       "I say we get the hell out of here." Peters said, prying two plasma rifles out of two dead Elite's hands. "Take some weapons and grenades. They'll come in handy."
       "YOU THINK?" Karls yelled. "We're on a ship filled with an alien race that wants to kill us all, and you tell me to take a gun. You think I would have thought of that?"
       Peters sighed and gave Karls a look. Karls muttered something under his breath and picked up a belt with seven grenades attached and a plasma rifle. "Can I have two guns, too?" he asked, looking at Peters.
       "Fine. Whatever. I don't care." Said Peters, looking at the door. He took a deep breath and ran towards the door.
       "Hey... wait up!" Karls yelled, stumbling over an Elite's carcass. He swore loudly and caught up to Peters. "Follow me. I was awake when they brought me in. I'm... pretty sure where the exit is."
       Peters let Karls take a few steps and started following him. Karls stopped and a corner and peeked around the edge. He quickly looked back. "Three Grunts, five Jackals, seven Elites. They're looking the other way."
       Karls took a grenade off the alien belt he had taken and pressed a button. The grenade hummed to life and turned a bright blue. He turned around the corner and threw the grenade at the tallest Elite, right in the middle of the group. It hit him it the back of his helmet and fused. The grenade began pulsing, and Peters heard a Grunt yelp. Karls turned back around the corner just in time to hear a loud BANG! and see neon blue and purple blood flying through the air. Several arms and legs hit the walls and landed on the floor.
       Karls started running again, stepping over a pile of body parts. He ran towards another door, but stopped as a giant green explosion engulfed the door. He yelled and covered his face as metal shards flew through the door. Peters looked down a hallway and his blood ran cold. A Hunter turned the corner, fuel rod cannon smoking. "Karls..." He whispered. "Get...up...and...run..."
       "Wha-?" Karls muttered, but did what he was told as he saw Peters run past him.
       Peters was running down random halls, turning left, then right, left, left, right. He lost track of which way he was turning, then heard another loud explosion. He heard Karls swear loudly, and another loud bang. "AGH!" Peters heard Karls yell. "THERE'S TWO OF THEM!"
       Peters turned another corner and saw a group of Black-armored Elites running towards him. "SHIT!" he yelled, turning around. He ducked under plasma shooting over his head, and turned the corner. He almost wet his pants when Karls ran into him.
       "Don't go that way." Karls said.
       "Don't go this way, either." Peters said.
       "Where do we go?" Karls said.
       Just then, one of the Hunters turned the corner. It looked down the hall opposite of Karls and Peters, then turned and looked at them. It growled and aimed its cannon at them. Peters and Karls stood still, watching the fuel rod cannon start glowing green. The Hunter laughed, then fired. Peters ducked and pulled Karls down, too. The plasma missed its target, but kept going. The group of Elites that were chasing Peters turned the corner just in time to see a giant green ball of plasma heading towards them.
       Peters looked as the plasma hit the group of Elites, sending purple blood and body parts everywhere. Peters turned to look at the Hunter. It didn't seem to care that it had just killed some Covenant, and started charging its fuel rod cannon again. Peters started to pray, but Karls grabbed a grenade from his belt and pressed a button. It turned bright blue. Karls stood up and charged the Hunter. The Hunter stopped charging its cannon and raised its giant shield. It swung its arm at Karls, but Karls ducked and stepped forward. Karls pulled his arm back and shoved it hard into the Hunter's orange gut. The Hunter howled in pain. Karls pulled his hand out of the Hunter and ran.
       The plasma grenade went off. A bright blue flash engulfed the Hunter for several seconds. Peters watched as the blue cloud disappeared, and was amazed to see that the alien was still standing. There was something not right about it, however. Peters realized what was wrong when the armor began falling apart. There was no alien inside. The armor was strong enough to survive the blast, but the Hunter inside wasn't.
       "Wow. That was cool." Karls laughed.
       "Cool? COOL?" Peters yelled. "How do you stay so calm in battle? You almost died TWENTY TIMES TODAY!"
       "Aw, this is nothing. I was in the battle for Manifold." Karls said, smugly.
