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A Marine Named Peters: Ouch, these walls are HOT!
Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com>
Date: 16 October 2003, 4:06 AM

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       "Two thousand..." Peters sighed. "Looks like another suicide mission."
       "Yes... The probability of you death is quite high." Snickered the Grunt.
       "Why don't you just..." Peters snapped the Grunt's neck. "...Shut up."
       Peter wiped the blood off of his hands and onto his shirt. He shivered due to the cold and stood up. There was no point in living, really. Everyone from the Pegasus was dead, and Karls and Madison were probably dead too. The Covenant all knew he was there, and he had no food or water. "Damn."
       A dropship flew over his head and fired three bolts of plasma at him. Peters didn't even bother to move. Luckily it was poorly aimed, and the nearby tree caught fire and exploded. The fire did make Peters warm though, so he sat down close to the burning wood. He pulled out his M6D pistol and turned on the safety. He pulled out the magazine and looked at the bullets. The magazine was completely full, and the chamber of the pistol carried a bullet as well. He checked his pockets and found two more M6D magazines and a MA5B magazine. He found no reason to carry this anymore since his MA5B was lying melted and burned somewhere. He threw it into a snow dune and sighed.
       He watched the sun set into the alien horizon. The sun cast a beautiful red glaze over the snowy tundra, making it look like the entire planet was on fire. Peters pictured all the Covenant warriors burning and writhing in pain and laughed. He wished that would happen so he wouldn't have to kill them all, but as every other wish, this one did not come true. He opened his eyes and looked at the Covenant base. From this distance they all looked like ants, scurrying and scuttling everywhere. He looked into the now night sky and stared out into space. He tried thinking of what it was like for people generations ago who did not know that the Covenant were out there, when humans were fighting amongst themselves.
       His eyes drooped and closed. Peters opened them quickly, looking around, and they closed again. He struggled to keep awake, but he was soon deep asleep. Suddenly, a small figure poked his head over a small snow dune. He ducked back down and for a moment nothing moved. A second later five man-sized figures jumped up followed by more small creatures. Peters opened his eyes, blinked once, and swore.
       He tried to pull out his pistol, but a blue beam of plasma tore through the air and hit his shoulder. It hit his shirt and burned through the layers of armor in a second. It hit his skin and Peters yelled. Another bolt of plasma hit his leg, and another his arm. Peters could smell his skin burning, and the pain stopped. The plasma had fried his nerves, and he could no longer feel pain, but he couldn't move much either. A tear ran out of his eye and he gasped for breath. Two Elites walked over and picked him up, making a point of bruising his ribs. A red Elite growled and the Covenant moved out. Peters was now a prisoner.

       "...Ugh... Wh-where am I?"
       "You're in a prison cell, man. At least you haven't been tortured... yet."
       Peters blinked the blood out of his eyes and cleared his vision. "...How do you always live?!" He asked.
       "I thought you'd be HAPPY I survived that fight!" Karls laughed. "Madison survived too, but he probably won't survive long."
       Peters sat up. "Why? What's happening to him?"
       Karls took a deep breath. "They're torturing him. He's been gone for hours. I made a plan while you were gone. When they come back to throw Madison in the cell, we charge out and tackle an Elite."
       "Sounds risky. Is there any way we could brake out? Open the cell doors, maybe?" Peters thought.
       "No. The walls in this cell are pretty thick. It'd take days just to get through the armor, then we'd have to figure out which wires to cut, if they have wires, to open the door." Karls paused. "And don't try touching the door. It's pure plasma. It burns worse than their plasma rifles." To illustrate his point, Karls raised his hand. The sides of his hand were blistered so bad, the skin looked decomposed. The further towards the middle of his hand you looked, the worse it got. The skin got more and more charred, and in the middle, there were bits of bone visible. "The nerves were fried, so fortunately, it doesn't hurt as bad as it looks." Karls managed a weak smile.
       Peters was about to comment on how bad Karls' hand looked, when the prison bay's door opened. A Gold Elite walked in, followed by five more Blue Elites. "Ah, so the 'Great Peters' is awake. How good." The Gold Elite said. The Blue Elites made a laughing noise. "I'm glad you're awake. I wouldn't want you to miss this."
