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Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com>
Date: 23 September 2003, 11:53 PM

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       "It's amazing!" exclaimed 778.
       "That it is..." muttered 559.
       559 looked around the cockpit. It was quite large for a vehicle, even a vehicle of this size. In the corner there was a small drawer with several papers sticking out. 559 walked over and opened the drawer and saw "Top Secret" labeled onto several binders inside. He riffled through them and saw nothing that particularly struck his interest. He opened the last folder and his adrenaline sparked. The President of Earth was on the planet, apparently. He was here for diplomatic purposes not stated on the paper, but it had a full list of security. "One?" 559 laughed. "Only one bodyguard? For a political power this large? That's a tragedy waiting to happen!"
       778 turned around. "Bodyguard for who?" she asked.
       "The President."
       "OF EARTH?"
       "Amazing, isn't it?" 559 asked. "I know what we are going to do with this suit. 778, have you read the manual yet?"
       "Most of it." She stated. "I know everything except for sharp turns and the self destruct, but hopefully we won't have to use them."
       "Good. Start heading towards..." 559 checked the paper. "Nathanley. One hundred miles north, two miles east."
       778 pressed a few buttons, then "Coordinates set." showed up on screen. She pressed three more buttons and the giant mech moved forward. 559 could feel the ground a hundred feet below him crumble under the mech's weight. A tree got caught under one of the giant "feet" and instantly splintered. A branch got caught in the leg, but fell out when the mech sped up. They were going eighty miles an hour, then ninety, then hit the maximum speed of a hundred miles an hour. Luckily there weren't any mountains, or they would have to slow down, and that could take hours longer.
       "778, you take over. I need to sleep."
       "But you slept five hours last night!"
       "Yes, but for some reason, I can't keep my eyes... open..." 559 yawned and sat down. He fell asleep instantly.

       "Wake up! Please, wake up!" 559 struggled to open his eyes. "Please don't be dead... please don't be dead..."
       559 sat up and felt 778's head on his chest. "778, what's wrong?"
       "They cut the power! They used some kind of saw and cut through the armor in one of the legs... I tried to kick them away, but the mech wouldn't move! The door is sealed, and there's no way out!"
       "How did this happen?"
       "I-I don't know. They just showed up and cut the power... and they put some kind of explosive on the leg."
       559's mouth opened wide. "How do you know about the bomb?"
       778 pointed towards the screen. "Explosive detected. Estimated time of detonation: 00:15"
       559 felt 778 crying on his chest. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for making you come with me when I escaped from all the labs, I'm sorry for making you kill all those innocent people." 559 felt a tear run down his cheek. "I... I love you."
       "I love you too." 778 said. 559 tried to kiss her, but a sudden explosion tore them both apart, limb from limb.

       559 gasped and sat up. "Everything alright?" 778 asked from the operator's chair.
       559 wiped the sweat off of his forehead. "Yes... Everything's alright."
       He lied back down and thought. What did that dream mean? Can I actually love someone? No... it can't be. But then why can't I stop thinking about her? He shook his head and got all thoughts out of his mind. "How long was I asleep?" he asked.
       "Around... 55 minutes." She said. "We're almost there."
       "Drop me off here." 559 said, standing up. "It'll be harder to find one person than a giant robot." He picked up a M6D pistol and a sniper rifle.
       "Alright." She said. The mech stopped and the door opened. 559 stepped out, and then turned around.
       "Don't be seen." 559 said. "I don't want you getting hurt."
       "Thank you, but it would take a lot to hurt me now." 778 laughed.
       559 chuckled and climbed down the footholds. He stepped on the ground and started running towards the town. He was about nine miles away, and he could run up to thirty miles an hour. He instantly did the math in his head. "18 minutes." He muttered to himself, and ran faster.
       He ran for seventeen minutes, and saw buildings on the horizon. He slowed down and looked for roads. There was one to his right, and he ran farther to his left to avoid being seen. He slowed down and pulled his sniper rifle off of his shoulder. He looked through the scope and wished he had taken the time to make this one better. It could only go up to 10X normal vision, and he was used to fifteen. "Oh, well." He said to himself and looked around. The city looked like a ghost town. No cars, most of the buildings were old and looked uninhabited, and the roads were blocked off with a sign. He looked at the sign and read, "City closed due to Political Emergency."
       "That's not an excuse to evacuate a town... I wonder what they're doing." 559 muttered. He heard a helicopter coming up behind him. He lied on the ground and covered himself with dust as camouflage. The helicopter passed overhead, and 559 waited for another five minutes before moving. He stood up and shook the dirt off of him.
       He slung the sniper rifle back over his shoulder and ran towards the town. He crawled over a chain-link fence and hid behind a warehouse. He turned around the corner and saw the helicopter. He looked through the rifle and swore. It was empty. He picked up his radio and sent a message to 778. "It's all clear. Come over. I don't think they can take us down."
       He threw the radio on the ground and turned around. He was about to start running when he took a punch to the face. He hit the ground and coughed up blood. How could someone sneak up on me like that? he wondered, blinking the blood out of his eyes. He looked up and gasped.