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A Marine Named Peters: Bravo Base
Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com>
Date: 20 June 2003, 8:31 PM

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**Note** you should read the first two, or at least the last story, of the series. Good stuff!

"We did it. It cost us two men and a bitch-load of ammo, but we did it. We got to Bravo Base!" Lieutenant Peters said.
A small cheer went through the remaining three people, Peters, Private Karls, the team sniper, and Johnson, the vehicle expert. They rushed into the base, which looked like it had been in a battle just a few days before. The communications tower had been destroyed, and from the looks of it, it looked like plasma burns had toppled the tower. Dammit, Peters thought. Looks like the Covenant already found Bravo Base. I hope this time we have better defenses. **see #1**
As they walked in, they were greeted by 50 assault rifles, 14 sniper rifles, and 11 pistols pointed at their heads. "Are… we in the right place?" Karls asked. "This is Bravo Base, right?"
"State your name and business," said an older man, most likely the commanding officer.
"Lieutenant Peters." "Private Karls." "Private Johnson."
Peters continued. "We came here from Alpha Base. We lost contact with you a little over a week ago, and we were sent to find what out what happened. Judging by the communications tower, you were under attack recently."
"Good. Sorry for the rude welcoming. Not only have we been under attack by Covenant, but some damn space pirates have been raiding our base for supplies, too. Just had to be careful. I am Captain John A. Williams. I am the commanding officer here at Bravo Base."
"One thing, sir." Peters asked. "Would the hospital still be intact? My leg's been acting up."
"Yes it is. I'll have two men escort you to it," said Williams.
"No need. I'll go there myself." Peters saluted and started towards the hospital.
In boot camp, years ago, when Peters had just enlisted, he was on the obstacle course. There was a live ammunition part of the course, where targets popped up and shot stun bullets at any person who was close. Peters had just pulled out his pistol and aimed at a target, when the man next to him was hit by a stun round. The man still had the trigger down when he got knocked out, and when he fell, five live rounds hit Peters in the leg. Most of the muscles had been obliterated, and the doctors predicted he'd never walk again.
Peters had shown them.
He went to the front lines, and became the man he is today. Lieutenant Thomas A. Peters. Hero of Alpha Base. Decorated for his bravery, and commended for his actions. But his damn leg still acted up. "Jesus. I can't wait until they find a better painkiller."
Peters walked into the hospital wing. He looked around. It was much better furnished than Alpha Base's. Magazines, not ones that were decades old, but new ones, from earth. A coffee machine. Chairs. Damn, Peters thought. Just like a real hospital back on Earth.
"Can I help you, sir?" a nurse asked.
"Uh, yeah. I was wondering if there was a doctor available." Peters replied.
"Yes, there is." She turned around. "Doctor Martin! A patient has arrived!" she turned back. "The doctor will see you now."
A lot faster than a hospital on Earth, though. "Thank you."
Peters walked into the room. It was a small room, maybe 5 feet by 10 feet. A small mat was in the corner. Peters could tell that it was covered in blood shortly before. Behind him, the door opened. "Yes mister…" the doctor looked at his clipboard. "Peters." He finished. "What can I do for you?"
"My leg was acting up, and I was wondering if you could give me some painkillers."
"I'm sorry. The man who was here before you used them all up."
"All of them?"
"Yes. I believe he had a Needler round to the forehead. He was still alive when he came in here with half a head. The most we could do was give him pain killers until he died."
Peters looked at his leg and compared his minor pain to a man missing half a head. "Thank you anyways."
"No problem."
When he got back to the command center, he found that his two squad mates had become pretty popular. He caught a little of the story. "…Then six, no SEVEN dropships came out of the sky, and I blew them all to hell!" "No, you're wrong! There were TWENTY dropships and I blew them up!" A small fight ensued. Funny, I don't remember that part. Peters thought.
"Hey, Peters! Come over here and tell them what happened!" Karls called.
Although Karls should have said "sir" instead of "Peters" because he was still in uniform, Peters ignored this and went over. "So you want to know what happened? ONE dropship came, and a man from my squad, who is no longer with us, blew it up." Peters then got softer. "But these two, they took down four HUNTERS."
Everyone laughed. Peters had always been a terrible liar. "Please excuse me." He said and walked over to the Captain. "Sir, may I have a word with you?"
"Of course."
"Earlier, me and my squad interrogated a Grunt. He said that one or more dropships will be landing in the area. I believe he was not lying."
The Captain stared out a window at a setting sun. He sighed. "Alright." He turned on the intercom. "Everyone to their battle stations. There are incoming dropships. We have no definite number, so be on your toes. Ready the anti-aircraft guns, and man the turrets."
Tables scattered with cards and beer cans were overturned as people ran to their stations. One man came out of the bathroom with his pants still down, ran a few feet, fell, and got up. Everyone laughed at this. "At least morale is high." Peters muttered to himself.
The sun set. It had been almost an hour since the Captain had given his orders, and every one of the 78 people in the command center was getting bored. One man heard a rustle in the bushes 20 feet away. "Sssshh!" he said and readied his MA5B. Everyone was quiet. Even Peters, in the middle of the room, could hear the heavy breathing of Grunts. To his horror, he could even hear the clanking of armor. "Hunters." He whispered, just as a big ball of green plasma blasted into the wall, killing 3 men.
***To be Continued in A Marine Named Peters: Bravo Base 2: The Battle***
Hahahhahah SUSPENSE! I'm going to MAKE you read the next one. I had to shorten this so the next one could be HUGE. Yes, there'll be a marine in his underwear in this one (to whoever wrote that comment)
Looking back, though, this one was VERY tiny. I'll try not to do that in the future