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Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com>
Date: 27 September 2003, 12:13 AM

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       "He's awake!"
       "Quick! Somebody get the doctor!"
       "W-w-where am I?"
       "It's ok, son. You're in a hospital."
       "Well, a week or so ago you came in here, bullet wounds and broken bones. We didn't get your name, but we immediately got you into a surgery room to remove the bullets. When we opened you up, however, we found something... strange."
       "What did you find?"
       "Your bones are covered in a pretty hard metal. Unfortunately, your bones still couldn't withstand whatever happened to you, and the metal snapped. We were able to reconstruct most of it, but if you look at your right arm, you can see some of the metal protruding."
       The man looked at his arm and gasped. There was a blade-like piece of metal sticking out of his skin halfway down the forearm. "We think the pain shorted out your memory as well." The doctor said. "If you want, we have a machine in another room that sends electricity into your nerves, and it usually helps patients with amnesia remember things."
       The man thought for a moment then stood out of his bed. "I'll do it."
       The doctor led him out the door. The halls were lined with soldiers, all staring at him. "Doctor, why are these men here?"
       "Well, one of our nurses thought you fit a description of a terrorist recently reported, so she immediately informed the proper authorities. This is just a safety precaution in case you are the said terrorist."
       The doctor opened a door to the man's right. Inside was a large machine that took up half the room. In the front was a chair, all metal, with a headpiece at the top. "You sit there." The man took a seat and the headpiece clamped shut. He tried to reach up and touch it, but he couldn't move his arms. He looked down and saw that his hands were clamped to the chair. "This might sting a moment."
       The man was about to ask what would sting, but then electricity shot through the headpiece and metal chair. He started screaming, then his eyes glazed over. Instead of losing sight, he began to see images of his life. When he was two and his mother died, when he was six and taken away from his grandmother from the army. His first day of training, when the instructors were beating five and six year old kids. The day he killed the Colonel, and took 778 with him when he left the camp. The day 778 died. Then he was falling, watching as the Master Chief looked down at him. He hit the ground and screamed.
       Without knowing it, he yanked the handcuffs off the chair and raised his hands to his head, crushing the headpiece. He kicked the leg clamps off and stood up. He saw a doctor rushing at him with a needle. "YOU THINK THAT WILL STOP ME?" he yelled. He used the knife like metal sticking out of his arm like a knife and stabbed the doctor through the throat. "I AM 559! YOUR DESTRUCTION!"
       A soldier rushed in at the noise, and 559 threw the needle into his eye. The soldier screamed and fell, bleeding from the eye sockets. 559 picked him up and used him as a shield from the incoming bullets. The body shook as the multiple bullets entered it, and 559 pulled the gun out of the corpse's holster. He aimed it at the nearest soldier and pulled the trigger. The bullet entered the eye socket, passed through the brain, exited the skull, and entered the stomach of the soldier behind him. He grabbed one of their grenades and pulled the pin out. He went to the door, opened it, and threw the grenade at the group of soldiers rushing towards him. He closed the door and heard the explosion, followed by screams and the sound of blood splattering.
       559 stood there for a moment and wiped the blood of a doctor off of his face. He laughed for a second, then heard whimpering behind him. He turned and saw the doctor that had led him to the machine. "Wh-w- what are you?"
       "I'm not human, if that's what you were thinking. I'm oh-so-much-more than that. Just what I was designed to be." 559 said, smugly. "Just think for a second. I know it must be hard for you human, but try and think. If it weren't for you so kindly helping to refresh my memory, all the people I'm going to kill wouldn't have died. Including you."
       "N-n-no! Please don't kill me! I have a family!"
       559 sighed. "The last person who told me that, after I killed him, I killed his family too."
       "W-w-why are you doing this?"
       "I'm doing what I was made to do. Kill." 559 walked over to the doctor and muttered into his ear, "good bye."
       The doctor tried to escape, but he instantly died when 559 shattered his neck. 559 stood up and grabbed a soldier's M6D and MA5B. "Master Chief, I'm coming for you."