       "MANIFOLD?" Peters gasped. "But only a handful of people survived that battle!"
       "Yeah, that was some battle."
       "Why are you a Private, still? You should be a captain!"
       "Bumped down... several times for insubordination." Karls said, laughing.
       Peters heard the clanking of the second Hunter's armor not far off. "Damn. We got to get the hell off of this ship!"
       They ran the opposite way of the Hunter. They went through another door, and were glad to see the docking bay. There were only a few guards, but they were all in stationary gun turrets. "One...two...three... They have four turrets." Karls said.
       Karls took another grenade off of his belt, turned it on, then threw it with perfect accuracy towards the closest turret. "I played football in college. I was quarterback." Karls said as if he was reading Peters' mind.
       The plasma grenade attached to the operator of the turret. The Elite clawed at the grenade in attempts to remove it, but was unsuccessful, as the grenade exploded three seconds later. The rest of the turrets turned to look at the explosion. One more explosion shook the bay, and there were only two turrets left. Peters stepped out behind a wall and opened fire with his two plasma rifles. He aimed one rifle at one turret, the other rifle at the other turret. The turrets turned to look at Peters, and opened fire. Peters ducked back behind the wall and avoided the hail of plasma.
       The Elites didn't notice the human sneaking up behind them. Karls threw one grenade at the turret near the open bay door. The grenade went off, and the explosion sent the turret flying out into the open air, where it fell a few hundred feet and exploded in a ball of purple plasma. The remaining turret turned at Karls and started shooting at him. Karls ran up towards the turret, jumped to the ground, and slip on the smooth floor. He slid onto his back as he passed under the turret, pulled out a grenade, and stuck it onto the bottom of the gun turret. Karls stood up and ran. The Elite got up and jumped out of the turret just as it exploded. Its right leg was torn off by a shard of metal from the turret. It howled in pain and grabbed its rifle, aiming it at Karls. Karls stood still, grabbing for his rifles. Peters, however, had already gotten to the Elite, and started beating it to death with its own leg. He beat the Elite over the head again and again with the Elite's severed leg. Finally, the Elite stopped struggling. Peters was breathing hard, then laughed. "If I knew where his ass was, I would have shoved his leg up it."
       Karls let out a loud laugh. He turned and said, "Hey! Look! Banshees!"
       Peters turned and looked at the row of Banshees. There must have been seven or eight Banshees lined up, all ready to fly. Peters jogged up to one and looked inside. "Let's take two and get the hell out of here!" Peters said.
       "But the Covenant will just follow us!" Karls said.
       Peters thought for a moment. "How many grenades do you have left?" he asked Karls.
       Karls looked at his belt. "One. Why?"
       "Salvage all the grenades that the dead Elites have, line them up around the Banshees, then set them all off." Peters said.
       Karls went off to get the grenades, and Peters hopped into a Banshee. He flew it a few feet forward, testing out the controls, then set it down. Karls got back with the grenades and began setting them up. "Ok, when you're done, hop in a Banshee and push the left joy pad thing forward."
       "Alright." Karls said. He put three grenades under each Banshee and stood up. He started to run towards a Banshee, when a bay door opened and Covenant poured out.
       Karls swore, pulled his last plasma grenade out of his pocket, turned it on, and threw it up in the air. Elites, Grunts, and Jackals opened fire. Karls looked like he was doing a strange dance as he was avoiding the plasma. The grenade hit the ceiling, then started falling towards the ground. "GET OUT OF THERE!" Peters yelled.
       Karls hopped in the nearest Banshee and pushed the left throttle forward. The Banshee shot forward just as the grenade hit the ground. 1 second. The Elites ran to the Banshees and hopped in. 2 seconds. Karls cleared the Covenant ship following Peters by inches. 3 seconds.
       An explosion could be heard over the Banshee's engine, then several more explosions, then a loud BANG! Peters felt a wave of heat wash over him, even though his was protected by a foot of Covenant armor. Several more explosions shook the air, then it was silent, except for the engines.
       Peters sighed and looked for a place to land.