       The Gold Elite pulled something out of a bag that a Blue Elite held up for him. Peters looked at it and gasped. The Elite raised Madison's head up high, laughing, for both of them to see. It had many cuts and bruises, and Madison's eyes and mouth were open. "Your friend failed to cooperate. Apparently this 'Earth' will be harder to find than thought."
       "That's obvious. You STUPID species failed to think that some of us humans think there are things important enough to DIE for!" Peters yelled.
       "SHUT UP, SLIME!" The Gold Elite bellowed, rubbing Madison's head against the plasma wall. The skin began to fry and melt, leaving a horrible odor in the cell. The Gold Elite tossed away the head and leaned up closed against the plasma. "You WILL die for this cause. But what you fail to realize is that we are quite close to our goal. Your colonies are falling, your people are dying, and you think that YOU can make a difference? We WILL find Earth! And when we DO find it, we will wipe it out along with your PUNY race!"
       Peters stood close to the plasma, so close that only a few inches and a wall of plasma were between him and the Elite. "Listen... You may have more in numbers, better technology, and be years ahead of us in space travel, but we have something YOU don't. We have hope. While you scuttle around following your superior's orders, we fight to protect the future. We have kids still going to school, people still going to work, and scientists, figuring out new ways to fight for the right cause. And you know what? NONE of them are afraid. We know we will win this war. The casualties may be high, the damage significant, but we humans have always pulled through in the end, and this is no different."
       The Gold Elite stared at him, snarling. Peters heard Karls whisper "Bad ass" behind him. "What makes you so sure, human?" The Elite questioned. "Can you see the future? Or even more unlikely, can you stop us? You have less than one billion warriors. We have 69 billion. Do the math. I know it might be quite hard on your puny brain, but think, one of your soldiers would have to kill 69 of us. The average amount of kills many of you get before you are so easily killed are zero to three. You, however, have gotten much, much more. Maybe you can stop us."
       There was a moment of silence, then all the Elites burst out laughing. "Puny human... sometimes your kind make me laugh. 'Rawlanee. Shut down the cell doors. I want to take this human to the interrogation room. Let us have some fun."
       Peters had an idea. He turned his head and looked at Karls. Karls looked at him for a moment, then his eyes widened. "Now?" Karls mouthed. Peters nodded. Karls stood up quickly and cracked his knuckles. "Here goes nothing..." Peters whispered.
       The plasma turned off. Less than a second later, Karls and Peters changed out. Karls tackled the Gold Elite and flipped him over. He stood up and pulled the Gold Elite in front of him just in time to block the plasma streaking through the air. The Gold Elite screamed as his shield faded and died. Purple blood gushed out of him and rained on the floor. Peters grabbed a grenade and threw it at an Elite. The grenade attached to its gun, and the Elite threw it away in fear. The gun landed on the ground in front of two other Elites, and seconds later, the grenade exploded. The explosion caused the plasma rifle's energy core to rupture and explode as well. One Elite was vaporized in the explosion. Another Elite was blown into pieces all over the room. The Elite's armor broke apart and flew like shrapnel into another Elite's face. The Elite clawed at the shards of metal in his eyes and face and stumbled into another Elite's line of fire. The plasma bolts tore the Elite apart within a second. Two Elites were left. One elite charged towards Peters, plasma sword charging. Peters ducked and hit the ground. He flipped over on his back and kicked the Elite in the stomach. The Elite keeled over and Peters stood up. He grabbed the back of the Elite's head and pushed it into another plasma wall. The Elite screamed as his shield died, armor melted and fused into his skin, and his flesh burned. Peters held its face to the plasma until the Elite stopped screaming and struggling. Its body fell limp to the floor.
       Peters turned and saw Karls kicking the last Elite to death. "Don't...feed...me...for...days...and...kill...my...friend...I'll...show...you..."
       "Karls!" Peters yelled.
       Karls looked at him, still kicking the Elite. "Yeah?"
       "It's dead. Lay off."
       "Oh, sorry."
       Karls stepped away from the dead Elite. Then he ran back and gave it one last, big kick. "HOW'S IT FEEL TO BE DEAD?"
       Peters ignored Karls taunting the dead Covenant. He was already working on a plan to escape. Suddenly, an alarm blared throughout the ship. "Shit!" Peters yelled.
       "What do we do now?"