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Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<GLADIATRRR3000@army.com>
Date: 8 January 2004, 2:59 AM

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       559 woke up with a jolt, due to both his internal clock and the fact that the morphine had worn off. Surprisingly, it appeared that his internal clock had been going off for almost half an hour. They were supposed to spike your adrenaline and wake you up instantly, but for some reason, 559 had shrugged off the jolt and slept on. 559 found it strange, but ignored it.
       He rolled to the side of his makeshift bed, threw his legs out, and sat up. He held up his arm and looked at his newly made scar. It appeared to be healing well, so he got some bandages and wrapped them around the wound. He flexed his muscles to make sure the bandage wasn't too tight, then relaxed. He grabbed the marine's uniform he had taken the last night, put it on, and buttoned it up. Then he realized something.
       He had stayed in the hospital.
       No doubt by now, the police had been notified about some kind of disturbance in the hospital, and they were almost definitely here already. 559 swore, grabbed his MA5B and his M6D, and ran to the window. As he got closer, he started to crouch, move towards the wall, and lean against it. When he was next to the window, he moved one of the blinds and peeked out. He saw a glimmer of sunlight coming from the ground. For a second he wondered what it was, but then his reflexes kicked in.
       He ducked just as two sniper bullets broke through the window and hit the wall behind him. 559 swore loudly, crawled for the door, and sat up. He walked slowly towards the door, opened it less than an inch, and peeked through. He saw three heavily armed Special Forces soldiers armed with shotguns and assault rifles walking down the hall, checking every room. 559 closed the door silently, leaned against the wall next to the door, and listened. He heard their footsteps walking down the hall, their rapid breathing, and the smacking, slurping sound of feet walking over dried blood. They reached the door to the room he was in.
       The door opened and a shotgun poked its barrel through the doorway. 559 took his chance. He lunged out, grabbed the barrel of the shotgun, and punched the soldier in the face. The guard, knocked out, fell to the ground. 559 tore the gun out of the soldier's hands, pointed it at the other two, and fired. 12 pellets hit the chest of the first soldier, throwing him back several feet and knocking the wind out of him.
       He pointed it at the next soldier and fired. 9 pellets pinged off his Kevlar and helmet, three tore into his exposed face. The soldier fell to the ground, dead, leaving a trail of blood splattered onto the wall. The first soldier began waking up. 559 walked over to him, finger on the trigger, when one of the soldiers radio hissed.
       "Squad three, what's going on up there? We heard shots being fired."
       559 thought for a moment, thinking if he should ignore the radio, or he could put this to his benefit. He pointed the shotgun's barrel at the soldier's face. The soldier, still groggy, tried to sit up, rubbing his eyes, but 559 kicked him back down and put his foot on his chest. "Wh-what are you?" the soldier asked.
       "Shut up." 559 said. "Tell them on the radio that the threat is neutralized. I'm dead, got it?"
       "Never, you son of a bitc...." The soldier started, but trailed off as 559 lowered the shotgun to the man's crotch. "...What should I say?"
       "I'm dead. If you so much as think of saying anything else, I'll blow your balls off and leave you to bleed to death."
       The soldier reached for the radio, picked it up, and pressed the button on the side. He paused for a moment, then started speaking. "Everything's fine up here. The target is neutralized, and it's all clear." The soldier said. The man on the other end congratulated him and turned off the radio. The soldier sighed, threw the radio against the wall, and swore.
       559's smile slowly grew. He always loved this moment. People expecting to live... dying. "Thank you." 559 said, raising the gun to the soldier's head. He pulled the trigger, splattering brains, blood, and bits of skull everywhere. The helmet clanked to the ground where it's owner's head was a second before. 559 wiped a bit of skull off of his cheek, smiled even more, and turned around to the hallway.
       Now no one was expecting an attack. He could easily walk out the backend, sink into the forest, and find the army base. The only problem was, now he would be running away from a fight, slinking into the shadows, instead of killing. That's no way for a god to act. He decided that he would kill a few more people, strut off into the woods, and head towards the base. He went from room to room, looking for a fire escape. In the last room on the floor, he found one. He broke the glass with the butt of the shotgun, scraped aside all the shards still clinging to the building, and stepped out. He looked around, checking for snipers or gun turrets. When he was sure there weren't any, he climbed down the ladders leading towards the bottom, making sure he wouldn't slip and fall ten stories. When he reached the bottom, he jumped down, hiding for a second in the cloud of dust he created, then ran to the side of the building. He slid to the corner of the building, looked around, and smiled.
       There were only two vehicles, a police squad car, and a SWAT truck. He checked for any opposition, then walked over to the cars. He heard the sound of voices, leaned against the squad car's door, and listened. There were two police in the front. He pulled out his pistol, cocked it almost silently, then stood up. The policeman facing him saw him first, but was eternally blinded when a bullet passed through one of his eye sockets and lodged his brain. The second policeman turned, spilling coffee on his pants. 559 put a bullet in his head before he could even gasp.
       559 checked for any other soldiers or police, pulled the corpses out of the car, and dragged them into a big bush. He smiled, walked towards the cars, when he heard a THWUMP-THWUMP-THWUMP sound vibrating through the air.
       There was a helicopter inbounds.